Monday, December 11, 2006

A Fried Piece Of Hi-Fi Equipment & Jury Duty Subpoena Postponement

The charred remains of my stereo's circuit board

For the past three and half years (since my harassment as a government mind control target for non consensual human experimentation went from covert to overt) I have had my electronic equipment (including my home computer) interfered with by the NSA, FBI, Homeland Security and quite possibly others at their direction.

This computer hacking includes: opening programs on my computer that I was not at the time accessing; routinely freezing my computer or slowing the processor down to the point where it was operating very slowly; rebooting the computer without my having done so; changing certain font sizes of text; inhibiting the speed key strokes and at times freezing the keys so that the characters that I would type would only appear several seconds after typing them, making typing very difficult and annoying to do so; changing the background color of my computer monitor from white to yellow -- this happened in combination with my neighbor's burglar alarm being deliberately set off; bombarding my computer with online adds from the When U Offer Website (so much so that I am often forced to log off from the Internet just to give my computer processor time to reset itself); assorted other problems which can only be seen as illegal entry into my computer.

About two years ago, a piece of stereo equipment that I own suddenly failed to play music through my stereo speakers. At the time I thought it very strange given that the unit was less than two years old and had seen less than 20 hours use. Opening the unit I found that there was a very noticeable area of the stereo system's motherboard (the largest computer circuit board in the unit), which had been charred, burning some of the microchips. I would have to conclude that this is why the speakers will no longer play.

I should also state that in 25 years of owning hundreds of pieces of hi-end audio equipment, I have never once experienced such an anomaly as the one I did with this newest piece of hi-fi gear. I have owned vintage pieces of hi-end audio that were decades old that would on occasion blow fuses or a transformer due to advanced age, but never a newer piece of equipment like this one -- much less something I had purchased new, and could thus document exactly how many listening hours the unit had on it.

What makes matters even stranger is that the fuse in the unit never blew -- something that in any normal circumstance would have happened if the unit had experienced this type of damage to the main circuit board. It is as though this particular area of the equipment was "zapped" by some very high current that went well beyond the voltage of the components in the unit. The above photograph was taken of the circuit board and the charred area. Were the FEDS involved in this? I have no way of knowing for certain, but given the havoc that they have wreaked on my computer, I would have to conclude that they are involved here as well.

They have inserted their TV and radio programming into our own cable link for the past three and a half years (very aggressively up until the time that it became so intolerable that I stopped watching TV and listening to radio broadcasts). I have also seen my TV turn itself on and off, as well as change channels without my having ever touched the remote. I have seen my Bose Wave Radio turn on and off on its own
as well as the time on the clock adjust without my being anywhere near the remote control supplied with the unit.

For years the motion sensitive spotlights around our home would be turned on constantly, even though there was never any evidence of someone or something moving around the house at the time. In most cases there was no wind either (strong winds have been known to trigger motion senstive detectors).

There is no question in my mind that the NSA was using its satellites to do this, and it was just and adjunct to the non consensual human experimentation that they have put me through in the past 25 years.

Jury Duty Subpoena Postponed

There can be little doubt that the FEDS have been using jury duty as yet another venue in their attacks on me. A place where I would be forced to endure their psywarfare tactics for an unspecified period of time is exactly what they would attempt to do at this point, since their psywarfare campaign against me has failed miserably, and only motivated me to document my harassment at length, through this blog, my daily journal, and numerous articles that I have written on the topic of being a target of an FBI sting setup by an FBI agent using his position within the Bureau to violate my Civil Rights under the color of law.

Notation: This past week, I called the phone number on my Jury Duty summons to postpone it for the next six months. I gave my juror number, and was granted the day that I asked for. I was also told that I would be sent a new summons two weeks before my jury service was to begin. I state this information here on this blog, because this system is automated, and given the FED's manipulation of everything in my life, I do not trust this system to present the information as it was given. Thus, I have covered it here to prove that I have indeed answered this summons, requested and received a bonified postponement, and am in compliance with the law.

Given the crimes that I have documented by the FEDS against me, is it any wonder that they have now taken to vilifying me within my own community? I am referring to some precedent violations of Civil Rights, and an ouright assault on the US Constitution, when I document the extreme crimes that they have perpetrated against me for more than two decades, and speak about the NSA's treasonous remote neural monitoring technology, which has made me a literal satellite prisoner for the past 25 years.

The FEDS would like to portray me as being mentally unstable, as is always the case when they have perpetrated serious crimes against Americans whom they are having difficulty denying through plausible deniablity. And they certainly don't want someone who has first hand experience being targeted by the government's satellite based mind control technology coming forward with accurate accounts about how it's being done to millions of Americans, most of whom have no idea that it is happening to them.

Yet when I cite the information furnished by others who have been subjected to this same technology, and former federal agents who became whistle blowers against the government as a result of it, those detractors merely change the subject.

It's become abundantly clear that this technology is "out of the box" and that it is only a matter of time before all Americans know about it. (And equally as important,is that they are each included in the NSA's global spy system by way of their own body's electromagnetic flux (the electromagnetic field that surrounds everything on this planet which has electricity running through it -- including all human beings)and as such, can be tracked by the NSA 24 hours a day for the rest of their lives, no matter where they are at any given time.

Given the extreme violations of Civil Rights that this technology represents, the FEDS are going to continue to deny that such technology exists. However, the tide has finally turned against them (there are simply too many people targeted for this technology coming forward to document it), and the time for them to admit to their treasonous use of this technology is getting closer with each passing day. They are guilty of horrific crimes against humanity, and it has only been their control over the US media that has kept most Americans from learning about this. Former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei came forward with information on the NSA's abuse of this technology and filed a lawsuit against it. He was attacked with extreme prejudice and to this day the court is stonewalling him give the scandal that his information would bring if allow to circulate through the mainstream media.

It's more than likely that former NSA agent Russell Tice had the same information regarding the NSA's audio visual satellites and remote neural monitoring technology, and was, like John Akwei, neutralized with extreme prejudice because of it. The last we'd heard from Tice, he'd testified before a special Senate subcomittee in regard to what he knew. However, his information was never made available to the public. Moreover, Tice then found himself under attack by the FBI, who began an investigation into the information he furnished Congress with, in order to determine whether or not Tice "leaked" any classified information.

As usual, the FBI's job was not that of legitimate law enforcement, but to maintain the status quo through the use of intimidation tactics. It's clear that their investigation of Tice was just that; a warning to other government would be whistle blowers to keep silent about the crimes they witness being committed by US Government Agencies, or pay a heavy price, by being villified in public and having their careers destroyed -- as was the case with Russell Tice.

It's time for these traitors within the hierachy of the United States Federal Government (From the Bush Administration on down) to admit to their culpability regarding the crimes of humanity that they've perpetrated against the American populace and the rest of the world (The orchestration of the 9-11 attacks would be the place to begin), and to be prosecuted for them to the fullest extent of the law. Like many other TI's who've had our lives destroyed because of these federal criminals, I will not rest until they are made to do so.


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