Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Response From The Person Who Made Libelous Comments About Me & This Website

The person who identified themself as LilyPat ( I responded to their post in an article last week which can be seen here: recently posted the message at the end of today's post, in response to my article in which I documented that I am not the James Marino to whom LilyPat was referring. In seeing that this person has also accused me of not answering their e-mail (I only received one prior to yesterday and did answer it, only to have it returned as a mailerdaemon), I have listed their response here. LilyPat has apologized and I accept their apology.

*** However, I stand by my statement that people like this are regularly used by the FEDS to discredit legit TI's. If LilyPat is a perp they are certainly never going to let on to it. However, I will give this person the benefit of the doubt.

As to whether or not the FEDS would play both sides of the fence in order to discredit someone they are targeting, anyone who's familiar with their COINTELPRO tactics knows that they do so as a rule.

Furthermore, anyone who's familiar with the FBI and other US Federal Intelligence agencies is also well aware that lying and all forms of deception are common and widely accepted practices within this community, and have been since its inception. COINTELPRO tactics have destroyed a great number of American citizens' lives since the FBI and its later CIA and NSA bretheren were formed.

A common trait in all instances has been the FEDS' use of disinformation, psychological warfare, and everyother imaginable crime, clearly perpetrated by those who are by nature sociopathic personalities. The FEDS complete lack of empathy is a defining characteristic of their COINTELPRO operations. They will employ the use of psychological warfare until the person they have illegally targeted either commits a crime in which they can be arrested, or commits suicide. They are unrelenting in their efforts to do so, and history has recorded this time and time again.

See my article on the FBI and its criminal bretheren at the following Website:

While the FBI resorted to the default and faux characterization of being bumbling incompetents, in order to cover up their complicity in the 9-11 attacks (by aiding and abetting the Bush Administration as well asthe PNAC by confiscating evidence before the public could view it), the reality is that they are robotically efficient in regard to accomplishing what they were formed to do -- Maintenance of the US status quo through the use of coercion, entrapment, and if necessary covert forms of terrorism to achieve their goals.

The FEDS will also circulate malicious LIES in regard to a target as a means in which to neutralize them. In my case, they have done everything within their power to destroy my reputation and relationships, in efforts to force me into a state in which I would either commit suicide, or act in a criminal manner in which I could be incarcerated. In all instances, and the myriad STING operations that they have perpetrated against me in the past 27 years, they have FAILED to do so, and are now operating in complete desperation, as I document what is certain to be some of the most outrageous violations of civil rights ever recorded by an American citizen.

And while the FEDS' attempt to make light of this by labeling me as a paranoid crank, criminal, or anyother type of negative stereotype, a result of the calumny that they choose to utilize in efforts to denigrate my person, the reality is that they are caught in a series of lies which this time around they have been unable to completely spin to their advantage.

In all this time I have never been arrested, indicted, tried, or convicted of any crimes, even though the FEDS' crimes against myself are absolutely outrageous. The FEDS have become so frustrated that lately they are actually so desperate that they are putting out disinformation that the Mafia is perpetrating crimes and cleverly manipulating the situation so that the FBI gets the blame for it.

This is a clear deception on the part of the FBI, as anyone who's familiar with how this anti-American organization operates is well aware that the FBI not only utilizes Mafia members through the use of coercive tactics for its own means, but has also taken part in myriad crimes with certain Mafia families. In particular I cite the scandal of former FBI agent John Connelly and his association with Whitey Bulger back in the 1970's; an association that would give Bulger and his Mafia associates a stronghold on corruption in Boston, as Connelly setup other rival families for arrest, and in some cases murder, by giving Bulger information on where these men would be at a particular time, so that they could be killed.

More recently, another former FBI agent by the name of Lindley Delvecchio was indicted on murder charges for five counts of murder. And some of his FBI cronies have been involved in raising a defense fund for him, no doubt in efforts to prevent Delvecchio from cutting a deal. If this were to happen and Delvecchio told a Grand Jury what he knows in regard to the crimes perpetrated by other agents (quite likely including those who've taken up the cause to raise funding), there's no telling how many FBI agents he'd end up implicating --- the number would more than likely be substantial.

His story can be accessed at this Website:

Still there are many other accounts of FBI collusion in covering up the crimes of its agents.

FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, narrowly avoided being brought up on murder charges after he shot an unarmed woman by the name of Vicky Weaver in the head, killing her instantly (Weaver was clutching her 10 month old daughter in her arms at the time she was shot). Even though a judge ruled that Horiuchi should be tried for the cold blooded murder, a week later some very powerful people within the FBI got him off the hook.

When the FBI failed to entrap environmentalist Judi Bari in one of their many STING operations, it propagated the LIE that she was a terrorist, and then planted a bomb in her car, with the intention of murdering her, then claiming that she was a terrorist who was killed by the bomb she was carrying.

The FBI's slick deception almost worked, except that Judy, although permanently crippled by the blast, lived long enough to file suit against the FBI and eventually, posthumously won a 4.4 million dollar judgment against the agency, as well as certain members of the Oakland Police Department. The FBI was gauled by this, yet in reality these agents should have been on trial for two counts of attempted murder (Bari's partner Daryl Cherney was also in the car with her at the time of the blast).

Once again, the FBI got off on the cheap, as it destroyed the lives of some good people.

There are myriad examples of the FBI's COINTELPRO activities which have been perpetrated by this criminal organization over the years, proof positive of just how inherently corrupted and evil it is.

If only Connelly and the rest of the aformentioned were an anomaly in the FBI, Americans could state that the problem was easily remedied through the removal of a few such bad apples. But the FBI and its domestic terrorist tactics have clearly proven that the entire barrel is rotten to its very core; immoral, unethical, and completely incorrigible.

To advocate civil liberties in an open way in modern day America means to risk being subjected to outrageous violations of such freedoms, as the FEDS utilize their Nazi based spy/mind control technology to
systematically destroy the lives of Americans, who are simply exercizing the inalienable rights that the US Constitution has guarenteed them as citizens of this country.

As for myself, a primary reason for the FEDS' frustation is that more than two years ago, in desperation at the COINTELPRO psywarfare campaign that these miscreants were waging against my Family and me, I chose to use the Internet as a venue in which to describe the outrageous violations that the FEDS have perpetrated against us, and in the process found myriad others who have documented the same outrageous harassment by the FEDS, who are clearly operating as a modern day version of the Nazi's Gestapo.

In my situation the FEDS have routinely violated several Amendments to the US Constitution, and done so
in the most egregious of ways.

The FBI as well as the NSA and all other US Intelligence agencies do not acknowledge the US Bill Of Rights and have always violated it, without exception.

Furthermore, my documentation of the extreme crimes that they have perpetrated against me are now causing them a nightmarish situation, since any attempt to arrest me will be based on fabricated evidence, and in their desperation, they are becoming increasingly more sloppy in their efforts to do so.

Hence their need to employ these networks of degenerate organized stalkers to carry out the FEDS' despicable tactics, while the FEDS themselves can deny involvement through the use of plausible deniability.

I have told the truth and will continue to do so, as the FEDS continue to circulate disinformation to obfuscate a situation in which they are clearly guilty of precedent setting crimes. And through the numerous accounts of many persons who are being targeted for these types of unconscionable tactics, the public is now beginning to realize just how horrible these agents and the agencies that they work for are (with the exception of those courageous agents who blow the whistle on this corruption -- they are the true heroes).

My concern is most certainly for my Family first and foremost, but also for many others who have now come forward to describe near mirror images of what I have experienced first hand. Here we have a large and ever growing group of persons who are describing absolutely horrific violations of both civil and human rights, yet are being largely ignored by the police as well as their own legislators, due to the secrecy behind the technology that is being deployed against them.

Another signifcant concern of mine is for the rest of the American people, who are for the most part completely unaware that these crimes are being perpetrated against them, or that they are catalogued within the NSA's computer database, and can be tracked and watched by way of audio/visual satellites, millimeter wave technology, and Artificial Intelligence computers 24/7/365.

This is the most egregious violation of your civil rights ever documented, and you should be calling your senators referencing John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA (which documents this technology), and demanding that the Church Comittee Hearings of the 1970's be reopened by an independent counsel, in order to investigate a growing and myriad number of complaints against the FBI, NSA, CIA, DOD and many other organizatons within the US Intelligence community, all of whom stand accused of some extremely serious crimes.

Do you remember former NSA agent/whistle blower Russell Tice? In May of 2006 he testifed before a US Congressional committee in regard to what he claimed were shocking crimes being perpetrated at the highest levels of the NSA, that if made public would shake the foundation of the US Government. There is little doubt in my mind that Tice was referring to the NSA's SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE remote neural monitoring satellites, and its use of them to illegally spy on millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent.

You will notice that the mainstream media never picked up on this story, because of its incendiary nature. If this was made public by the US Congress, it would bring down the shadow government in this country and cause a scandal unprecedented in this country's 231 year history.

Tice was quickly reeled in by the FBI, who immediately investigated him under the pretense that he might have divulged information that was a threat to national security. Moreover, Tice acknowledged that the FBI was well aware that he had not compromised national security, but was instead exposing rampant criminality at the NSA, and was being made an example of by the Bureau to intimidate other whistleblowers from coming forward (according to Tice, a common practice at the NSA).

Whether Americans are ready to acknowledge this or not, the truth of the matter is that the National Security Agency is the Big Brother of George Orwell's anti-Utopian nightmare, 1984. And ironically enough, its remote neural monitoring technology was deployed in 1980, four years before Orwell had envisioned its inception.

A word to anyone being targeted by the FEDS for COINTELPRO tactics: Go public as fast as you can. This way if anything happens to you or your Family (set up on fraudulent charges, murdered etc.), you will have already alerted the public to the fact that the FEDS were behind the crimes being perpetrated against you.

While there's no guarentee that this will save your life, it will definitely place suspicion squarely on the shoulders of the FEDS; something given their intense secrecy, they can ill afford to have happen. When the public's watching them, it becomes far more difficult for them to obfuscate the situation by deploying an orchestrated smokescreen.

The FBI and others within the US Intelligence community have absolutely no respect for the American people, civil liberties, or the constitutional republic on which the United States was founded. They never have and they never will. In understanding this reality, one must defend their constitutional rights to the death if necessary, to send a clear message to these modern day Nazi's , that their despicable tactics will no longer be tolerated.

In regard to LilyPat, ordinarily I would simply suggest that when one makes an "honest" mistake in regard to a situation, they get their facts sorted out before posting libelous comments about someone, and creating an association between that person and a situation which is completely irrelevant to them. However, as a TI, one must make the distinction between a person who is making an honest mistake, and one who is involved in duplicity, since the FEDS, in using their despicable tactics, are routinely duplicitous when conspiring to neutralize a target.

LilyPat writes:

LilyPatB.V. LurkerJoined: Jun 10, 2005Posts: 485Location: Oakland, CA USA
Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 8:34 am Post subject: There and back again.....

I'm baaaaaaaack. And I already wrote (emailed, actually) to Mr. Marino and explained that I had him confused with someone else and apologized to him for that.
I notice he doesn't post THAT message. That's typical of a lot of people who enjoy feeling that they're persecuted more than they enjoy simply communicating--hope that's not the case here. I went to his site and AGAIN apologized and explained today--we'll see if he posts that..... As for a Suicide Girls site, I honestly have no memory of ever visiting it myself. I went to a ton of sites back when Lily showed up in my mind (winter and spring of 2004) looking for an explanation for her presence, so it's possible that I went there and read it and even posted, but I never bookmarked it. And if I'd been a regular there, I would have done so, for sure.

Lily is in her mid-teens, so it's possible that she posted there, but she's definitely not prone to doing that sort of thing at all--she's a right hemisphere alter--not very verbal and communicates in images and feelings. The only alter I have who is also a writer is The Painter and she's an adult--right hemisphere too, but also verbal. So without seeing the post(s) I have no idea if I briefly visited the site and posted and have forgotten it or if perhaps it's another person with my name or with my handle or if it was an alter of mine. And BTW, there IS another person using "LilyPat" out there--it’s come up as "taken" when I tried to register under it at a couple of places. I checked the posts and they were obviously not written by me or by any of my alters.

I'm honest when I make a mistake and I try hard to be forthright when it comes to any possibility that an alter of mine might have made a post. Before I leave a site, I do a search for my day's posts and make certain that I (Pat) made them myself. DID/MPD can and does wreck friendships and reputations all the time and I don't want that to happen to me. The bullies here are in their usual meanspirited and vicious form, but as soon as I have a post written on MC that comes from a first-person account, I'll post it. Those of you who are new to the thread, I encourage you to go back before this latest bully invasion and read, say, the first 50+ pages.

You'll soon know which posters here are the "scroll by" ones and which ones are serious about discussing trauma-based mind control. Ask questions--that's why I'm here enduring the jerks. I want people to see what the older MKULTRA era programs' symptoms look like. There are a lot of survivors walking around unaware of what wrecked their lives and some of them are bound to end up here. LilyPat


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