Thursday, November 30, 2006

Whistle Blower Stew Webb Will Finally Get His Day In Court Against The Bush Crime Family

In my research over the past several years, I came across the Website of one Stew Webb, a former house builder and realtor who was wrongfully imprisoned for 10 months by the Bush 41 Adminstration in the early '90's, to prevent him from testifying into crimes perpetrated by George Herbert Walker Bush and a business partner of his by the name of Leonard Millman (Webb's former father in law). Webb has intimate knowledge of crimes committed by President George W. Bush, his father, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, former President Bill Clinton (as well as Hillary Clinton) and their respective administrations.

Moreover, Webb is not the first person to claim that he was wrongfully imprisoned by Bush senior for what the latter perceived as a threat to his political career. In 1988 a campaign advisor to Gary Hart by the name of Michael Boren Williams, also claimed that Bush had him illegally thrown into prison on trumped up charges, when he was hired by Hart to resurrect his political career in the 1988 Presidential race.

William's mistake was to report the rampant criminal activity that Bush 41 was involved in, which so enraged the elder Bush that he used his connections as then Vice President to have the FBI fabricate charges against Williams. The following is a quote from Williams in regard to what happened on the day Bush chose to exact his revenge.

"On 18. March 1988, several FBI agents ("America's Gestapo") battered down the door of my Colorado home with an FBI battering ram, shot my 2-year-old daughter's puppy in the head, and proceeded to seize virtually everything my family and I owned. While they were in the process of doing this, they stripped my wife (6 months pregnant) and baby daughter and performed body and cavity searches on both of them in the presence of a room filled with FBI thugs. The had no search warrants for this mob style seizure."

"To make a long story short, I was tortured for two years in the worst prisons in the world, ending up in the infamous Marion, ("Son of Alcatraz"). Why would the feds send an educated man, a corporate president, whom they admitted was "not dangerous at all" to the most maximum security prison there is? Because my REAL "crime" was resurrecting Senator Gary Hart's 1988 Presidential campaign and trying to expose ex-C.I.A. Director George Bush's rampant criminal activity to the American people."

"Can you imagine that? A man has to DIE fighting for justice in America? Must I die in order to be the one man who stands up to these demonic, power-crazed maniacs? I have sworn to fight them to my last drop of blood and my last breath of air, so I may, indeed, die fighting. Better to die as a hero than live as a coward."

The only other suit with such "teeth" was that of another whistle blower by the name of Charles August Schlund, whose testimony in regard to the crimes perpetrated by Bush 41 and 43 was so damaging that it was sidelined by a corrupt judge under the Bush crime family's influence. To this day Schlund remains a political prisoner, implanted with nanotechology which is used to remotely torture him on a regular basis. Schlund believes that the CIA is responsible for the attacks against him, and that the Bush family is behind them, since his suit names them in what can be termed as no less than their treasonous crimes against the American people.

Whether or not Webb's lawsuit will be derailed as whistle blower Schlund's was, simply because the information is so damaging to both Bush men, still remains to be seen. If so it won't be the first time that they bought themselves a judge. One must also take into consideration the damage that this lawsuit can do to Senator Hillary Clinton's 2008 election hopes, if either she or her husband are at some point indicted as a result of Webb's testimony.

Of equal interest here is Webb's former father in law, Leonard Millman, a Bush business partner, and the main defendant in Webb's federal RICO lawsuit, in which a number of Justice Department employees are also included.

Webb has been quoted as saying: I have appeared on 2300 radio programs exposing the crimes of the Bush 41/43-Leonard Millman-Carl Lindner-Clinton crime families and their shadow government, said the federal whistle blower, adding investigations of my father-in-law Leonard Millman and his wife Elaine are linked to other scandals such as the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 terrorist attack on America and the Enron pension fraud connected to $195 billion in missing funds now held in secret Bush bank accounts.

Millman is the lynchpin in this case, since his connections to both Bush 41 and 43 as well as the Clinton Administration can implicate them in the crimes that Webb is alleging.

It would seem that with the powershift within the House and Senate, those who were denied earlier investigations into some very extensive crimes perpetrated by certain right wing NEOCONS are now going to see some action. However, whether or not it will mete out the desired justice being sought is anyone's guess, since the Bush crime family as well as Clinton and Millman are well connected politically, and have been known to get nasty when backed into a corner.

You can learn more about Stew Webb's case at the following link. There is also an area where you can donate to his legal fund if you so choose.


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