Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Feds And Their Organized Stalking Perp's Pressure Their Targets Into Suicide

This is the primary goal when the FEDS are involved. A military precision in dispensing psychological warfare -- every second that they fail to initiate some type of psychological trigger can be considered a missed opportunity. So they occupy every moment of their time demonizing and dehumanizing the target while deploying psychological warfare tactics in efforts to destroy them. No mercy.

There is no humanity left with the FEDS; it was brainwashed out of them long ago.

And still worse is that they employ the use of the same types of vicious psywarfare against those who are close to the Target, all the while adopting a strategic policy of active denial that they are perpetrating these crimes, yet doing so relentlessly.

While they use glib humor in which to discredit someone targeted for these heinous crimes, the truth is that they scrutinize every syllable the target utters, every thought they have, every expression they show, in an effort to dissect them. The FEDS and the Nazi oriented technocracy which orchestrates their actions are truly state of the art, unhampered by human emotions, and driven by their complete lack of empathy.

There's a satisfaction which they derive from causing extreme pain and suffering. Their minds are indicative of those which have traveled well beyond the clinical term of insanity, and into the realm of a darkness that few people can identify with.

They exist to destroy. And every ideology that supports that of free thought and creative expression is considered to be a threat to them and the cabal that they represent; a threat which must be eliminated swiftly and efficiently, without fear of reprisals or remorse.

Big Brother has snuck up on the American people; the NSA, FBI and numerous other intelligence agencies, hiding their crimes against humanity behind the term national security and a wall of bureacratic indifference. And anyone who challenges them is fair game for their COINTELPRO tactics. Few have ever survived the FBI's COINTELPRO operations, since most peoples' ideas of justice and fair play preclude any understanding of such viciousness. A viciousness that the FEDS' and their monstrous and wonton demonization campaigns are demonstrative of.

These people are the real victims. Denied due process of law, and subjected to the most despicable tactics ever perpetrated against any person, they are truly aware of what a farce the democracy in the United States of America has become, where the FEDS and their corrupted Illuminist leaders have quietly subjugated all Americans to a covert enslavement, using technologies that are beyond the comprehension of most.

As for those of us who have been made painfully aware of the bright shining LIE that America has become (due to this Nazi shadow government), we may live lives of complete torment, yet we are the enlightened ones, no longer deceived by the smoke and mirrors that our failed captors have used against us.

We now see them without their masks and for the absolute inhumanity and evil that they represent.

We have broken free of their world of cruelty and disinformation, and as such are now able to expose them and the myriad LIES that they have been propagating for the longest time.

We're free of them.

As for those who live their lives in denial, the best that we can do is to show them the truth and hope that they eventually see the LIES, and those who perpetrate them for what they are. Sadly, if they are unable to, they will be forced to continue to live lives of ignorance and quiet desperation. Lives that the FEDS and their Illuminist bretheren much prefer in lieu of the truth.

The FEDS and their Illuminati masters are not keepers of the light as they would have us believe but instead, an infinite darkness that knows no limits to its depths or inhumanity.


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