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The Nazi Rape Of The Human Mind

As a long-term target of US Government non consensual human experimentation and one of myriad persons who has routinely been subjected to what can be referred to as nothing less than mind rape, I spend much of my time researching this insideous and fascist crime. There is no longer any doubt that the United States Intelligence community is involved in perpetrating this crime against a great number of Americans, most of whom have not a clue that it is being done to them.

Those of us who recognize this and resist are being subjected to outrageous violations of our Civil Rights, without any recourse other than to report what is being done to us, since Congress and law enforcement have ignored our pleas for help. Unfortunately for them, our numbers are growing in leaps and bounds as the Patriot Act continues to erode the constitutional republic on which the United States was founded,and with it our own precious Civil Liberties.

And we are not about to allow our Constitution to be stolen from us by these treasonous government rat bastards regardless of their use of rampant nationalism and masquerade of patriotism to defraud the American people of their freedoms.

As American citizens can we really believe that the 8,000 page Patriot Act was drafted practically overnight, in answer to the attacks on 9-11? Or is it far more plausible to believe that this document was drafted over the course of many years, carefully taking into consideration every aspect of the US Constitution, in efforts to destroy egalitarianism within the United States.

Given the outright fascism that the Patriot Act represents, one would have to conclude that this legislation could have only been passed by a Congress that was still reeling from the shock of the 9-11 fallout. Terrified that such a horrific event might again befall the United States, they acted in haste, while those who orchestrated the 9-11 attacks quietly worked to convince Congress that such restrictive legislation was necessary. The Bush Adminstration, Project For A New American Century, and the hierarchy within US Federal Intelligence truly got away with murder on 9-11 and on the day in which the Patriot Act was passed into law -- Their entire effort to undermine our constitutional republic -- from its inception an unmitigated scheme.

I think that any person in this country who has done their own unbiased research has by now concluded that 9-11 was an inside job, and that the Bush Adminstration definitely played a role in allowing it to happen. Many Americans, including myself now believe that George W. Bush was actually responsible for signing the document which commenced these attacks, knowing full well that he would be murdering thousands of his own citizens on 9-11-2001.

Could George W. Bush have gotten away with such a treasonous deception on his own, or conspired to do so with the help of just a few other unrecognized enemy combatants?

Absolutely not.

In order for Bush to have achieved the level of success that he did on 9-11 meant having the cooperation of the Pentagon, as well as the US Intelligence community. And by the number of government whistleblowers who have come forward to say that they were blocked by the hierarchies within their own agencies (The FBI and NSA in particular) and prevented from following up on investigations which they believe could have prevented the 9-11 attacks, we must now ask ourselves how involved the entire United States Federal Government itself was, in orchestrating these attacks.

As for those who say that this government would never damage its own buildings or place its own people at risk may I remind you of Adolf Hitler's burning of the German Reichstaff Building (the equivalent of burning the WhiteHouse) while blaming the communists for it, just to insight rage in the German people so that they'd be willing to go along with Hitler's plan for global domination.

9-11 was in many respects a similar situation.

And it is clear that now existing within the United States is a core group of Nazi disciples who are interested in establishing a 4th Reich, right under the noses of the American people.

For those Americans who have in this day and age decided to be on the side of truth and justice means to be made a pariah within their own communities, and to risk their own lives in efforts to expose the complete fraud that 9-11 was, as well as the subsequent investigation which took place to determine its origins.

The American people have once again been conned by the US Intelligence community, just as we were when they orchestrated the murders of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. We have also been duped in regard to the US Intelligence community's role in the attacks on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City back in 1995, the missile downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996, as well as the original attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, and still, the final attack on the WTC Towers in 2001.

What we are witnessing in this country is the complete subversion of our democracy by a shadow government that is hell bent on destroying our Constitution, and replacing it with their own fascist ideologies. To anyone who has not yet arrived at the realization that this shadow government now considers the Patriot Act to be the ruling legislation in this country (having usurped the authority granted to all Americans by the US Bill Of Rights) I ask you this:

Could a government that was operating within the framework of the US Bill Of Rights ever deny any American citizen their rights to privacy, quiet enjoyment and due process of law?

Of course not.

Yet that is exactly what's now routinely happening within the borders of the United States, a country in which rampant nationalism is now being used to justify the worst attack on American Civil Liberties since Senator Joseph MCcarthy used the bogus excuse of communism to destroy the lives of a great many innocent Americans for his own personal aggrandizement.

And were it not for the fact that his investigations were gradually exposing crimes being perpetratred by Nazi sympathizers including those working within the walls of the Central Intelligence Agency, MCcarthy would have continued his fascist and unrelenting attacks on men and women who would turn out to be harmless.

The following is an excellent work in regard to the basics behind the types of mindcontrol/brainwashing tactics that the core group of Nazi sympathizers operating within the shadow government in this country use to perpetrate these crimes against us, in attempts to destroy our individuality and freedom of expression. The loss of their individuality and the subjugation of each American citizen by this fascist shadow government is one of the main objectives that these treasonous criminals seek in regard to establishing a one world fascist cabal -- A New World Order.

I hope that you will not only read it, but also share this article with your families, friends, and anyone else who believes in the United States Constitution, the American people, and the egalitarianism on which this country was founded.

THE RAPE OF THE MIND: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing, by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., Instructor in Psychiatry, Columbia University Lecturer in Social Psychology, New School for Social Research, Former Chief, Psychological Department, Netherlands Forces, published in 1956, World Publishing Company. (Out of Print)

NOTE: This work has been long out of print, last known publication date 1956, the World Publishing Company. Of course, the technology has advanced and the techniques have been refined, but the principles remain the same.


"And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul." -Matthew 10:28

This book attempts to depict the strange transformation of the free human mind into an automatically responding machine a transformation which can be bought about by some of the cultural undercurrents in our present day society as well as by deliberate experiments in the service of a political ideology.

The rape of the mind and stealthy mental coercion are among the oldest crimes of mankind. They probably began back in pre historic days wheh man first discovered that he could exploit human qualities of empathy and understanding in order to exert power over his fellow men. The word "rape" is derived from the Latin word _rapere_, to snatch, but also is related to the words to rave and raven. It means to overwhelm and to enrapture, to invade, to usurp, to pillage and to steal.

The modern words "brainwashing," "thought control," and "menticide" serve to provide a clearer conception of the actual methods by which man's integrity can be violated. When a concept is given its right name, it can be more easily recognized and it is with this recognition that the opportunity for systematic correction begins.

In this book the reader will find a discussion of some of the imminent dangers which threaten free cultural interplay. It emphasizes the tremendous cultural implication of the subject of enforced mental intrusion. Not only the artificial techniques of coercion are important but even more the unobtrusive intrusion into our feeling and thinking. The danger of destruction of the spirit may be compared to the threat of total physical destruction through atomic warfare. Indeed, the two are related and intertwined.

My approach to this subject is based on the belief that it is only by looking at any problem from several angles that we are able to get at its heart.

According to Bohr's principle of complementarity, the rather simple phenomena of physics can be looked at from diverse viewpoints; different and seemingly contrasting concepts are needed to describe physical phenomena. For instance, for explanation of the behavior of electrons, both the concept of particle and the concept of wave are useful. The same is true for the even more complicated psychological and social interactions. We cannot look at brainwashing merely from a simple Pavlovian viewpoint. This book tries to do it also from the clinical descriptive view and from the concept of psychology; it tries to look at brainwashing from the standpoint that general mental coercion may belong to every human interaction.

Communication of any sort can almost be compared with trying to knock down a row of dolls in a throwing game. The more balls we throw, the greater is the probability that we may hit all the dolls. The more approaches we make to any problem, the greater chance we have of finding and grasping its essential core. Such detailed treatment will be impossible without some repetition in the text.

In this book we shall move from the specific subject of planned and deliberate mental coercion to the more general question of the influences in the modern world that tend to robotize and automatize man. The last chapters are devoted to the problem of inner backbone, as a first step in the direction of learning to maintain OUR MENTAL FREEDOM.

One of the great Dutch authors, Multatuli, wrote a letter to his friend excusing himself because the letter was so long: he had not had time enough to write a shorter one. In this paradox he expressed part of the problem of all search for expression and communication. It takes a long time to express an idea in a precise and communicable way. Yet being short and simple in one's descriptions is not always appreciated.

Expecially modern psychology is loaded with superlearnedness with the secret intention of leaving the reading public awe stricken. The man who tries to express himself in simple words, bypassing jargon, risks being called popular and unscientific. Nevertheless, I am aware of the fact that I have been so much steeped in psychological terminology that I cannot completely forego psychological language. The real test of psychological clarity is the way the layman absorbs and understands the ideas communicated. My aim has been to write for the general public, not to popularize but to bring some order to the chaos of our particular epoch.

Every word man speaks is a plagiarism. The task of an author is to absorb, incorporate, and transform the knowledge and emotional currents of his own epoch and to present them in his own personal way, enriched by his own experiences. I am grateful, indeed, to all those whose ideas I have been able to borrow, and especially to all those who inspired me to write down my own thoughts on this controversial subject.

J.A.M.M. January, 1956

The rest of this document can be accessed at the following Website:


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