Sunday, December 24, 2006

Report Criticizes FBI's Handling Of Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation

The following report is typical of the FBI's deliberate attempts to exclude information in regard to their investigations of terrorist attacks on US soil over the past 13 years. This report is yet another instance in which the FBI has been accused of a shoddy and incomplete investigation in which far too many questions have remained unanswered. Unfortunatley, when one delves more deeply into the FBI's history of COINTELPRO and the myriad serious crimes that it has perpetrated against the American people, one finds that the FBI's actions are far more those of commission rather than omission.

The truth is that the FBI has in every instance of its terrorist investigations ( in regard to the attacks beginning in 1993) been complicit in obstructing justice by concealing legitimate evidence as it has in the instances of the Pentagon and Twin Towers (numerous videos of the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 which were confiscated by the FBI and never shown to the American people/three of the four black boxes from the jets that hit the World Trade Center were recovered -- but the FBI to this day denies it ) and clearly fabricating evidence in others (the TWA Flight 800 investigation in which the FBI spent a great deal of time and millions of taxpayer dollars to prove that TWA Flight 800 was not taken down by a missile when it in fact was -- more than 200 eyewitnesses who saw a ground to air heat seeking missile change direction just before hitting the jetliner can't all be wrong).

As in the case with the missile attack on TWA Flight 800, the original bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, and the second and final attack in 2001 which also included the Pentagon, one must now also inquire as to what the FBI was up to in regard to its investigation of the Murrah Building bombing in 1995?

It appears that this was yet another attempt by the FBI to obstruct justice by excluding key information that would have placed the blame squarely where it belonged -- the US Intelligence community. Are we to really believe that Tim Mcveigh was able to perpetrate this terrorist act almost completely on his own? If so, how did McVeigh get into the Murrah Building to install dynamite charges on the key supports of the structure without being noticed? (I guess we could ask the same questions about the World Trade Center Towers and Building #7 which was imploded much later the same day.) Several of these charges were found unexploded. And exactly what was the black tarp draped over a portion of the destroyed building covering up? The American people have never been given sufficient answers to many key questions in regard to this terrorist act.

Given that this organization usurped the authority of the FAA back in 1996 just so that it could conduct damage control (bomb residue was found on the plane only bolstering reports of a missile attack), the American people can only conclude that those within the Intelligence community who orchestrated this attack were concerned about the forensic evidence found in regard to the ill fated TWA flight, and did not want the American people drawing their own conclusions.

So the FBI was sent in to redirect us with their contrived story about bomb sniffing dogs being trained while using Flight 800 as their training ground just weeks before the Flight 800 disaster.

Why would the FBI have found it necessary to do this? When the US Intelligence community conducts domestic terrorism against its own people, for numerous reasons it must always leave itself a plausibly deniable way out of what it has done. And in the case of TWA Flight 800, it was questionable as to whether or not it would have been able to perpetrate this act of terrorism and get away clean, without the FBI's becoming involved to set up a black propaganda smokes screen; an operation done purely with the intention of misdirecting the American people to prevent them from asking the right questions.

Seen as a terrible tragedy in which the passengers on Flight 800 were killed by a malfunction of the plane itself would allow those who perpetrated this horrific crime to quietly disappear without having people asking too many questions.

However, if the FBI was unable to convince the public that this was just a terrible accident, then the questions pertaining to sabotage and domestic terrorism would rear their ugly heads, and the 230 passengers of Flight 800 would now be seen as murder victims; a JFK conspiracy type of theme taking center stage. And in spite of the FBI's treasonous attempts to cover up the murders of the 230 people on this airliner, it has failed to do so. Conspiracy theories now abound in regard to TWA Flight 800 and have only continued to make the FBI more suspect in its participation of a mainstream cover up in this investigation.

When your average person can ask obvious questions that the commissions formed to investigate these aforementioned terrorist attacks have failed to touch upon, one must ask why? Furthermore, when more than half of the American people now believe that 9-11 was an inside job and that the Bush Administration was in some way complicit in the attacks on that fateful day in American history, one must ponder why Congress hasn't conducted its own independent investigations by now.

Given that the evidence is continuing to mount and is overwhelmingly in favor of a mainstream US Federal Government conspiracy pertaining to the treasonous attacks on its own people, can a mutiny be in the making as Americans realize that there is no longer any Captain at the helm of their ship, and that the FBI has never really been about finding the truth in regard to this government's crimes, but instead used as a tool in which to cover them up?

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