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Reopen The Investigation Into The 9-11 Attacks

Myriad Details Add Up To A Mainstream Conspiracy

In the early days following 9-11, like most Americans, I believed that the attacks had been perpetrated by the Al Qaeda under the supervision of Osama Bin Laden. However, as time went by and I started learning of numerous inconsistencies within the US Federal Government's own 9-11 investigation, I began to suspect that the situation was not as it appeared to be. What followed would become a mountain of circumstantial evidence pointing directly towards the Bush Adminstration, the think tank which calls itself the Project For A New American Century (PNAC), and the hierachy within the US Intelligence community which is composed of numerous organizations including but not limited to the FBI, CIA, NSA and Pentagon.

Over the course of time the research that I've been pursuing has only furthered my belief that 9-11 was an inside job, and that the largest and most treasonous crime ever perpetrated against the American people took place years before the 9-11 attacks, in regard the planning and subsequent carrying out of what would turn out to be a modern day (albeit slightly altered) version of Operation Northwoods.

I have read a great number of articles researching this conspiracy ( I will no longer call them conspiracy theories since there is far too much evidence which leads one with any common sense to conclude that 9-11 was a bonified criminal conspiracy perpetrated by the Bush Administration acting as representative of the fascist shadow government within the United States -- against all Americans). And with each subsequent article I am further convinced that 9-11 was a black operation - a coup d' etat against the American people.

In the past few years many campaigns to expose the truth about these horrific crimes, and the US Government's chicanery in attempting to obfuscate any attempts to expose them, have sprung up around the United States. The better educated one is in regard to the United States Intelligence community's history of deception and the inhumane crimes that they have routinely perpetrated against the American people, the more easy it becomes to piece together the events which led up to the 9-11 attacks and to determine why they took place.

While there are usually numerous objectives in any stratagem that's as involved as the attacks on 9-11 were, Americans may never learn the extent of them. However, there are a number of issues which are simply so "naked" in their obviousness that they cry out for investigation.

The insider stock trades on both Boeing and American Airlines just shortly before 9-11 ,which would become extremely profitable for certain people have raised more than a few eye brows with others. The mysterious document simply referred to as W-199, which authorized George W. Bush to block any further investigations into leads that certain FBI agents ( including the late former deputy director John O'Neill) were following up on, under penalty of being arrested for issues of national security, is still further cause for suspicion.

Can all of the government whistle blowers who've come forward since 9-11 to report how their investigations were blocked be wrong?

Moreover, the convenient removal of Marvin Bush as Kroll Security's head of operations for the World Trade Center complex, and the overnight replacement of him with former FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill, (who would be murdered his first day on the job, during the 9-11 attacks) only raises further questions.

Had O'Neill lived he could have come forward after the attacks to describe how the FBI's top brass (under threat by the Bush Administration) prevented him from finishing up his investigation into the money trail which would lead to the Saudi Royal Family and its ties to the Bush crime family. But alas, dead men tell no tales. However, a long time informant of O'Neill's by the name of Janet Parker would surface shortly after O'Neill's death and take to the airwaves to inform the American people about O'Neill's plight; one in which the hierarchy of the FBI (under pressure from the Bush Administration) prevented him from doing his job. Parker's claims were immediately met with FBI intervention -- the FBI claiming that she was mentally unstable.

Of course this is standard operating procedure when the FBI is looking to cover its own tailin regard to serious crimes that it is complicit in.

Still more intriguing is why Osama Bin Laden's family was allowed to quietly leave the United States shortly after the 9-11 attacks, while he was an international fugitive, alleged to have been the mastermind behind them? And still stranger yet is why the FBI was immediately called on to block any Freedom Of Information Act documents that had to do with the Bin Ladins; documents that the American media would have requested access to.

Does this make any logical sense at all?

And then there's the matter of the detonations just below the floors in both World Trade Center Towers, that would begin collapsing immediately afterwards. Even the New York City fire fighters were saying that it sounded as if bombs were going off all over the place.

Why would they say this?

Because there were bombs going off all over the WTC Towers, planted possibly weeks earlier and controlled remotely to set off an implosive demolition.

Do you need more grist for the mill?

What about World Trade Center Building 7 which was imploded later the same day? Exactly when were the charges in that building planted?

Isn't it interesting that Larry Silverstein, a partner in Silverstein Development Corporation and the owner of building 7, took out a lease on the entire World Trade Center complex just weeks before the 9-11 attacks, insuring it against terrorism for roughly 3.2 billion dollars? And were you aware that this same person also attempted to obtain twice that much in insurance claims because his contention was that there were two planes that hit the WTC Towers constituting not one but two attacks?

Do you think that this guy knew about the attacks in advance and as such, was looking to cash in on the tragedy of others on what would become one of the most horrific days in US History, and the single biggest payday that this real estate developer would ever have?

Consider this. If an inside trader who owns a stock suddenly learns through private channels that it's about to increase dramatically in value, what does he do? Buy as much as he can afford to, right?

Well isn't that exactly what Larry Silverstein did when he expanded his lease from just building 7, to the entire World Trade Center complex?

Moreover, whatever happened to the billions (or possibly even trillions) of dollars that were stored under the WTC Towers, or the millions of files that the Justice Department had stored in building 7, which contained pending criminal investigations in regard to some very important people? They were all gone in less than 10 seconds as building 7 was imploded, taking with it offices of the CIA, FBI, DOD and numerous other government agencies.

Coincidence or a matter of necessity?

And then there were the conflicting descriptions of the planes that were involved in the 9-11 attacks. Myriad eyewitnesses who saw the second plane hit the North Tower of the WTC described a military looking plane - nothing resembling the commercial jetliners that this government has led us to believe hit the Towers.

There's also the issue of the missing black boxes from the WTC Towers which at least two workers (Mike Bellone and Nick Dimassi) had found -- according to both of these men, agents wearing FBI jackets seized the boxes and told them not to say a word about finding them. Of course, given the gravity of the situation, neither Dimassi nor Bellone found the FBI's warning sufficient reason to keep quiet about the situation, so both went public with this information. Fortunately for the American people, they did, because the FBI has to this day denied that the black boxes to these aircraft have ever been recovered.

And of course there is yet another issue regarding the alleged 757 that crashed into the Pentagon. This situation has become a very contentious one, in seeing that the evidence just does not support the facts in the case. And what about the fact that whatever actually hit the Pentagon did so in the only portion of the building that had been reinforced (again coincidence?).

Still more disturbing is that even though there are numerous cameras at the Pentagon and underlying areas, the FBI has staunchly refused to show the tapes taken from them to the American media. The only one which they finally begrudgingly revealed to us (and then only through legal means ) was of such poor quality that it became impossible to determine what hit the Pentagon. Just a brief speck of something indistinguishable, and then the flash of an explosion.

If the FBI was so certain that a 757 hit the Pentagon why not show us all of the video that it confiscated, to bolster its official explanation? This is common sense.

So what's the FBI hiding from us? And why after more than 5 years has this agency continued to prevent us from seeing these tapes? And why do they still deny that the black boxes from the planes that hit the WTC were found, when it is clear that they were and that whatever they contain, the FBI has deliberately kept from us?

And the complete mystery surrounding Flight 93 only makes the entire 9-11 situation even more nebulous. Several professional rescuers stating that they had never seen a crash site in which no human remains were found. Yet that is exactly what happened in Pennsylvania, where Flight 93 was alleged to have crashed.

Even more compelling is the testimony of a physician at the sight who to this day states that while combing through the Flight 93 crash site, he never saw "one drop of blood." Are the American people to believe that not one piece of human remains was found at this crash site? Even with the victims of the WTC Towers' collapse being pulverized into microscopic remains, there was still enough left to identify many of them through DNA testing.

However, in the Flight 93 crash, no remains whatsoever have been found. And then there's the cell phone calls which were alleged to have taken place from passengers on the ill fated flight (which given the technology at the time could not have occurred). Dylan Avery, the 22 year old amateur film maker and creator of the brilliant documentary (and what will surely turn out to be one of the most important documentaries of the 21st Century) 9-11 Loosechange, has made claims that the voices in these phone conversations were cloned through voice morphing technology. The technology to clone the human voice does in fact exist, so there is certainly some plausibility to what Dylan has proposed.

Even more confounding is that there was nothing that even remotely resembled the wreckage of a plane at the Pennsylvania site - one eyewitness saying that it looked as though a truck had dumped a load of scrap metal from the sky. Is this perhaps the case? Scrap metal simply dropped from a plane in an effort to leave some physical evidence that a plane had crashed there, even if it had not? Possibly even a cruise missile or unmanned drone deliberately crashed to cause a fire, and then scrap metal scattered about haphazardly to add to the gross deception?

What we must now ask ourselves in the cold starkness of reality is if "Flight 93" did not crash as we have been told, whatever became of this plane and its passengers? According to Dylan Avery's documentary, there is a record of Flight 93 landing at Cleveland airport on the morning of 9-11-2001. If this is indeed the case then this only adds more fuel to the fire of a government conspiracy.

Can we also conclude from this that the other three flights which were allegedly high jacked in the skies over the United States on the morning of 9-11-2001, also landed safely at other airports? I doubt that we will ever find out. However, it does pose the following questions. Are these people still alive? And if so, are they now political prisoners of a US shadow government?

We must now ask ourselves what do all of these anomalies add up to for the American people? The only logical answer that we can arrive at is a CONSPIRACY TO DENY us our constitutional rights as American citizens.

Furthermore, are we expected to believe that a commission empaneled to discover the underlying causes of the 9-11 attacks would have failed to miss certain obvious elements in their investigation; things so blatant that they scream out for our attention?

A near mirror image of this situation occurred in regard to the JFK Warren Commission investigation, which was so intensely conspiratorial in obstructing justice and obfuscating any attempts to expose the true facts behind the ruthless and treasonous assassination of John F. Kennedy, that 43 years later more people than not believe that Kennedy's murder was the result of a US Government based criminal conspiracy.

The late James Garrison, former New Orleans District Attorney, did not buy the Warren Commission Report either, and decided to reopen the investigation into Kennedy's murder. The result was a turbulent experience in which Garrison was routinely stonewalled by those in power, as possible witnesses who could have helped to clear much of the confusion began turning up dead. Clearly the perpetrators including the CIA were tying up loose ends to a conspiracy that they could no longer keep under wraps.

Why blame the CIA for involvement in the Kennedy Assassination and the attacks which took place on 9-11?

Because there's an old saying "where there's smoke there's fire." And to anyone who's familiar with the CIA's criminal history dating from its creation out of the OSS back in 1947 -- its treasonous and inhumane use of non consensual human experimentation in which programs like MKULTRA were used to torture American citizens, as the CIA researched various methods of mind control in search of the ideal sleeper agent -- there is more than enough reason to believe that this Nazi run agency had played an integral part in the 9-11 attacks.

Also take into consideration the fact that Kennedy swore revenge against the CIA for making him look like a fool when they mislead him in regard to the political climate in Cuba. This led to the Bay Of Pigs debacle, in which Kennedy, infuriated at having been deceived by the CIA, threatened to "splinter it and scatter its remains into the wind."

Moreover, Kennedy's attempt to reinstate the US Treasury as sole creator of US Currency through his Executive Order 11110, certainly did nothing to curry favor with the Illuminists who'd worked hard to orchestrate the Federal Reserve Bank fraud, in which they would gain control of the US economy by overseeing control of its money supply. Kennedy's EO 11110 basically put the FED on notice that it was soon to be put out of business. Not a good thing for the FED and as it would turn out, even worse for JFK.

In this author's opinion, a primary motive behind Kennedy's murder was his attempt to gradually put the US Treasury back in power by legislating Executive Order 11110. While this did not put the privately held Federal Reserve banking cartel out of business, it did put it on notice that the US Federal Government was again in the business of issuing US currency, which certainly concerned the Illuminati bankers at the FED enough to have Kennedy murdered.

They did not go to all of the trouble to bribe a few US Senators back in 1913 to illegally pass the Federal Reserve Act (which led to the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS) just to have John F. Kennedy gradually put them out of business.

Interestingly enough Kennedy signed EO 11110 into law in June of 1963 and was murdered five months later. Shortly after his murder the silver certificates which he had issued through the US Treasury were quietly taken out of circulation.

As Americans we must all remember what Jim Garrison said at the end of his investigation into the Kennedy Assassination, having learned of the shadow government that used covert means in which to prevent him from ever bringing the real criminals behind this tragic incident in American history to justice: " Fascism will come to America in the name of National Security."

Garrison's words have turned out to be far more prophetic than any of us could have possibly imagined.

While Mr. Garrison may not have been aware of the exact depth of the criminal conspiracy involved in Kennedy's assassination, he certainly recognized that it was extensive and that those very high up in the US Federal Intelligence community knew well in advance of the plan to murder him. Jim Garrison was an idealist who truly believed in the Bill Of Rights and the constitutional republic on which this country was founded.

One can only imagine his devastation at gradually learning that the country he had loved for so long had been infiltrated by a shadow government whose ideology had far more to do with fascism than that of a democratic republic. And that this government's intent was to create and maintain a fascist cabal which would rule America while hiding behind the mask of democratic respectability.

Those of us who reside in the United States in this day and age are now learning the painful truths that Jim Garrison became aware of more than four decades ago.

As Americans, we all have a right to know when we have been deceived by those who are supposed to be representing us in elected office. And it's become painfully and disturbingly clear that they have been involved in extensive chicanery which we must now expose, regardless of the consequences.

Please go to the following Website and sign the petition to reopen the investigation into the 9-11 attacks. Let's not wait 40 more years to get to the truth this time around.

Also, if you have not yet seen Dylan Avery's 9-11 Loose Change documentary on the 9-11 attacks please do. If you fail to do so, you are denying yourself knowledge of the real facts that those within the shadow government in this country are deliberately attempting to keep from you. Knowledge is just about the most important commodity that there is. And without it we remain in a state of ignorance.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss -- It is Dangerous

So please access Dylan's documentary at the following site:

Please educate yourselves and circulate this knowledge to others.

From the heart,


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