Monday, December 18, 2006

The Early Days Of The FBI & COINTELPRO

The FBI's Attack On The Socialist Workers' Party (1941)

Unbenownst to most Americans, the FBI has been in the business of subverting the US Bill Of Rights since its inception in 1908, as the Bureau Of Investigation. Early on, the Palmer Raids conducted by the FBI were meant to attack American citizens who were critical of the United States Government. These raids would become one of myriad attacks on American civil liberties by the FBI, until Congress ruled them to be unconstitutional and ordered them stopped.

Of course the only aspect of this situation to change was that the FBI now took its despicable tactics underground. And it would not be until 1956 that the Bureau would formally create its COINTELPRO (counterintelligence program) operations which would run covertly for 15 years, before some members of the Black Panther Party, furious at the FBI's subversive attacks on them and the murder of at least one of their leaders, would exact their revenge.

As punishment to the FBI for the criminal conspiracy that it orchestrated against it, certain members of the Black Panther Party broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, and liberated files which documented the FBI's criminal COINTELPRO operations.

A scandal shortly ensued when the US media learned of this, and many agents resigned in disgrace, while others were arrested for their participation in COINTELPRO activities. One would have thought that this would have put an end to the FBI. However, though disgraced and humbled, and promising to never again deceive the public by undermining the Bill Of Rights, the FBI soon resumed its COINTELPRO activities, this time using the specter of the 1973 Watergate scandal to obfuscate their own criminal activity. More than thirty years later they are still at it, only with more advanced technology, and legislation which gives them Carte Blanche to violate civil rights like never before.

In this modern day and age the FBI does not function only as intelligence gatherer, but rather as domestic spy, judge, jury, and executioner.

There is no question that this agency is a complete failure as legitimate law enforcement, and only serves to maintain the status quo in this country through intimidation, and if deemed necessary, the covert use of terrorism.

Textbook examples of this include the murders of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, Vicki And Sammy Weaver in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, scores of members of the American Indian Movement in the 1970's, and the attempted murder of activist Judi Bari, whom the FBI tried to kill by planting a bomb in her car.

And these attacks have been ongoing in nature in one way or another since this mistake of an organization was first created.

The following article discusses the FBI's attacks on the Socialist Workers' Party in the early 1940's and what this group was subjected to by the Fascist Bureau Of Intimidation. The FBI is notorious for myriad COINTELPRO attacks on American activist groups and individuals whom they had no legal means of incarcerating. I highly recommend reading this information and circulating it to everyone you know, since the FBI is now one the greatest threats to your civil liberties that has ever existed, and will continue to erode them unless Americans collectively take action against this fascist organization, and finally put an end to it and its subversive activities for once and for all.

In January of 2007, Congress will reconvene. Amongst many issues which they will be addressing is the reopening of the Church Hearings (a 1970's Congressional investigation into the FBI and the rest of the alphabet agencies that compose US Federal Intelligence). House Resolution 1026 will be put to a vote at this time. Given the extreme violations of US Civil Rights that the American people are experiencing at the hands of the FBI and NSA in the present day, all Americans should be made aware of this and call on their Congressional representatives to demand that HR 1026 be passed, and that a full and independent investigation of the US Federal Intelligence community be forthcoming in the new year.


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