Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fox News Reports FBI Can Track Every Cellular Phone In The United States

This afternoon, Fox News' Sheppard Smith reported that the FBI can now track every cellular phone user in the United States by way of their own personal cell phones, whether they are turned on or off. It is clear that the FBI is now using the sweeping authority granted to it by the fascist Patriot Act, primarily for data mining purposes and illegally spying on people who have not been convicted of any criminal activity.

It would also appear that the FBI now considers any and all Americans to be possible domestic terrorists. Furthermore, it is clear that this domestic spy agency (contrary to what the FBI would have us believe) has since 19o8 always been a secret police force, representing the interests of the powerful corporatists in the United States, at the expense of the rest of the American citizens and their civil rights.

While there is no question that the FBI has had the abililty to illegally spy on Americans by way of their cell phones for quite sometime, what is less clear is why the public has now been notified of it. Perhaps this is in keeping with the incoming New World Order's plans to instill a sense of fear and helplessness in all Americans, as they finally reveal to us that they have usurped our constitutional republic and replaced it with a fascist shadow government -- a cabal which is gradually overrunning the United States and its people.

The objective with totalitarian governments, whether it was the fascism of both Mussolini and Franco or the national socialism of Hitler's Nazi government (or for that matter the former Soviet Union's communist government) has always been the same -- complete subservience of their citizenry to their political ideologies under the threat of imprisonment and even death if they refused to do so.

What must be emphasized here is that the FBI is hardly the only US Federal Agency that is illegally spying Americans, and that while being able to track Americans by their cell phones is disturbing enough, the NSA's satellite based remote neural monitoring technology's ability to track us by way of the biophysical electromagnetic fields which surround our own bodies, is far worse. You can get rid of your cell phone, but your EMF (electromagnetic flux) stays with you for as long as you are alive.

These audio/visual/remote neural monitoring satellites are George Orwell's "Big Brother" come to life. And they do represent to all people on this planet, a modern day and higly advanced version of the Orwellian nightmare presented to us in Orwell's "1984" anti-Utopian society, where this time around the "thought police" ( In this day and age the NSA, DIA, DoD, CIA, FBI) are capable of remotely electronically accessing our thoughts and altering them to what they deem to be acceptable to their own doctrines. In other words - the complete electronic enslavement of the human mind -- and the destruction of creativity and freedom of thought -- the end of the human race as a free thinking, ever evolving part of this planet.

Yet, I don't think that Shepp Smith's (or for that matter anyother news personality) going to furnish us with this information anytime soon, since it would cause a mainstream panic in this country, and a distrust of everything related to the American government, like nothing ever seen before.

As for cellular phones, they may be convenient to use, but represent far too many serious compromises to our privacy and health to ever be considered tools that will stand the test of time. I predict that over the next decade or two the incidences of brain cancer will rise dramatically in all age groups over the age of 13
(since many adolescents are now receiving phones as gifts) as a result of these cancer causing devices.

As for the American people and the universal deception which is taking place right before our very eyes, we must now all heed a very significant Latin phrase that has been used for ages by the US Marine Corp -- Semper Fidelis (Semper Fi for short) -- which means always faithful. In our case it should mean always faithful to the American people and the constitutional republic on which this country was founded -- and always faithful in exposing the LIES that the shadow government in this country is perpetuating -- including that of their bogus war on terror on rampant attack on American Liberty.


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