Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dr. Nick Begich --- Mind Control Researcher

I am in the process of reading the latest book by Dr. Nick Begich, a man who's taken a serious interest in exposing the mind control technologies that are being deployed by the governments on this planet, against their own citizens. Dr. Begich's book is very well researched, citing numerous federal government documents obtained by way of the United States Freedom Of Information Act, which conclusively prove that the US Intelligence community has long been interested in developing "mind control" technologies for use in their war stratagems.

As an American who has been targeted for such types of illegal and immoral technology, and at the hands of the NSA and FBI for nearly three decades, I am most interested in exposing this obscenity on our civil liberties to the American people, since there is no question that they are all vulnerable to this technology
without their knowledge or consent.

If mind control technology, namely the National Security Agency and Department Of Defense's use of satellite based remote neural monitoring, did not exist, they would have no reason to be concerned about those of us who've come forward to expose it. However, this technology does exist and it's being illegally used on at the very least, millions of Americans (and quite possibly far more), in violation of the US Bill Of Rights and every human rights law ever created -- including the Geneva Convention and Nuremburg Code.

For those of us who know with absolute certainty that this technology is for real, it is up to us to document it for the treason that it and those who deploy it against us represent to the American people.

Any persons who attempt to expose this technology are immediately met with ridicule and accused of being mentally unstable. However, to those of us who've been routinely exposed to it, we are well aware that these diversionary tactics are perpetrated by the US Government and meant to obfuscate a very dangerous threat to the civil liberties and well being of all Americans.

To even those well informed persons within the TI community who claim that the miniscule amount of electricity in the brain is not sufficient enough to allow satellites to pickup our brain's evoked potentials, thus enabling the NSA and other organizations which have access to remote neural monitoring technology,
I say that they are mistaken.

These satellites are so powerful, that they are capable of compensating for the low levels of electricity emanating from our brains, and the electromagnetic fields that all humans give off is more than ample for the NSA and US Department Of Defense to electronically track us as well as gain access to our subvocalized thoughts, by way of their Artificial Intelligence computers and specialized neurological/verbal decoding software.

I am positive of this.

And it is my hope, that most Targeted Individuals will eventually recognize that the most potent evidence that they have in regard to this technology (aside from their own personal experiences with it), is former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA; a suit in which Akwei goes into great detail regarding the NSA's Signals Intelligence program and its use of satellites to illegally spy on and remotely neural monitor American citizens.

Clearly, this information when presented in a much larger venue than the Websites that TI's dedicate to exposing this technology (the American Media), would force the dissolution of the Nazi shadow government now operating within the United States. And this would have a domino effect on the rest of the governments on this planet that continue to utilize such diabolical technology on the human population.

By making the decision to breach the trust of the American people through the illegal deployment of this technology, the US Federal Government long ago opened up a "Pandora's Box," in which there is now no return.

Dr. Begich's inciteful book can be purchased at the following Website. I highly recommend reading it, since the situation regarding these mind control weapons is only going to get much worse in the coming years, as those who employ them against us demonstrate their impugnity from prosecution, protected under the National Security Act, and continue to attack any persons whom they decide are a threat to the United States status quo -- including and especially those of us who are telling the truth about the most egregious and scandalous corruption ever recorded throughout the annals of America's history.

Controlling the Human Mind By Dr. Nick Begich


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