Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another Excellent 9-11 Research Website

It has become a phenomenon as spellbinding as the 9-11 attacks themselves. Yet another 9-11 Conspiracy Site has been made available on the Internet, again revealing how fed up American citizens are with the US Government's cover up and disinformation campaign regarding these attacks and the events which led up to them.

The following Website covers an indepth timeline describing the events leading up to 9-11, and the subsequent media fallout which occurred afterwards. As such, it should be required reading for every American citizen(or for that matter any person regardless of the country they are living in) who's conducting their own independent investigation pertinent to finding the truth in regard to the events which brought about that tragic day in US History.

The Cooperative Research Project -- An Investigation Into The Timeline Leading Up To And After The 9-11 Attacks:


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