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Native Alabaman Marijuana Supporter Set Up On Bogus Charges

Back in 2002 a woman by the name of Loretta Nall was arrested in an illegal STING operation as revenge for a letter that she wrote to her local newspaper regarding an attempted warrantless search of her property by local police. This is yet another unjust case of an American citizen bucking the status quo in this country by challenging the US Government and many of its unconstitutional and outlandish dictates, and being harassed for it.

What has always made America special is that its citizens have had the ability to exercise their 1st Amendment right to free speech. However, this freedom has never been more encroached upon than it has in recent years since the attacks on 9-11, where the FBI and NSA routinely use the fascist Patriot Act and the term domestic terrorist to attack anyone whom they believe interferes with the status quo in this country. And of course this abuse of power under the color of law statutes can also apply to local law enforcement.

While the CIA continues to covertly make billions of dollars through the illegal sale of designer drugs such as crack cocaine (a synthetic form of the drug which gives an even better high at a much cheaper price) here in the United States -- to support its ravenous black budget -- the DEA continues its attack and demonization of marijuana, villifying any persons who defend their right to use it for either medicinal or recreational purposes.

There has been a demonization of marijuana in America since the early part of the 20th Century, when the oil magnets in this country, fearful that hemp would be used in the manufacture of many products that petro chemicals had already cornered the market on, would now be in jeopardy of losing their precious monopoly on the creation of such goods.

Gulf Oil magnet Andrew Melon was one of these corporatists, whom having been elected as US Secretary Of The Treasury set about the task of using his postion under the color of law to wage an illegal and unconstitutional war on the growth of the hemp crop, to ensure that it would not become a threat to the industrialists' monopoly on goods produced through the creation of petro chemicals.

Looking to shore up his campaign, Melon enlisted the help of newspaper magnet William Randoph Hearst, who (convinced that hemp could be used in the manufacture of paper) used his publishing empire to demonize hemp with the public. Hearst's actions stemmed from the concern that the massive acreage of trees he used in the production of his newspaper empire would become devalued if hemp was to gain a stronghold in manufacturing, and replace pulp as the main source of paper.

At the same time, Melon had appointed his future nephew in law, Harry Anslinger, to be director of the newly formed Federal Bureau Of Narcotics. As head of the Bureau Anslinger's first assignment was to utilize the defamatory articles about hemp published by Hearst, to push through the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act which heavily taxed all purchases of marijuana.

Between Melon's use of this law to perpetrate the restraint of trade in regard to marijuana, and Hearst's use of his publishing empire to demonize it with the American people (including his financing of the film Reefer Madness) , any attempt to use the hemp plant as a viable alternative to petro chemicals was immediately crushed.

This is how the corporatists in America really operate -- a covert tradition of rewarding those who have always controlled the power base in this country. They monopolize an industry through corrupted political means and then use it to destroy the competition. Their attack on the hemp plant was just one of myriad instances in which their corruption and status quo marginality won out over superior offerings.

The late Preston Tucker was also a prime example of what happens to an American who builds a better product than those who control a particular industry in which their product may have unwanted competition.

Dr. Royal Rife, an alternative healthcare practitioner operating during the first part of the 20th Century and his invention known as the Rife Machine (based on electromagnetic technology), were other victims of the American status quo. In Rife's case, it was the American medical establishment (whom he so terrified ) that was responsible for neutralizing him with extreme prejudice.

Any persons of brilliance who represent a threat to the mediocrity in the United States and the corporate fat cats who've controlled the status quo here since long before the 20th Century began, have always been targeted for neutralization because their ideas were perceived as being a threat to the American status quo.

Albert Einstein was no exception either, as the FBI took a keen interest in his work.

J. Edgar Hoover was concerned enough about Einstein's opposition to capitalism and support of socialism, that he had the FBI utilize its counter-intelligence operations (dubbed COINTELPRO) to discredit him. The FBI quietly investigated him for years and then attempted to sabotage Einstein's attempts to propagate the socialist ideology here in America -- a form of government that he truly admired.

The FBI's attack on Einstein was typical of any person or group that attempted to improve the social climate in this country at the expense of the status quo. Einstein was an open opponent of capitalism, which he believed could never succeed in bringing about the humane changes necessary in America to ensure that everyone had a home to live in, clothing on their backs, and food in their mouths.

Einstein was a man of conscience -- the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover was not.

What we have instead is a country in which the masses are living in meager fashion while the upper crust (the real minority) in this country lives the most glutonous lifestyle imaginable - a decadance which seems to increase exponentially every few decades or so. Certainly, the United States is not the only country in which this is happening. However, the one which claims to be the guiding light of democracy for all other countries, this proud defender of civil liberties and human rights, has turned out to be a fraud of epic proportions.

Advance 50 odd years into the present day and we find a woman by the name of Loretta Nall who in 2002 began to learn first hand about the FBI and its COINTELPRO attacks on anyone who bucked the status quo in this country (in Loretta's case it was local cops following a simliar FBI protocol for entrapment). And in this day and age, it is clear that the FBI is as big a threat to American civil liberties as it was many decades ago, when it viciously attacked Albert Einstein and a host of others whom this fascist and anti-American organization did not approve of.

You can read Loretta's story at the following Website. It's yet one of scads in which the US Federal Government has sent the American people an "up yours card" in its arrogant belief that it can do whatever it wants to us without fear of repercussions. Loretta was lucky in one respect though -- the undercover narc's who were violating her civil rights could well have shot up her home as the FBI and BATF did with the Weaver family in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in which Vicky Weaver and her son Sammy were murdered by them in cold blood.

The two federal marshals who instigated that crime against humanity clearly had no right to be on the Weaver's property in the first place, and were just there to cause trouble.

Moreover, not one agent was ever arrested for these murders, including FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, who shot an unarmed Vicky Weaver straight through her head as she clutched her 10 month old daughter to her. Even though a judge quickly ruled that Horiuchi could be tried for Weaver's murder, the FBI got him off the hook less than a week later, so that Horiuchi would be free to murder again.

America is no longer the land of justice, but instead the land of rogue vigilantes in law enforcement who respect neither the United States Constitution nor American civil liberties. The FBI and NSA are prime offenders here - organizations that since their inception, have always existed to violate both civil and human rights.

And up until now neither Congress nor the US Justice Department have demonstrated any interest in righting their wrongs.

Loretta Nall's Account Of The US Criminal Justice System Gone Bad:

The Following Is An Excellent Article On How Hemp Was Demonized By The Corporatists In America For No Reason Other Than Its Competition To The Oil Companies And The Monopoly That They Controlled:


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