Monday, January 01, 2007

Code Of Silence -- The Secret War On Government Whistleblowers

There is a pernicious trend within the United States Federal Govermment to punish those men and women of conscience who attempt to expose corruption. While this situation is not new, it has become a pervasive issue throughout American Government, which has only worsened since the attacks on 9-11 and the subsequent passage of the fascist Patriot Act.

Of particular note are certain former agents and employees of the US Federal Intelligence community, who have (for their acts of conscience in attempting to blow the whistle on serious and in myriad instances treasonous crimes being perpetrated by the heads of these agencies) been neutralized.

Moreover, in recent years, the NSA and FBI have both come under fire -- accused of such conspiratorial acts as attempting to suspend the United States Constitution, in what must be seen as a collusive effort to undermine the constitutional republic on which this country was founded. Censured and neutralized with extreme prejudice by the US Judiciary and agencies which they'd once worked for, these agents have suffered tremendous consequences as a result of reporting what Americans can only conclude is a government orchestrated criminal conspiracy that's beyond the scope of what most of us can comprehend.

The extreme nature of the attacks on these agents, which have manifested themselves in the way of defamation of character and the destruction of their relationships, is in some cases so extreme that even their relationships with their own Families have been permanently damaged. This is indicative of a very serious problem within the US Federal Government and its Intelligence community.

To say that this government has been less than candid with the American people, in regard to the covert activities taking place behind the walls of the fascist shadow government in this country, is at best an understatement.

Black budgets largely supported from the sale of illegal drugs ( CIA and NSA in particular) are used for dark operations which have been fueling these criminals for many decades, and with each passing year, the treasonous conspiracies perpetrated by them against the American people, have only grown more substantial in both the types of crimes being committed and the scope in which they have been so.

The following is a very brief list of men and women who've reported crimes which have been committed by the following agencies (these whistleblowers are listed under the agency which they blew the whistle on). In nearly every instance these people were punished for their integrity and honesty, and now find themselves unemployed and harassed by the hierarchy within the very federal agencies that have perpetrated these treasonous crimes against them. Three of them - Steve Kangas, Gary Webb and former FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill were covertly murdered to keep them from digging any further into corruption extensive enough to bring down the shadow government now running the United States.

When decent men and women are villified for publicly speaking out against these corrupted organizations and neutralized through the destruction of their reputations, relationships, livelyhoods and finances, in systematic efforts to drive them into committing suicide, one must seriously question whose interests the US Federal Government is now serving?

Below is a brief list of some American Patriots who sacrificed everything to bring us the truth; three of whom made the ultimate sacrifice. Their reward for their honesty has been the systematic destruction of their reputations through the government's use of calumny. In three instances whistleblowers were actually murdered for their work in exposing these crimes.

Robert Wright
John O'Neill (Deceased- Murder)
Sibel Edmonds
Colleen Rowley

John St. Clair Akwei
Russell Tice

Steve Kangas (Deceased -- Murder)
Gary Webb (Deceased - Murder)

Read more about the attacks on US Government whistleblowers at the following Website:,gray,35781,1.html

You can access the recently formed National Security Whistleblowers Coalition at the Website below:

The following Website is an excellent source of other whistleblowers who have been punished for exposing serious crimes that affect the public.


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