Sunday, December 24, 2006

Federal Whistle Blower Stew Webb's Touching Letter To His Daughter Amanda

The following is quite literally a gut wrenching letter from a father to a daughter, who through the corrupt judicial system in this country, was stolen from him at 28 days of age. For more than 19 years, they have remained apart, denied their right to be a Family. The man who wrote this letter is a federal whistle blower by the name of Stew Webb. Stew has a Website which documents the extreme violations of Civil Rights that he has experienced at the hands of his former father-in-law, one Leonard Millman, a known associate of the Bush Crime Family.

Stew has suffered wrongful incarcerations, assaults, and numerous other violations to his person at the hands of this criminal, and those with whom he has connections including George H.W. Bush and the FBI. In 1986, when he went to the FBI for help he received absolutely none, but instead later found himself being beaten mercilessly by police officers and arrested without cause.

The content of his letter has so infuriated me as to the injustice that he and his daughter, Amanda, have been dealt, that I wanted to post the link to it here for all who access this Website to read. If you disliked the Bush family and the FBI before reading this, you will truly loathe them after doing so.


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