Monday, December 04, 2006

Another TI Reports That Those Perpetrating Stalking Crimes Against Them Interfered With Medical Treatment

I had been reading the newsletter section of the FFCHS Website (An organization dedicated to ending organized stalking and government non consensual human experimentation) when I came across the story of another TI who has been denied her right to receive the proper medications for her treatment, by replacing her medication with placebos. I have also experienced this on at least two separate occasions as a result of the psywarfare campaign being waged against me by the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security.

I have documented these crimes in detail, below:

Written in 2005

FBI Interferes With My Medical Treatment

As I've previously stated, I am a chronic Lyme disease patient and have been so since first contracting Lyme disease in 1993. I have spent years being treated for this illness in an attempt to cure it. However, given that it is a biological weapon, it is not likely that I or others so afflicted can ever expect to be cured. I do, however, know of certain Lyme patients who became symptom free after treatment - a major accomplishment for someone chronically ill with Lyme disease -- only to relapse at a later time. I myself have never been symptom free, even after years of treatment, and continue to experience refractory illness.

Refractory refers to the continuation of symptoms of an illness even after a treatment protocol adhering to the medical community's guidelines has been administered by a physician specializing in the treatment of a specific illness. One of the physicians who treated me (whose name for obvious reasons shall not be posted here), became part of this FBI harassment campaign but before I was even aware that there was such a campaign. The first time that I became aware that something was wrong was when he took a photograph of me during an office visit. I asked him why and he just shrugged it off. On the following visit he again took another photo.

When questioned he again shrugged it off. I did not realize that he had been approached by the FBI at that time. Exactly what his role was to be was beyond me. However, over the past two years, this doctor, like two psychiatrists that I was talked into seeing, have been utilized by the FBI in an attempt to entrap me. In taking part in this attempted FBI bogus sting operation, these doctors have committed fraud and under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, conspired in several ways to deprive me of my civil rights. What these doctors did in conspiring with the FBI is to create very high stakes for themselves.

The FBI cannot as necessarily promised, deliver on keeping them out of court if I choose to file complaints aqainst them, as co-conspirators.

In regard to fraud pertaining to one of the doctors treating me for Lyme disease, I can say that not only did he conspire to defraud me, but also, had one of the labs in which he sends blood work, falsify testing that was done, at a cost of over $1000 to me.

I had kept the results of this testing on my desk. Over the past week the paperwork regarding this testing which was definitely fraudulent has disappeared, as have a number of other items including some college term papers and a few photographs. Missing items have become a frequent occurrence for me.

Sometimes, as in the case of a pen knife that my Dad gave me in 1975 and my wallet, some of these items reappear just as mysteriously as they had vanished. Other items, however, have never turned up again. Just another miserable aspect of being targeted by the FBI. But why would this doctor, whom I have known for years take part in the FBI's harassment campaign against me? As I have said in the past, it is my belief that the FBI, in addition to having my family and me under 24 hour in home surveillance has also had our phones tapped. This means that every conversation that we have had for decades the FEDS have more then likely recorded.

Several years ago, a nurse who worked for this doctor (and who had become a personal friend of mine) had complained to him that she was not being appreciated or paid enough for her services. She thought that he would respond kindly and give her a raise and more consideration in the future. Instead, he told her that if she was not happy with the situation that she could leave. Understandably, she was angry with the outcome of this situation. She called me one night to complain about it looking to vent and looking to get even with him. She told me some personal things about this doctor that the FBI could have used against him to coerce him to try to entrap or at the very least harass me.

The first of these things was that this doctor had taken several illegal kickbacks from others looking to do business with him. She said that some of these kickbacks included a high performance car known as a ZR-1 Corvette, as well as a copier machine. The second was that he had taken the test to become a board certified physician on several occassions but failed to pass it. Whether what she told me was true or not is open to question. However, if it is true, the FBI could certainly have used this information as coercion against this doctor, to incorporate him into its psyop attack against me.

I have also had the pharmacy at which I get my medication deliberately replace my medication with a placebo. There is no way that they would have ever done this and opened themselves up to the consequences of such criminal acts unless they knew they would be able to get away with it. The FBI was definitely behind this. I have taken the medication Sinequan periodically over the years to help me to rest at night.

It is a mild tranquilizer and can also be used as an antidepressant. Note that Sinequan was never prescribed to me as an antidepressant, but by my Lyme disease physician as something to help me rest and also to help to rebuild my immune system, since he had stated that it helps to increase one's T-cell count. Research has shown that Sinequan can help to improve T-cell count (your white blood cell count) which is the main component of your immune system. I have taken 25 mg. tablets of Sinequan in the past and can state that even just one of these tablets can make me feel drowsy and allow me to rest comfortably, even though in my case I am no longer able to fall into an unconscious sleep ( I have not been able to do so since August of 1993 as a result of chronic Lyme disease).

I had not taken Sinequan since 2000, but in 2004 was written a prescription for a generic version of this medication which I had my CVS Pharmacy fill. After taking one capsule with no effect I began to wonder if I had been given a placebo. Given the harassment I had been experiencing by the FBI I began to wonder if they would actually prevent me from getting medication that was prescribed to me. I decided to test the medication by taking two capsules at a time. When they had no effect I increased to three and so on. Finally, I took 10 capsules at once with absolutely no effect.

The pharmacy had charged me for a generic and given me a placebo! When I complained to a psychiatrist I had seen about this, I was told that the generic form of the medication might not be strong enough. Of course he knew that the medication was a placebo and also knew that the brand name version of Sinequan would also be replaced with another placebo. He offered to write me the prescription anyway as part of the FBI's psychological warfare campaign being waged against me. I now know without a doubt that the FBI was interfering with my medical treatment as well as creating false documentation as an adjunct to their harassment campaign against me. CVS pharmacy also cheated me out of at least $90 by charging me for a prescription that was a placebo, thus committing fraud and becoming a co-conspirator in this harassment campaign.

Clearly, the FED'S will stop at nothing when it comes to its attacks on those it targets and it is not prevented from doing so by any laws or ethics. given that these agents are given impunity to perpetrate crimes against American citizens without having to account for their actions.

I find that dealing with these feds is a bit of a free for all since they break laws regularly in their attempts to destroy me. Perhaps the FBI had better take a good look at this situation, since any Jury in its right mind won't be able to avoid noticing the FED's own extensive criminal activity in this situation. And of course, any denial by the FED's of such activity within a court of law will be outright perjury.


While I have for some time now mentioned that several doctors were made an integral part of the fbi's psywarfare campaign against me including two psychiatrists, another doctor (a DO -- Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) was also used on a regular basis in the fbi's attacks on me. She was physically abusive to me on more then one occasion, deliberately concentrating on areas around my buttocks as a form of humiliation. On still other occasions, she deliberately poked me in my rib cage to cause pain in that area. There is no accupressure technique that I know of which would be used in this way.

The poking of my rib cage and around my abdomen was done to cause pain, which it did. This happened on several occasions. Moreover, when I went in to be treated for pain that I was having in my left rotator cuff this doctor deliberately yanked my arm backwards causing me excruciating pain. When I remarked that it hurt she sarcastically replied "oh I'm sorry."

I now know that this pain which I had gone to this DO to help me with was being caused remotely through the use of Electromagnetic weapons which explained why nothing she would have done would have helped anyway. How can you relieve the pain if you are constantly being subjected to the weapons used in causing it? I have had these weapons used to target many parts of my body including private areas, and have also had it used on many organs including my liver which has caused me an extreme shortness of breath at times.

During the last 3 or 4 visits in which she saw me these sessions appeared to last no more then 15 minutes each. Out of curiousity, I timed the final visit I made to her and the session did in fact last all of 15 minutes (of which she charged for 30 minutes). I should also state that she, and others in her office staff including her office manager (who is also her fiance) repeatedly used triggered words and phrases in an effort to harass me, and that at other times even some of the patients there did the same.

Once again, this is another situation where the fbi antichrist team of miscreants coerced a doctor to commit fraud. I should mention that I do believe that this doctor is quite competent,and that she was very helpful to both of my parents, my Dad in particular, who had suffered from a heart condition known as PVC's (premature ventricular contractions) which severly affected his quality of life.

While he had seen numerous other doctors as the result of this problem including a few cardiologists, none were of any help. This DO, however, was of great help to him and has helped to limit his PVC's. I mention this because I want to be as fair and objective as possible in my reporting of the incidents which the fbi has involved itself in, and to illustrate for the reader exactly how these agents can take otherwise decent and competent professionals and coerce them into corruption.

What this DO did to me is a crime and I shall not forget it or the vindictive way in which I was treated by her and her staff. What she did in my case was EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL. However, it was at the fbi's direction that she did this. These feds are truly psychotic.


I have spoken in the past of how the fbi used several doctors in its psywarfare campaign against me. At least one of them was actually used to entrap me while charging approximately $10,000 in fees for doing so. What this doctor did was to commit outright fraud, and he should be brought up on charges and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Some of the street theater that I experienced while seeing this drug pushing head shrinker was as follows:

1. Finding the security car used in the underground parking garage, where I left my car or motorcycle during office visits, repeatedly parked next to my vehicles when I would return from a visit. This happened far too many times for it to be coincidental.

2. Having the feds using street theater everytime I would enter this building (most noticeable as I tried to park or enter the elevator).

2. Having the local fire department run one of their fire trucks down the road as I would exit the parking lot after an office visit.

3. Having the feds deliberately fill all of the parking spaces in the lot so I was forced to park outside, resulting in a traffic ticket (which was a setup for certain).

4. Being subjected to all sorts of street theater both on my way to and returning from these ostensible psychiatric visits.

5. Being given placebos which were substituted for real medication repeatedly, since 2003. Is it any wonder why this shrink gave me 4 prescriptions at once claiming that I could take all of them at the same time? He knew damn well that they were all placebos and would not make any difference.

6. While being watched within my home, I would take the first pill of medication and immediately get very drowsy, while each subsequent pill would do nothing at all, regardless of how many I took at one time. I later realized that the feds were using electromagnetic weaponry to cause this extreme and immediate fatigue, to trick me into believing that the medication was fast acting. They must have gotten some sadistic thrill out of watching my expressions when on the following day I would take another pill and have absolutely no reaction to it.

I eventually switched to another psychiatrist and the street theater perisisted. I eventually stop going to doctors altogether, since there was no legitimate treatment taking place, but instead, just street theater, gaslighting and other forms of psychological harassment.

Are you starting to get an idea of just how mentally ill and sadistic these feds are? How completely malicious and deranged are they? How much enjoyment they take at causing others to suffer? These people enjoy hurting others and unfortunately, their sadistic addiction can easily be passed on to still other people who are then used in the fbi's vicious attacks on those they target. And just so there's no confusion here, the people who take part in these attacks on us are also guilty of committing criminal acts.

There is absolutely no question that these lowlife feds are outright criminals, employing the most inhumane tactics known to humankind, in their attacks on others. They should be incarcerated in a federal penitentiary for the rest of their lives, where they can then experience the same types of tortures that they subject us to each day. I am certain that the prison population would greatly appreciate having access to these feds (I know that many other targets including myself would), and would love to personally show them exactly how much they appreciate all they have done for them in the past. Talk about sweet justice!


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