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Mind Control/Gang Stalking Victims Need To Be Leary Of Websites Offering Help

There are myriad Websites now cropping up all over the Internet to describe what can only be termed as the worst assault on both Civil and Human rights in this planet's history, by governments (including the United States) that have been subverted by a pervasive Nazi influence. The situation has become so horrific that it's been dubbed the "Silent Holocaust" to commemorate yet another tragic time in world history. Something that the American people certainly never thought that they would ever see again, much less that it would quietly unfold within the borders of their own country. However it has.

While there are many Websites offering legitmate help for the mind control target/organized stalking victim, there are certainly a great number of them which have been created by those who are perpetrating these crimes, as a venue in which to misdirect our goal of both exposing and ending this harassment. These are certainly sites to steer clear of. If any sites that you see attempt to circulate information which is contrary to that of the sites listed below, avoid them.

As a precautionary measure, it would be wise to consult the following Websites, as they are owned by victims of these crimes and do offer the TI an abundance of useful information in regard to documenting the crimes being perpetrated against them. While these sites are very helpful, only one has taken a proactive role in regard to contacting elected officials to report these crimes and demand that they get involved in ending them. The name of this organization is Freedom From Covert Harassment And Surveillance, and it can be accessed at the Website below.

If you are a stalking victim I would encourage you to post your information on your own Website and send the link to Derrick Robinson, another mindcontrol/organized stalking target (and owner of the FFCHS site), who will post your information for you so that other targeted victims can read about it.

The goal of all victims of these despicable crimes is to expose them on a very wide scale, so that society as a whole can learn about them and take the appropriate means to end them. That means having a substantial number of accounts from various TI's that will create such a compelling indictment against the US Federal Government and its perversion of organized networks of stalking groups, that they will have to acknowledge these crimes.

The following Websites are a good primer for those of you who may have recently learned that you're stalking targets -- the chances are that you have been covertly watched for years before your stalking went from being covert to overt -- that is the general way in which these crimes become more aggressive.

And remember that regardless of who is taking part in these crimes against you whether it be the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security (or other federal intelligence agencies), the local police, fire department, phone company, neighbors or community in general, these people are no better than the Nazi's who murdered the Jews during World War II.

Don't be fearful of them -- they use that to control you.

Instead, use your intellect to research these crimes and to document every aspect of them, because whether you realize it or not, you are recording a very ugly part of 21st Century American history, that will one day be seen as one of the darkest times ever to occur in this country.

Don't let these stalkers get the better of you. If you can afford it, purchase an inexpensive camcorder and videotape all of the harassment that you are being subjected to. If as in my situation the FEDS are involved in your harassment, they are going to demonize you within your own communities to neutralize you -- especially if they have perpetrated constitutionally precedent setting crimes against you as they have done with my Family and me. And as you document these crimes in public, this Fascist juggernaut is going to do everything within its power to obfuscate the situation to destroy your credibility, while they cover up their own crimes. This is standard operating procedure for US Federal Intelligence.

Don't allow them to get away with this!


Freedom From Covert Harassment And Organized Stalking This site is owned by Derrick Robinson. Derrick is the first person to actually take a proactive stance in regard to organized stalking crimes, by putting a group together which is organizing meetings with politicians to alert them to these crimes. There are roughly 100 members of this group who all have their own stories to tell. I am sure that Derrick would appreciate your volunteering any information that you have that's pertinent to your own situation. This is an excellent Website on mind control and organized stalking crimes -- its archives cover information in regard to these crimes and the true history of the United States that you will never find anywhere else on the Internet. An absolute treasure trove of useful information on the complete fraud that the US Federal Government has been for the past century. The CIA's MKULTRA experiments; the NSA's illegal remote neural monitoring of American citizens; a myriad of articles on mind control weapons which the US Government either denies exist or refuses to discuss. This is another good site that deals with the issues of gangstalking and electronic harrassment.
This site is owned by a long-term organized stalking victim named Eleanor White, who's been a beacon for scads of organized stalking victims, and quite literally helped to found the anti-stalking movement in Canada and the United States. Canada also has a terrible problem with this phenomenon. The following Website is owned by Cheryl Welsh, one of 6 people in the world who is recognized by the United Nations as an expert on non lethal weapons. It contains some excellent information in regard to these crimes against humanity, including citations which document the existence of this technology -- MOST IMPORTANT! This site is owned and operated by an Australian mind control/organized stalking victim named Paul Baird. It is the best Website on satellite based directed energy weapons and their use in the remote neural monitoring of citizens that I have found on the Internet. I highly recommend it.

(As a TI you can be illegally spied on for hundreds of thousands of consecutive hours -- decades on end by way of NSA audio/visual satellites, yet NEVER EVEN REALIZE IT!) I should know since I have been illegally spied on by the NSA and FBI for the past 27 years -- constituting the longest documented illegal spying/remote neural monitoring of an American citizen in United States history!

And the FEDS are well aware of it, which is why they are going to great lengths to keep my accounts off the Independent Media Center Websites -- in the past three years, everytime I have posted on IMC's that are in heavily populated cities my articles in regard to the crimes that have been perpetrated against my Family and self are either hidden (usually with no reasons given) or deleted. The FEDS simply cannot have my accounts of being a nonconsensual human experimentee and satellite prisoner being made public.


Because my accounts are ABSOLUTELY TRUE and show these NAZI's for EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE! They also bolster the accounts of others who have complained of being mind controlled through the use of brain entrainment (a protocol in which the brainwaves of a target are tracked, copied, altered and then microwaved back into the targeted person's skull to alter their behavior).

This technology is real people so get educated! You could be next!

Two other good Websites -- one on directed energy weapons and another on organized stalking crimes:
A woman by the name of Carolyn Palit runs this site which concentrates on many different aspects of directed energy weapons. It also covers pertinent topics such as chemtrails and numerous types of exotic weapons' technology.
An excellent account of an organized stalking target who has done a fine job of describing what it's like living this nightmare 24/7/365.


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