Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Author Sharon Weinberger's Washington Post Article On Mind Control Weapons

The other day I read an article in the Washington Post, by author Sharon Weinberger. In said article, Ms. Weinberger attempted to delve into the dark world of US Intelligence, and the role it's played in deploying electromagnetic weapons (directed energy weaponry) under the cover of its active denial weapons' program.

As part of her research, Ms. Weinberger interviewed a man by the name of Harlan Girard, an American who's been targeted for non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking harassment for quite some time. Many of the TI's (acronym for Targeted Individual) who've actually become aware that they are being targeted for these crimes (the result of their harassment switching from covert to overt mode), are familiar with Mr. Girard, and his accounts of being targeted for some of the worst violations of both civil and human rights ever documented. As TI's we can certainly empathize with him, having experienced much of the psychological and physical torture that he describes.

While her interview was (in this author's opinion) inconclusive, and as such did not firmly validate the accounts of the TI community of men, women and children who are routinely subjected to these hideous violations of both civil and human rights, Ms. Weinberger' s article will certainly help to raise further questions within the mainstream media, as to the United States Government's complicity in the crimes that TI's are accusing it of.

If Americans are to take back the US media industry from the CIA and other agencies within US Intelligence; agencies which subverted our media for their own nefarious purposes nearly six decades ago (Operation Mockingbird), we need to do so now.

And Ms. Weinberger's article is a good start.

Furthermore, while there is much information to be obtained in regard to this phenomenon by way of the Internet (one which has now swept the United States as well as other NATO member countries), Weinberger's attempt to use the mainstream media as a venue in which to do so, is both laudable and most certainly appreciated by every person ever targeted for these "Nazi mindset" crimes.

With her courageous act of conscience Ms. Weinberger has opened the door for further articles regarding the government's use of satellite based "mind control" weapons, which will undoubtably eventually aid in exposing the fascist shadow government that now resides within the United States -- certainly a move in the right direction.

In this day and age it seems that many Americans are fearful of exercizing their 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech, believing that they will be retaliated against for doing so. It would appear that they have legitmate reasons for this concern, since the Bush Administration has been attempting to emasculate our Bill Of Rights through the creation of the fascist Patriot Act, and obfuscating any investigations
which attempt to expose this.

However, failing to speak out in regard to the inhumane travesty that this government has become (especially since this so called president has been in office) will only further contribute to the decline of our constitutional republic. As American citizens we all have certain inalienable rights which can never be legally taken away from us -- not by this corrupted administration or anyone else.

So speak up and demand to be heard. It is your right as an American citizen.

Sheila Weinberger's article can be accessed at the following Website and printed out for easy reading. All the reader need do is sign up at the Washington Post Website to receive a user name and password. There is no charge for this, and it will allow those whose do so to post their own comments in regard to this article and myriad others.


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