Monday, January 01, 2007

A Wish To All People Targeted Around The World For Organized Stalking

I want to wish all of my brothers and sisters from around the world (especially those who are targeted for government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation & organized stalking) a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

We have made great strides in exposing these horrific crimes in 2006 and will continue to do so in 2007. Like the rest of you, I will not stop working to expose these criminals until they are brought to justice. And this includes those within the US Federal Intelligence community who sanction these crimes: the FBI - CIA - NSA - DOD - ARPA - DIA.

There are also myriad other agencies within US Federal Intelligence that operate with the same unacceptable Nazi mindset, all of whom are demonstrative of the corruption which takes place within organizations that do not operate with the checks and balances called for by the United States Constitution, and hence consider themselves to be unaccountable for the crimes that they commit and above the very laws that they have sworn to uphold.

This Criminal hypocrisy Must END!

TI's will also continue to expose the communities in which they reside; communities that perpetrate both the psychotic and Hitlerish torture of organized stalking crimes, which are commenced to isolate all targeted victims in efforts to force us into committing suicide.

These Crimes Of Psychological Warfare Will No Longer Be Tolerated!

And the days for those perpetrating these horrific crimes are numbered as they begin to realize that TI's are not going to stop exposing them until these criminals are behind bars where they belong. This "Silent Holocaust" has become a war for our survival and we will succeed in defeating the fiends that wantonly attack us, or die trying.

Most Americans are still under the impression that we destroyed Nazism after World War II. The reality of the situation is that this pervasive and government driven ignorance in America could not be further from the truth, as all the United States Federal Government accomplished shortly after World War II, was to utilize the newly formed CIA (and later the NSA) to smuggle in German war criminals from Hitler's Third Reich, who've been operating covertly against the American people since the late 1940's. While many have since died from old age, others and their progeny still live and perpetuate the same Nazi ideology that was pervasive throughout Germany during the 1930's and 1940's.

Most of Hitler's Third Reich was not destroyed after World War II; they just took up residence in different countries, including The United States!

Moreover, these war criminals helped to perpetrate some of the worst crimes against humanity ever documented -- first in Germany and Poland in the slaughter of millions of innocent Jews, and then in the United States through covert mind control projects such as the CIA's MKULTRA program.

It is time that these miscreants and their progeny, as well as the traitors in this country who smuggled them here in the first place, were weeded out of American society for once and for all. This is necessary for the survival of our constitutional republic which includes: the United States Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, and the Declaration Of Independence.

And 2007 will be a year in which TI's move closer to achieving this goal.


James F. Marino
Satellite Prisoner/Target Of United States Government Non Consensual Human Experimentation


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