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Margie Schoedinger -- George W. Bush -- The FBI -- A Criminal Conspiracy That Will Not Die

In my writings I have often cited specific instances of injustice, because they are so outrageous that those who've perpetrated these crimes have no choice other than to silence those who expose them. This attempt to silence a target is usually done in the form of some type of calumny (smear campaigns which include black propaganda and the systematic destruction of a targeted person's life) in efforts to neutralize the intended victim so that they cannot obtain help in ending the attacks being waged against them.

The ultimate goal is always the same -- to murder the person. And it does not seem to matter to those who perpetrate these crimes whether these murders are accomplished through the use of psychological warfare (in efforts to drive the person to take their own life), or other covert methods, including irradiating the person through the use of satellite based (or ground based) directed energy weapons, or for that matter, even tampering with their food, water, clothing etc., in efforts to poison them.

There's little doubt that the late Margie Schoedinger was targeted for such horrific abuse, in efforts to silence her attempts at exposing George W. Bush and several FBI agents, for the frequent druggings and rapes that she was forced to endure at the hands of these monsters.

When Margie attempted to seek justice, she was routinely denied any assistance. Lawyers refused to represent her; the police would not help her. And in one instance the Sugarland, Texas Police Department even denied that Margie had ever filed a claim against Bush. Reporter, Jackson Thoreau, was told by the Sugarland PD that they could find no evidence of an assault report filed by Margie Schoedinger, when he inquired as to Margie's allegations, and that furthermore, they knew nothing of a lawsuit against Bush.

Not surprisingly, Thoreau didn't have to look far to find that the Sugarland Police had lied to him, locating Margie's lawsuit (filed in 2002) against Bush at the local courthouse -- which named George W. Bush and the FBI as defendants.

Margie's case, like so many others targeted for these gross types of unAmerican injustices is becoming far too typical in the United States. Cases such as those involving Michael Boren Williams, Judi Bari, Jean Seberg, Leonard Peltier, Dr. Steven Hatfield and myriad others targeted for the FBI's despicable COINTELPRO activities, cry out for justice, as a largely ignorant American public remains oblivious to the modern day fascist tactics that this corrupt juggernaut metes out to any and all persons who upset the status quo in this country, while challenging this government's oftentimes corrupt and backwards way of doing things.

If anyone can understand what these people have been subjected to, I certainly can. And so can my Family, as well as myriad others who've been targeted for the most egregious attacks on their civil rights ever documented. Those targeted for such abuses, whether orchestrated by the FBI, NSA or anyother government agency (or even organized stalking networks run by Mafia, drug lords, etc.) are attacked in the same vicious ways as some of the aforementioned victims have been.

Gone are the days of due process of law, replaced instead, by a networked squad of vigilantes. And this simply will not be tolerated by those Americans who still respect the US Constitution and the civil liberties of others.

Given the crimes that Americans are now reporting nationally, in regard to organized stalking and various forms of non consensual human experimentation, the US Federal Government, starting with Congress on down, has a lot to answer for. And they'd better start by investigating the claims being made by those of us whom are alleging that the US Federal Government is using many of us as unwitting human guinea pigs, a result of their weaponizing (through advanced satellites) outerspace.

Unless they do, Congress is going to find that its constituents are suddenly having a change of heart, in regard to donations and other forms of gratutities that many of these fat cats have gotten far too accustomed to, having long ago forgotten that their employment is based on serving the interests of ALL the American people, and not just the corporatists who fatten their healthy bank accounts.

The following links will enable the reader to access two articles which document the nightmare that Margie Schoedinger's life became, once George W. Bush decided that she had become too much of a risk for him to have around.

This is the real Bush family. Career criminals who for more than four generations have managed to escape prison. Eventually, there will come a time when this situation will change, and the Bush's will be seen for the outright monsters that they are and punished accordingly for it.

Columnist Raymond Ponzini's Article On George W. Bush Entitled: An American Caligula

An Article In Texas' Fort Bend Star Newspaper Regarding The Death Of Margie Schoedinger


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