Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Two Neat Devices For Helping To Document Organized Stalking Activities

I recently purchased a camcorder to document the organized stalking that I have been subjected to for the past 3 1/2 years. For those TI's who have yet to purchase a camcorder I highly recommend doing so, since it is the best way to document the stalking crimes that are being perpetrated against you. Physical evidence will hold up in a court of law and you are well within your right to document any activities which deprive you of your Civil Rights.

The best value that I have seen in digital camcorders is the Canon Elura 100, which while offering many options still fits in the palm of your hand. It utilizes Mini DV tapes which are inexpensive to purchase and very handy to edit. The Elura 100 was even voted best overall camcorder for 2006 by Digital Camcorder News. The review is below. Even though the unit does not come with any tapes, they can be purchased relatively inexpensivley at any number of electronic's stores on the Internet.

Just look for Mini DV60 tapes. As for the Elura 100, you can buy one for a very reasonable price at the following link. Better get one fast though, since prices are sure to rise in the coming days as the Holiday Season rapidly approaches. I purchased my Elura a little over a week ago for $288 plus shipping. However, the price has now risen to $302 plus the cost of shipping at the same store.

Think of the Elura 100 as your partner is exposing these organized stalking crimes. It certainly does make the perp's more self conscious about what they are doing -- especially when they know that they are being photographed doing it.

Also see the review on the Canon Elura 100 at the following link:

You can purchase the Elura 100 here:

I have given some thought to the best way of mounting this camera within my car so that I can capture all of the organized stalkers perpetrating their crimes, including that of vehicle stalking and street theater.

The following device offers the ability to mount the camera at the top of your car's windshield. This is where the Police cruisers have their cameras mounted since they don't obstruct their peripheral vision. So as long as the camera is mounted securely and out of the way, a TI should have no problem with this helpful installation. Moreover, you'll now have the ability to keep your camera running as you drive, capturing all of the street theater, and other organized stalking activities that are being perpetrated against you.

Stopping this criminal harassment is what we are trying to do, but in order to do this we must have physical proof that it is occuring. And the camcorder is exactly what all TI's need to give us this proof.

This item can be purchased at the following Website:

My best to everyone for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and especially to all victims of government sanctioned mind control and organized stalking. Let's hope that 2007 will see these stalking networks being held accountable for the crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against all of us, and that those within US Federal Intelligence who have sanctioned them, are finally forced to answer for their crimes against humanity.


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