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The FEDS Post More Disinformation In Regard To Myself & This Website

I was surfing the Internet when I found a few comments by someone posting under the screenname of LilyPat whose posts (on a Website called "The Black Vault") included erroneous statements in regard to myself and my Website. The posts which I have listed after today's blog are typical of those that the FEDS use to circulate their own disinformation, when key elements of the covert and illegal technologies that they employ against Americans, find their way into the public domain. These posts are yet another instance of such an occurrence, where a person hiding beyond the anonymity of a screename posts just enough information to cause a stir, when in reality this information is not only untrue, but deliberately placed to obfuscate legitimate investigations into the FEDS' criminal conduct.

This LilyPat person also claims that I am associated with one James Casbolt, and that he has written most of the information on this Website: a complete and utter lie. I do not personally know anyone by the name of James Casbolt (the first I had ever heard of him was reading some posts on the Internet), and any articles that are listed on this Website have either been written by myself, or in instances where I have listed other articles, the authors of said works have been duly noted and credited for them.

Still another of these comments has me associated with someone by the name of Richard Bandler, a person whom I had never heard of prior to reading this post.

For the record, there are 1000's of people named James Marino in the world, so the fact that this person would immediately tie another person by the same name as mine to my Website, at the very least is indicative of tremendous ignorance, and at most a deliberate attempt to smear my good name through the use of disinformation - something the FEDS have been doing to me for the past three and a half years.

This Website was created to circulate some very painful and horrible truths about the United States Federal Government and its Intelligence community; truths which you are not about to read in your local newspapers or see on the evening news broadcasts. Since 1948, when the CIA's Frank Weisner was enlisted to "subvert" the mainstream media in the United States (codename Operation Mockingbird) to be used by the CIA and other dark government agencies to parrot their own disinformation, the US media has for the most part become incapable of delving into this government's deepest and darkest crimes, for fear of retaliation.

Any journalists who attempt to break this unspoken rule within the US media industry are quickly dealt with through the use of smear campaigns , in which they find themselves unemployed, blackballed from the industry, as well made into pariahs within their own communities. Over the years, those who've refused to give up their journalistic integrity, were even more aggressively neutralized, and in a number of cases murdered for their attempts to expose the truth. The late Steve Kangas and Gary Webb, both of whom were known for exposing the CIA's ties to illegal drug trafficking operations in this country, ended up executed with bullet wounds to the backs of their heads. (The government even tried to explain how Gary Webb was able to shoot himself in the back of the head -- not once but twice!) You figure that one out.

M. William Cooper, a former US Military Intelligence specialist who in later years became known as a radio personality discussing many topics that the US Intelligence community did not want broached (including that of the government's ties to extraterrestrial biological entities), was murdered in the 1990's, just seconds from his home, by a SWAT team. While the official explanation strays quite a bit from the truth (it always does since this government controls the US media), there's little doubt that Cooper was murdered because of his refusal to keep silent in regard to what he witnessed while working in the intelligence community.

Cooper was once quoted as making the following statement which I am in complete agreement with:

"I believe that any man without principles that he is ready and willing to die for at any given moment is already dead and of no use or consequence whatsoever."

M. William Cooper, August 3, 1990, Camp Verde, Arizona

Below are the messages posted by a person who goes by the screenname LilyPat. I have highlighted in red my responses to this person's comments. This is a good illustration of how the FEDS use message boards to plant disinformation about someone whom they are illegally targeting for this harassment.

Author Message
B.V. Lurker

Joined: Jun 10, 2005
Posts: 459
Location: Oakland, CA USA

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 7:55 am Post subject: Links to mind control in NLP bigwigs

"NLP (neuro linquistic programming) is a fertile field for online mind control research--or perhaps I should say it "was" in the recent past. Now, most of the really meaty online articles have been removed from the sites they once graced, due to threats of legal action by one or another of the Grand PooBah's who have managed to trademark large segments of the techniques. Someone is really raking in the buck$, IOW, and doesn't want potential prey to gain access to the info for the price of an internet connection and some time spent digging

Here is such an article, with even links to archived pages marked as "hacked" or simply removed. (It's on a skeptics' site, BTW, and mind control connections are, predictably, ignored)

NLP's original developer was Richard Bandler, who was accused (and aquitted, eventually) of murdering a Santa Cruz woman. But you won't find any reference to this in most articles lauding NLP. The most complete artlcle on that nasty little blip in Bandler's CV was in Mother Jones and you can read it here:

And, interestingly, his companion the day that the woman was murdered happened to be one James Marino, who has gone on record as believing that he is a victim of government mind control!"

My Response:

**** I am not associated with anyone named Richard Bandler. LilyPat also jumps to the conclusion that I am in some way connected to the Mafia (why because I am part Italian?). This person is not only circulating disinformation but is also a biggot.

I do, however, find it of interest that men like John Gotti were vilified by the FEDS and much of the US media, when myriad agents within the US Intelligence community have committed crimes far beyond those of the late Gotti, and given impunity in which to do so. Say whatever you want about Gotti, but he never ratted anyone out and did his time quietly -- not like that rat bastard Sammy Gravano who sold out everyone just to save his own cowardly ass. This guy murdered 18 people and the FEDS let him walk after serving only 5 years in prison. Do you really think that the FEDS have your best interests at heart? The CIA is the largest drug trafficker in the world, which means that the drugs they orchestrate the sale of go to the schools where your kids are taught, and into the very communities that you live in, all while the CIA and others within the intelligence community rake in the profits.

"Since there doesn't seem to be any doubt that Bandler was a pathological liar, briefly worked for the CIA and consorted with Mafiosa, it's not too much of a stretch to see the possibility of links with the mind control programs then operating in California, but I haven't been able to dig up any direct evidence of it. He was under the influence of a number of older men who were father figures to him and was a heavy drug user, which left him open to manipulation.

I'm changing my idea that NLP came out of the mind control programs and beginning to wonder if the movement was in the other direction--ie. was Bandler's undisputed genius milked by program agents and then incorporated into the programs?

Wish this wasn't such a super-busy time of the year for me, since this feels like a very interesting avenue of research."


Author Message
B.V. Lurker

Joined: Jun 10, 2005
Posts: 459
Location: Oakland, CA USA

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 7:04 am Post subject: The same James Marino?

"I located a blog that is registered to Marino -- -- and posted a comment asking if he was the same James Marino involved in the Finders case. To post my question, I had to register as a blog owner, since anonymous comments are not allowed, but I've been thinking of beginning a blog for a long time anyway. Now I have a space for it if I ever get around to doing it.

Now to see (a) if he will allow the comment to be posted and (b) whether he will chose to answer it and (c) whether that answer sounds like something that a disinfo agent would say when his intel-connected past surfaces. No way that I know of to check further on this guy, unfortunately. But if anyone out there knows more about people searches online, please feel free to jump in.

Since the other man arrested in the Finders case was using a false identity, it's possible that this Marino is not the same guy. But, if so, then the fact that he now blogs as a survivor of government mind control is an interesting coincidence....I hope he answers."


My Response:

****** I did respond to a post from a person who referred to the "Finder's Case" however, it was sent back to me as a mailerdaemon, meaning that they simply created an E-mail account for the express purpose of sending me a message and then deleting the account so that I could not respond. At least this person finally concludes that I may not be the same James Marino as the one they are referring to, in regard to the association with Richard Bandler, but not before impugning my character.

I have gone on record in regard to mind control because I have been and continue to be targeted for it by the sociopathic technocrats who work within the dark recesses of the NSA, and went public for my Family's safety as well as my own. Furthermore, I also believe that any American citizen who learns that they are being targeted for the NSA's Signals Intelligence Operations, which includes satellite based remote neural monitoring, and fails to come forward with this information in efforts to inform the American people about it, is complicit in treason. Consequently, it is my sworn duty as an American citizen, to alert the American people to this technology and to notifiy them that each and everyone of them can be illegally and unwittingly spied on by the NSA, CIA, DOD or FBI, at anytime. And there may well be other government agencies that also have access to this satellite spy technology.

Once again this LilyPat person demonstrates an attempt to circulate disinformation by claiming that someone named James Casbolt has written most of the articles on my Website. As stated earlier, nearly all of the articles on this site have been and continue to be written by me. In the few instances where I have posted articles written by other authors, they are credited for their written work.

I am not the James Marino to whom you are referring. Read my profile again if you like. I am a government mind control target and have been since the early 1980's when the NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring technology was first used on a wide scale. There is no doubt that millions of Americans are spied on each day by the NSA and that every person in this country is catalogued into the NSA's database by way the electromagnetic fields that surround their bodies. While it may be difficult to believe this in the present day, there will come a time when this becomes common knowledge. Hopefully, by then the NSA, CIA and FBI will have been abolished, or at the very least forced to end this criminal invasion of privacy.

Joined: Jun 10, 2005
Posts: 459
Location: Oakland, CA USA

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 4:28 am Post subject: Is this the same James Marino??

"If you look closely at that blog of Marino's, he's hardly written any of it...? Most of the posts are written by a UK researcher named James Casbolt, who claims many things--all of which sound like pretty classic UFO-tinged disinformation. Marino says he's posting the articles to help out Casbolt, who's currently having his efforts to get his vital information out blocked by the NSA."

{Here are the URLs for

Marino's blog --

"Both these guys claim to be intel connected--Marino to the CIA and Casbolt to MI6--which is a HUGE warning flag. Looking at their breathless revelations about aliens and UFOs and underground bases and intelligence shenanigans and New Age fear-mongering (followed by New Age passivity-inducing pablum), coupled with embedded "keep your guns!" Right-wing propaganda ALL tells me that what we probably have here are a pair of pro (or maybe semi-pro pretending to be pro) disinformationists. When Casbolt says, Quote: I am helped by a small group of ’defected’ intelligence personnel. You know who you are and God bless you for your bravery. he's almost certainly referring to Marino's blog."

My Response:

Once again, this person LilyPat is deliberately circulating disinformaton in efforts to discredit my accounts of what the NSA and FBI have subjected me to. Moreover, I have never claimed to be part of the US Intelligence Community, just that they have routinely violated my civil rights by using COINTELPRO psychological warfare tactics against me, and a smear campaign to destroy my reputation.

I have a vague recollection of hearing the name James Casbolt in my travels over the Web, however, I have never met or spoken with this person. Moreover, if he has been referencing my written work and it helps to bolster his own experiences with corruption within the US Federal Intelligence Community, I am glad to be of help to him. As for the articles on my Website, I have written ALL but the few in which other authors are credited.

"And remember how it was that I stumbled upon the name "James Marino"--it was the name of the guy with NLP founder Richard Bandler when a coke junky/call girl madam was murdered in Santa Cruz in November of 1987. Are they the same man? Bandler's drug king buddy would be 74 years old now. I've tried, but cannot find an age online for the James Marino who claims to be intel-connected and is publishing Casbolt's ravings about MI6 and NSA UFOs for him. But Casbolt is young...or at least his photo shows him to be a young man."

My Response:

******* LilyPat, I recently turned 47 years of age, quite a bit younger than the 74 year old Marino to whom you are referring. I am not part of the US Intelligence Community, nor have I ever been. I have, however, accused them of perpetrating precedent setting crimes against my Family and self. Consequently, they have attacked me with extreme prejudice in an effort to demonize and dehumanize me -- standard operating tactics for the FEDS, whenever other types of illegal operations have failed. Had I not gone public with what they have done to me I would have been dead long ago.

"Perhaps this pair really ARE deluded New Agers who believe the nonsense they're spouting--lots of people do. Heck, I used to be one of them. But they also claim intel backgrounds and in Casbolt's case he says it goes back several generations in his family, too. It's just difficult for me to swallow the image of these in-the-know secret agent types publishing supposed *threatening emails* that refer to Zetans, Sirians, walk-ins, P2 33rd degree Mason and the fraudulent "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". Real intelligence agents would (a) know the real provenence of the "Protocols" and (b) be highly unlikely to go public with a communication from the NSA and from "Luciferians" that he claims to have received."

My Response:

***** As for being deluded, perhaps you should check your own bathroom mirror. Once again, I've never claimed to be an intelligence agent connected with US Intelligence, the Israeli Mossad, or Britain's MI-5 or MI-6 -- just someone who's been illegally spied on and harassed by the NSA and FBI. My posts in regard to this are now all over the Internet. As I stated earlier, I went public for the safety of my Family and myself, and I stand by every article that I have written in regard to the FEDS and their crimes against my Family, myself, and myriad others, who've been targeted for this illegal, inhumane and depraved abuse.

"Unless of course they happen to be merrily sowing disinformation on the web in a pro or semi-pro capacity, that is."

"If anyone knows more about these guys, please post it here. This looks like real mind control/disinformation, though it's more closely connected to mass mind contol than it is to the trauma-based programs. The links I see so far to the kind of MC that I got tangled up with are the references in the Mother Jones article to (that) James Marino being a "street smart" "Sicilian" (Mafia) and to the murder victim being part of a prostitution ring and drug distribution...both of which could also be non-mind control related."

My Response:

***** The information that I am offering in regard to mind control is not disinformation. It is accurate and something that neither the NSA nor rest of the US Intelligence Community is pleased about. Once again, this person alludes to my being associated with the Mafia. The closest connection that I have with the Mafia is that we both enjoy Italian cuisine. LilyPat, I think you have read one too many spy novels and let your imagination run wild. The technology that I refer to regarding being remote neurally monitored has already been documented by a former NSA employee named John St. Clair Akwei, who sued the NSA in the early 1990's when he learned of this technology and the NSA's illegal use of it to spy on the American people.

He lost his job as a result of his candor and integrity, and to this day is harassed by the NSA. Like myself and a great many other innocent American citizens, he has been made a satellite prisoner. Keep in mind that neither of us has ever been arrested, charged, tried, or convicted of any crimes. Yet we are illegally spied on by this fascist organization 24/7/365 in what are the most precedent setting violations of privacy ever documented.

How many legitimate criminals will murder, rape and steal while these federal miscreant/malcontents continue to illegally spy on us sleeping, showering, using our toilets, having sex etc., while they violate every civil and human rights law in existence. The feds who perpetrate these crimes against us are the most putrid filth who've ever walked this planet -- brainwashed clones whose ideology is a hunger for power and world domination at the expense of their humanity. I don't respect them and neither do any other persons who value human life and whose ideologies are more inline with compassion for others and respect for the United States Constitution and Bill Of Rights. And the FEDS are fresh out of excuses for the outrageous ways in which they have violated my Family's privacy, my own and numerous others, targeted for this depraved and psychotic abuse.

They are incorrigible.

If you want to learn more about the various types of satellites that the US Government uses to illegally spy on American citizens and those of other countries , access Paul Baird's Website. Baird is an Australian man who has been a "satellite prisoner" for many years. His Website is one of the best on the Internet in regard to this technology and should be viewed by every person on this planet, since many are watched by audio/visual satellites, and all the people on this planet have their electronic communications intercepted and recorded by the NSA's Echelon Spy Satellite Network.

Readers can access it below:

Furthermore, the NSA is not authorized to spy on Americans -- it is against their charter and illegal for any NSA agent to do. The only time in which an NSA agent is authorized to spy on an American citizen is through the FISA court, and then only if the NSA has conclusive proof that the person whom they wish to place under surveillance is tied to international terrorist groups.

The following Website contains the first 6 pages of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit. My comment to LilyPat is:

Stop sowing disinformation and discord and start circulating truthful information into the US Government's complicity in treasonous crimes against the American people.

"I would LOVE to know if the James Marino who claims to be a "wavie" is the same guy as Bandler's "street smart" "Sicilian" godfather/buddy. No idea how to find out though....They could be completely unrelated--"James Marino" is about as common as "Michael Houlihan"--or father and son, even."


****** Finally, LilyPat feigns some minor interest in searching for the truth, by at least questioning whether or not they have made an error in assuming that I am the same James Marino to whom they've been referring ALL ALONG -- regarding James Casbolt and Richard Bandler. For the record -- I AM NOT...

I had never heard of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) prior to reading LilyPat's post. To learn more about it readers can access this Website:


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In my opinion, UFOs in the Bible are angles and are referred to as a cloud, fire, star, etc.

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