Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another Article Exposing Lyme Disease As The Biological Weapon It Was Created To Be

Back in 1998 when I first read the book The Brucellosis Triangle, by Canadian Dr. Donald A. Scott, I was quite surprised to learn of his supposition that Lyme Disease was one of many biological weapons manufactured by the United States Federal Government, during the mid twentieth century.

However, the further I researched this topic, the more convinced I became that not only was Lyme Disease a biological weapon, but so were many other chronic illnesses that we have in American society today -- some including the AIDS virus, which have turned out to be deadly. And the American people are most certainly not the only citizens suffering from this phenomenon, as many other governments have also used their own people as unwitting human guinea pigs in this horrific form of non consensual human experimentation.

It was shortly after I'd read this book that I began to recommend it to those readers who subscribed to a Lyme Disease newsletter, that another long-term sufferer of chronic Lyme Disease and I co-created and published back in 2000, called Lyme Matters.

We had a fairly large subscriber base at the time (nearly 1000 readers), so I decided to include Dr. Scott's information in one issue of Lyme Matters, and recommended that all chronically ill Lyme patients do their own research which would enable them to draw their own logical conclusions, since it was my belief that we had all lost our good health to this disease.

After circulating information on Dr. Scott's research, I began to notice that I was being followed whereever I went. It was subtle at first, but as time went by it definitely became more noticeable. This was prior to the organized stalking harassment which has been perpetrated against me for the past 3.5 years.

However, it does support the general belief by organizations formed to expose and combat these networked groups of gangstalkers, that individuals targeted for this phenomenon are watched for quite sometime before their harassment "morphs" from covert to overt mode (in which those who have quietly spied on us, rapidly and aggressively alert us to their presence).

I have long been a proponent of the belief that Lyme Disease was created as a biological weapon (even when many other Lyme patients whom I knew doubted my belief), and there are now myriad others, many of whom suffer with this chronic and debilitating nightmare of a disease, who are also finally acknowledging that Lyme is in fact a pernicious bioweapon.

The following is an interesting article on Lyme Disease and its biological weapon's origins. I highly recommend reading it as well as Dr. Scott's "The Brucellosis Triangle," and author Michael Christopher Carroll's book, Lab 257, an indepth look at the biological weapons that the US Federal Government's kept secret in regard to its New York based Plum Island facility (located on the Eastern tip of Long Island), under the masquerade of the US Department Of Agriculture for the past 60 years.

I also think the research that Dr. Leonard Horowitz is doing in regard to the origins of the AIDS and Ebola viruses is of critical importance, since in both instances, he has used the Freedom Of Information Act to obtain documents which prove that these deadly illnesses were created by the US Federal Government, to deploy on certain groups of people whom they did not approve of.

Dr. Horowitz claims that the United States Intelligence community under Dr. Henry Kissenger, initiated a genocidal policy which the FBI and CIA were ordered to carry out, in efforts to murder Africans and African Americans. Also included within this policy was the homosexual community, which was targeted for elimination through an ostensible offering of the Hepatitis B vaccine (which Dr. Horowitz says was in reality the AIDS virus). There is no question that after this vaccine was administered to a large number of homosexual men in the late 1970's, that the spread of AIDS increased exponentially leading the pandemic
plague that it has now become.

* The homosexual communities in certain areas of California and Manhattan, NY, were specifically targeted in this instance, being offered a "free" Hepatitis B vaccine innoculation which was advertised in their local newspapers.

The following article is important, because it is circulating a very unpopular truth that many Americans are unwilling to accept -- that there are many men and women working within the US Federal Government who truly are guilty of some monstrous crimes.

The article can be seen in its entirety here:


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