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Historically, Targeted Individuals Have Gotten Little Or No Help From Politicians

When Americans who've been targeted by the US Federal Government or other entities for non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking attempt to get help from their politicians, their concerns are usually completely ignored.

In May of 2005 I contacted half of the NY State Senate (before the FEDS blocked me from E-mailing any others) with an article that I had written in regard to what my Family and I were being put through by the FBI and their handlers, entitled "Tortured By The FBI."

Notation: When I first tried to post this article, I was routinely blocked from publishing it on the Independent Media Websites that I accessed. Months later, I was able to publish it on a handful of Websites, however, in nearly all cases the article was quickly removed from the IMC's main Webpage and hidden.

Usually there was no explanation given for this. However, there were times when the FEDS would hold back my initial publishing attempt only to get me to publish a second time, giving the Website an excuse to remove the article because it had been twice published. But why remove the article or hide it altogether, when they could have simply removed the second post and left the first one alone? It was clear that the FBI did not want other people reading about the COINTELPRO tactics that they were subjecting us to.

As for the NY Senators whom I contacted, I only received confirmation from two of them: Michael A.L. Balboni and Carl Marcellino --Balboni sent my E-mail to Marcellino who in turn CC'ed me on a terse letter that he sent on to the Junior Senator from NY, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

*** I should also state that the letter sent from Balboni to Marcellino was altered in a way in which it was made to sound as though I was threatening them, which necessitated my having to send Marcellino my article directly, to assure him that it was sent with all due respect, and that no threat on my part was ever implied. These are the types of underhanded tactics that the FBI and other federal agencies will use when they are illegally targeting someone for COINTELPRO activities.

And as for those who would say that COINTELPRO only applies to the FBI, you are mistaken, since counterintelligence operations are pervasive throughout the US Federal Intelligence Community, and have been since each of these organizations were created.

Exactly who was responsible for altering a sentence in the excerpt of the article that I wrote, to make it sound threatening, is not known at this time. However, there can be little doubt that the FED's fingerprints are all over this situation.

I want to state categorically, that I have never once heard directly from any of these Senators in regard to my complaints and concerns. Even phone calls to both Senators Marcellino and Clinton went unreturned. Now if the FBI was not involved in anyway I would have certainly heard back from these Senators if only to inform me that I was mistaken.

However, this was not the case. They simply chose to remove themselves from this situation, even though it was obvious that the FBI was involved and as usual, conducting itself innappropriately and unconstitutionally.

I had listed follow-up E-mails that I'd sent to both Clinton and Marcellino on my Angelfire Website, which were lost when the FEDS had Angelfire delete the Website, simply because it was documenting the severity of the crimes being perpetrated by the FBI against my Family and person. This blog is also in danger of being deleted for the same reason.

I am hopeful that House Resolution 1026 will be passed into law by Congress in the new year, and that a full independent investigation gets underway in regard to the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security and several other agencies of the US Federal Intelligence community in regard to criminal and unconstitutional activities that they continue to perpetrate against Americans citizens who are being illegally targeted for COINTELPRO tactics.

Furthermore, it is my intention to provide as much information as possible to help in this effort. Below is the original correspondence from Senator Marcellino to Senator Clinton. So neither of them can say that they were unaware of the situation in regard to the FBI's harassment of my Family and self. They knew about it; they just chose to stay out of the FBI's line of fire (especially when it became evident that the NSA and Homeland Security were also involved). Clinton and her husband in particular, have far too many skeletons in their respective closets (which these organizations undoubtably know about and could create scandals over), and would certainly never deliberately cause federal intelligence any reason to expose them.

The US Federal Government's lies on top of lies on of lies on top of lies.

This is the sad state of affairs that Americans now find themselves dealing with, in a country whose constitutional republic was subverted long ago, and replaced by a fascist shadow government; a cabal that only hides behind the ideology of legitimate democracy, while using it as a mask to deceive those citizens, whose government they've infiltrated and subverted. A government that was stolen right out from under the American people nearly a century ago.

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