Saturday, November 18, 2006

11/18/2006 -- More Of The Cold Stark Facts

There's a deadly change blowing through America at this time in which the so called government is allowing for near anarchistic situations to occur throughout the United States, orchestrated by the FEDS (including the FBI) and their handlers, while Congress and the US Judiciary look the other way.

The situation has gotten so bad that even most citizens now find it easier to ignore what is going on for fear that they too may become harassed, since it's now become clear that legitimate law enforcement is rapidly beIng overrun with militaristic protocols, based on Hitler's Gestapo's strong armed tactics.

People targeted for these unconstitutional injustices are coming forward by the 1000's (not just in America, but across the globe) reporting that their own governments are ignoring their rights to due process of law and desecrating the constitutional laws on which their democratic nations were founded.

There is a cold war brewing in these countries and their collective governments' denial of the anger being experienced by their citizens is only going to make matters far worse as times goes on.

In the case of the United States, when you have the so called premier law enforcement in this country (the FBI) aiding and abetting the criminals behind the 9-11 attacks and then using their access to satellite based remote tracking and directed energy systems, to illegally spy on and torture those targets who are questioning this government's political actions, the handwriting is on the wall for what is about to befall the United States and the rest of these NATO countries.

We have the same sick minded people behind these atrocities that were behind the slaughter of the Jews during World War II, and unless we do something to stop them, we will see another holocaust.

As it is the victims of satellite based, and other forms of directed energy weapons are now referring to these weapons and the inhumane use against them as a silent holocaust.

I am still being vehicle stalked all day long with many of these perps parking at neighbor's homes. The Albinder family diagnally across the way from me is allowing this to happen and takes part in the street theatrics on a regular basis, as does most of my community, all because an FBI agent named Raymond Migliore decided to violate my Civil Rights under the color of law statutes more than two decades ago.

As is typical, instead of this lowlife serving time in a federal prison as he should have been long ago, he is still out causing problems while others like my Family and self are forced to endure them.

Migliore is a PIG who is not good enough to live a constitutional republic, since his kind threaten the very nature of such a government.

As for those within my community who take part in stalking me, what may have once been normally adjusted people have now had their minds contaminated by these FBI clones, who have repeatedly trampled my Civil Rights.

They have all become truly sick minded individuals who are actually taking pleasure in causing the misfortune of others. There is also no question in my mind that they are suffering from brainwashing techiques which have already caused them serious psychoses.

Sadly, they are too ignorant to even realize what has happened to them at this point, and that it is the FEDS themselves who are responsible for it. The mere fact that these people would expose their own children to this sick minded harassment by allowing them to take part in the organized stalking of TI's, indicates that these people are of unhealthy minds.

As I have said in the past, the FBI is the catalyst behind the attacks against me, along with the NSA and Homeland Security, who use groups of organized stalkers to harass me whereever I go.

I have accused them of illegal spying for decades, in which I have been watched within the privacy of my own bathroom and bedroom by these filthy government PIGS.

And it is clear that they are doing it to millions of other Americans who have not yet learned of this illegal spying. However, once their harassment goes from covert to overt, they will quickly become aware that there is something terribly wrong occuring around them, as all of those who are overtly harassed daily have known for many years. And when they find their local police unwilling to take their complaints and more of the same indifference when they contact the FBI, they will arrive at the realization that the America they once knew, no longer exists.

The FEDS have a policy of denial in all this. Their belief is that if they include enough of a TI's community in taking part in organized stalking against them, that they can continue to deny the stalking victims their civil rights.

However this is wrong. All the FBI has proven is that it is as corrupted an agency as most TI's already know, and capable of every crime imaginable including the murder of those it targets.

The FBI is a complete obscenity to law enforcement, since it breaks the laws that it is dutifully sworn to uphold, and a disgrace to the American people and to what was once our Constitutional Republic.

These FEDS are disgusting, putrid examples of what humanity can become when it is allowed to foster a perverted sense of justice. They are as anti-American as any organization on this planet -- FASCIST PIGS who operate without conscience, morality, ethics, decency or any respect for the American people and our laws.



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