Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Daughter Of American Airlines Flight 77 Pilot Dies In Mysterious Fire

Wendy Burlington, the daughter of the American Airlines Pilot who was allegedly killed when Flight 77 was comandeered by hijackers from the Alqaeda and crashed into the Pentagon, was herself recently killed in a very suspicious fire.

Given the complete whitewash of the 9-11 Commission which one may parallel to the same type of obstruction of justice and conspiratorial coverup that has defined the 1960's Warren Commission Report for the past 40 odd years, one must wonder if Wendy, like an ever increasing number of Americans did not buy this government's official story about the 9-11 attacks. Is it possible that she began digging into areas that the traitors who perpetrated these crimes against humanity did not want her examining too closely? Was she murdered for learning about some crimes that could have severely compromised the fascists within the US Shadow Government who perpetrated the attacks on 9-11?

There is no doubt that they have been tying up loose ends for quite sometime in efforts to obfuscate any subsequent independent investigations that may eventually take place. For those of you who are too young to remember the events shortly after the JFK assassination, what we are witnessing here appears to be very similar to what the CIA did back in the early 1960's, when more than 16 witnesses due to testify before a Senate hearing comittee into the JFK Assassination, died under a cloud of mystery. Now if one or two people called to testify were suddenly killed, it might have raised an eyebrow or two -- but the consecutive deaths of 16 people does not just state conspiracy -- it quite literally shouts it!

As for the US Government's official story into the 9-11 attacks, one would have to be completely gullible to buy even one word of it, since this conspiracy is so great and involves such a myriad of officials within this government's hierarchy, that their only recourse is the perpetration and perpetuation of a multitude of treasonous lies which they will undoubtably take to the grave with them.

If you believe that a 757 hit the Pentagon I have some property in the Florida Everglades that has your name on it. Given the damage that was done to the ONLY portion of the Pentagon that had been reinforced, I would say that in all likelyhood a cruise missile hit this building. Of course, the FBI is not about to let us see any of the video that it confiscated from the cameras around the Pentagon or surrounding areas on 9-11, because the tapes that this agency has, don't show a 757 hitting this building. If they did, the FBI would have furnished us with them long ago, just to bolster its own sagging credibility.

As for Wendy, none of us may ever know what really caused the two tragedies that befell this young woman (first the loss of her father and then her untimely death in a fire).

However, in this author's opinion one thing's for certain:

Wendy's death was no accident.

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