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FEDS Remove Another Of My Posts From British Website

I recently posted my accounts of being an NSA satellite prisoner having been subjected to remote neural monitoring technology for the past 25 years, in response to a post written by one Brandon Crabtree. It was removed less than a day later with the excuse that it was off topic. The topic of the thread was remote neural monitoring and my post was about remote neural monitoring. So how is it that my post was off topic?

This is typical of the tactics that the FEDS use to prevent me from circulating what they have subjected my Family and self to in the way of psychological warfare. I guess it's OK to mention this technology as long as you lay no claim to be subjected to it. If you do you're neutralized with extreme prejudice, as I have found myriad times.

The FBI, NSA and Homeland Security are guilty of precedent setting crimes in my case and doing everything in their power to disrupt and misdirect the situation -- a standard theme behind their COINTELPRO activities. However, their LIES are becoming so problematic and extreme that it is only a matter of time before they find themselves in the unenviable position of having to admit to what they have done, and suffer the consequences for it.

And amongst their crimes are the roughly 250,000 consecutive hours of warrantless spying that they have subjected me to in what may well be the most protracted "fishing expedition" (spying on me for the past few decades) and worst violation of the 4th Amendment ever documented in United States history.

What would you call a group of persons who videotaped people within the privacy of their own bathrooms and bedrooms? Voyeurs, deviants, sexual predators? Because the FEDS who took part in violating my Civil Rights in this most outrageous way can be considered as all three. And I'm far from the only person whom they have perpetrated this crime against. However, I am one of the few targets who knows that it is happening, and on a very large scale within the United States. (Many people targeted for this are now being made aware of it and gradually coming forward to describe their accounts of having been made "satellite prisoners.")

We are not going away and the FEDS and the organized stalking network that they have quietly sanctioned are concerned about the grassroots movement now taking place within the United States, which is gradually exposing these crimes against humanity. And their aggression against me has only increased since I took to the Internet to publish my accounts of some of the worst Civil Rights abuses ever reported.

As it is they are contacting my Family on a weekly and sometimes daily basis to demonize me, simply because all of their other criminal efforts have failed miserably, and I am gradually exposing what they have done to us. And certainly, the accounts of many other TI's is only further helping to bolster my accounts of a government that is no longer abiding by the US Bill Of Rights, but instead, guilty of usurping this ultimate authority for their own nefarious purposes, while decimating the constitutional republic on which America was founded, and eroding our inalienable rights, including that of the right to due process of law.

Anyone, regardless of what position they have reached in society is not above the United States Constitution; and this includes the President of The United States and every government employee on down. Any such person who attempts to subvert our constitutional republic by eroding the US Constitution, is guilty of treason.

As I continue to make inroads by describing my accounts of torture dispensed by the FEDS and their satanic minions, throughout the globe, they are now intent on labeling me crazy, since everyother cowardly and treasonous attempt to destroy my sanity has failed. What they are trying to get away with here is no longer just a crime -- it is outrageous behavior for anyone much less government intelligence.

Simply put, these FEDS have slipped over the edge and their activities are now out of control.

A primary tactic of the FBI is to place its targets into the proverbial "pressure cooker" type of situation, in which they have absolutely no peace. And if this fails they simply use the same despicable tactics to attack those around a target, to make the situation as tense as possible - a sick methodology being perpetrated by an even sicker group of people operating within the FBI and its criminal bretheren. My Family and I have lived under this type of intense psychological warfare for more than three consecutive years, in what can be seen as nothing less than a complete and utter assault on our Civil Rights.

Equally problematic, is that throughout the years the FBI has been so busy perpetrating its own black propaganda that most of its agents can no longer tell the difference between the truth and a lie. Sad, but understandable given that much of their job description involves the use of pathological lying.

As for any further attempts to label me as being crazy, or to incarcerate or murder me, I will certainly document everyone of them. These agents are not law enforcement in any way, shape, or form. They are the result of long-term brainwashing and embody all of the negativity associated with mind control, including a complete lack of empathy. They aren't even to be hated, but instead, pitied, for such a complete lack of compassion, and unprecedented narrowness of mind.

Some of us learn from our mistakes to ensure that we do not continue making them. Unfortunately, the FBI has been making the same ones over and over again; never learning, never growing -- just the same old FBI -- violating both Civil and Human Rights in the most despicable ways imaginable through their COINTELPRO operations, and leaving a trail of horrific destruction in their criminally historical wake.

And just so there is no confusion here, COINTELPRO operations are hardly limited to the FBI. They are the mainstay of any country's intelligence community, and remain pervasive throughout the CIA, NSA, Pentagon (DoD) and everyother government agency having to do with intelligence (army & navy intelligence included).

As for their history of COINTELPRO operations the following can be said:

Their cruelty and inhumanity are Hitlerish.

As for how the FEDS perpetrate these crimes with plausible deniability, the following e-mail from the BBC Website on which I posted is an excellent illustration. I was informed that my post was removed because it was off topic. The theme of this particular thread had to do with remote neural monitoring and my post described what it is like to be a target for RNM and under constant satellite surveillance - i.e. my post was completely germaine to the topic and there was no legitimate reason for it to be removed.

This smacks of many of the Independent Media Center Websites that would on numerous occasions delete my posts without giving any reasons for doing so which makes no sense at all - unless of course the FEDS contacted them and told them to do so. In one instance in regard to the Washington, D.C. Website they even went as far as to acuse me of harassing another poster -- a person whom I had never heard of much less harassed. Yet when I replied that I had never heard of this person, my E-mail went unanswered.

This is how the FEDS get away with their crimes -- a systematic denial of all they do -- and when confronted they simply obfuscate the issues or refuse to answer questions at all.

Below is the E-mail that I received from the BBC Website:

From : Action Network
Sent : Thursday, December 21, 2006 11:43 AM
To :
Subject : Your BBC Posting has been removed

Dear BBC Community member,
Thank you for contributing to a BBC community site. Unfortunately we've had to
remove your Posting below because it contravenes the House Rules.

Your message is off-topic for this particular message board. You may be able to
repost your message on one of the other BBC message boards, in a more relevant
topic area. You can find a full list of BBC message boards here,

If you would like to re-write your contribution to remove the problem, then we'd be very happy for you to post it again. If you have read the House Rules carefully and are still unsure why your message was removed, please reply to this email.
Best wishes,
The BBC Moderation Team
URL of content (now removed):

This was my post:

Subject: "Remote Neural Monitoring".

Posting: The NSA's remote neural monitoring is more problematic than most people can
possibly imagine since it can track any person by way of the electromagnetic field that surrounds their bodys, and by way of audio/visual satellites used to illegally spy on that person 24/7/365 for life. There is nothing at all constitutional or legal about this total betrayal of the American people.

Still worse is that this technology can be used to electronically access the evoked potentials that one's brain emanates, allowing NSA cryptologists the ability to read the targeted person's subvocalized thoughts - this technology can also be used to manipulate the person's thoughts. I have been targeted for this technology for more than 25 years in what is without a doubt one of the worst violations of US Civil Rights ever documented.

Is it any wonder why the FEDS want to drive me insane?

The NSA and FBI are fascist organizations that do not respect the Liberty of the American people or anyone else, and blatantly violate our privacy, even spying on us within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms. They are a blight on our constitutional republic and an outrage to the American people.

I have included my Website which documents these violations in detail. I also suggest reading the lawsuit of a former NSA employee by the name of John St. Clair Akwei, who filed a federal lawsuit against the NSA in 1991, which described the illegal technology that this agency was using to spy on Americans.

The NSA is not authorized to spy domestically as its purview is strictly outside the United States, unless specifically authorized by the FISA court to do so. Any executive order which would allow the NSA to spy on Americans is an act of treason.

The NSA is a subversion of the constitutional republic on which the United States was founded and along with the FBI and CIA, should be abolished.

To learn more Google Akwei VS NSA.
James F. Marino
US Government Mind Control Target/ Activist

My Website:

This e-mail, and any attachment, is confidential. If you have received
it in error, please delete it from your system, do not use or disclose
the information in any way, and notify us immediately. The contents of
this message may contain personal views which are not the views of the
BBC, unless specifically stated.

Notice that while Brandon Crabtree's post is still listed my post no longer is. Moreover, it was definitely on target and well within the scope of the topic.

"Remote Neural Monitoring".

This notice was posted by an Action Network user not the BBC

Updated: 14 Oct 2006

By brandon crabtree

" The Signals Intelligence mission has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment for wirelessly tapping into computers and tracking persons with the electrical currents in their bodies. Signals Intelligence is based on the fact that everything in the environment with an electric current in it has a magnetic flux around it which gives off EMF waves. The DoD has developed proprietary advanced digital equipment which can remotely analyze all objects whether man-made or organic that have electrical activity.

Are we next?

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Freedom of expression
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Comments (This was where I had posted information regarding my experiences with remote neural monitoring and life as a satellite prisoner. Once again as in the case of the Independent Media Center Websites, the FEDS don't want my accounts being posted in an area where there is heavy traffic, so they have them removed.)" This content has been removed "
By Jim Marino - on 20 Dec 2006 at 23:18


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