Saturday, November 25, 2006

FEDS Continue To Interfere With My Computer

As I have reported for over a year now, the FEDS have been routinely interfering with my computer and Internet connection -- ironically enough, a federal offense. While I have experienced many different problems as a result of this, including my processor bogging down regularly, Internet Webpages only partially loading, having e-mails intercepted or tampered with, being bombarded with adds from the "when you offer" and other Websites, and other information that is presented in a similar way which they want me to see, they have now interfered with the font size of the characters on my computer, making them a few sizes smaller than they were before, and more difficult to read.

On some Websites depending on the font styles being used, they have become nearly impossible to read. I have also experienced the FEDS changing the color of the background of my computer screen which would indicate that they also have access to Microsoft computer code.

Note: For TI's who have had their computers hacked by organized stalkers, FEDS, etc, and had the font size of their computer's text illegally altered, check the following on your Internet Explorer software. Go to the top of the screen and click on View. Then scroll down to text size and choose the size of the text that you want to read. If only all the sabotage they perpetrate against us was so easy to remedy.

This is typical of the brazenness with which the intelligence community in the USA now operates, since bubblehead the shrub stole the presidency and shreaded our constitution with his fascist Patriot Act. This daily abuse that all TI's are subjected to is pure unadulterated bullshit, being perpetrated by some of the slimiest creatures on this planet, who should find themselves spending the rest of their sadistic lives in a federal prison.

I am hopeful that House Resolution (HR 1026) will be passed, and that Congress will finally do its job by implementing a full scale independent investigation of the entire US Intelligence community, so that their extensive and treasonous crimes against humanity can FINALLY be exposed to the American people.

As for their repeated hacking of my computer and illegal spying on me for more than two decades by way of audio visual satellite based remote neural monitoring, in addition to using me for non consensual human experimentation (synthetic telepathy) in that time, I look forward to the opportunity of testifying in court against these fascists who masquerade as US Intelligence. And I am more than willing to risk my life to expose them, for the sake of my Family, all TI's, and the rest of the American people. The FBI, NSA, DIA, CIA, DoD and several others within the intelligence community have no place in a constitutional republic, since they are an extremely dangerous threat to the very fabric of such a government.

Furthermore, these organizations and their agents have routinely proved that they operate outside of the US Constitution and laws of this country, and without the checks and balances needed to make them accountable for their actions. In far too many instances the US Department Of Justice has ignored the crimes being committed by the agencies that it oversees, including the FBI, and in a number of instances has actually obstructed justice by failing to prosecute agents who were clearly guilty of abusing their authority under US Color Of Law Statutes, which allowed these agents impunity from prosecution for the crimes they committed.


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