Monday, December 25, 2006

American Heroine Dr. Karla Turner - Alien Abductee -- Pioneering Researcher

Dr. Karla Turner -- Alien Abductee & Researcher Of This Phenomenon Was One Of The Most Prolific Writers Of Alien Abductions On This Planet. Her Works Are Seminal In The Field Of UFOlogy. Three Of Her Groundbreaking Books Into This Phenonmenon Can Be Downloaded For Free At Her Website -- As An Amateur UFOologist, Myself, I Highly Recommend Them To Anyone Looking To Learn The Truth About Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities & The Cover Up That The US Shadow Government's Involved In, In Keeping This Information From The Public.

"Dr. Karla Turner died of cancer on January 10, 1996, after being threatened for her work. She was just 48. Since then, several other people involved in UFO investigation have also experienced threats followed by highly unusual cancers."

Three Of Karla's works: Into The Fringe, Taken, and Masquerade Of Angels scrutinize the long-term government cover up that the Illuminati run fascist shadow government in America has been perpetrating against the American people since the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico crash of an extra terrestrial craft. An incident in which President Harry S. Truman, fearful at what he believed was about to befall the human race, determined that it would be prudent to cover up through disinformation and myriad LIES what had really happened.

His decision would only serve to further complicate matters for the American people in the decades which followed, as the victims of alien abductions were ridiculed by the US Media in what became a standard policy to discredit them, and misdirect any investigations which might evolve out of concerns over their allegations. This has been and continues to be a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by the US Federal Government and American Media, to discredit legitmate accounts of alien abductees in order to further obfuscate this government's culpability in this treasonous cover up.

Truman's creation of the Majestic 12 Commission in the late 1940's to investigate alien intelligence, its intentions towards the people of this planet, and to utilize the American Media as a source of disinformation to misdirect the American people in their search for answers while discrediting all whistle blowers who claim to have been abducted by alien craft, has done us all a tremendous disservice.

While many accounts of abductions can stretch credibility to the breaking point, there is ever increasing evidence through the similiarities in accounts by myriad abductees who've never met one another ( yet describe near mirror image experiences of being abducted), that common sense should dictate that as a race, humans must now begin to take these accounts seriously.

When scads of people come forward to describe being taken onboard advanced spacecraft and subjected to examinations and other types of crimes which can only be described as non consenual human experimenation; experimentation which is in violation of the Nuremberg Code,The United States Bill Of Rights and the Geneva Convention, we should be paying close attention to what they have to say.

And it's becoming painfully obvious from numerous accounts of abductees, that the US Military has in myriad instances been involved in some aspect of their abductions, while perpetuating a massive and treasonous cover up in regard to the crimes that they've perpetrated against the American people.

Readers of this site can access the late Dr. Turner's Website at the link below. In this author's opinion, it has become clear that Dr. Turner was murdered for her refusal to end her investigative research into the alien abduction phenomenon. And she is far from the only UFO researcher who has been. Fortunately for us, she has left an excellent body of work from which we may draw our own conclusions. For her pioneering work in UFOlogy all citizens of this planet owe Karla a debt of gratitude. (Deep appreciation to Karla's husband Elton, as well, for allowing her books to be downloaded for free from her Website by way of PDF format. Karla's books -- which are now out of print -- have become expensive collector's items, yet through her Website Elton has made them available to all of us.)


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