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The Texas Governor's Mandate To Force Girls To Receive This Cancer Vaccine Violates Rowe VS Wade -- It Is Unconstitutional

I am surprised that no one has yet mentioned that this mandate is not only unconstitutional, but also violates the 1973 case of Rowe VS Wade.

Rowe VS Wade determined that a woman is in control of her own body and cannot be ordered to do anything which might compromise her health. This Texas governor is operating completely outside of his purview in creating such a mandate.

And the parents of these girls should insist that this governor rescind his mandate or they should file an injunction against him to prevent their daughters from having to take this vaccine. The US Government has a long history of using its citizens as non consensual human experimentees - dating back to the CIA's MKULTRA mind control experiments , which began in the 1950's.

In the 1970's the AIDS virus was spread to the Gay population in the United States under the pretense of offering homosexual men the Hepatitis B innoculation. These free innoculations were offered by way of local newspapers in both SanFrancisco, CA and Manhattan, NY in attempts to target homosexuals so that they could be infected with the AIDS virus. Such criminal attempts by the government are always perpetrated under the pretext of doing something which is supposed to be of benefit to the recipients.

Shortly after these men received these innoculations they began experiencing immune system dysfunction, and ultimately the rapid onset of AIDS throughout the United States began. The American people should be highly skeptical any time the federal or state governments attempt to mandate any laws in which a person is forced to submit their own body to any type of invasion. And a vaccine is an invasion of the human body, given that it is administered by way of injection.

At the very least, vaccines can contain mercury which is toxic to the brain. At worst, there can be many other dangerous chemicals in these vaccines which can be harmful to these young women (not to mention biological weapons), and quite possibly to any children that they may conceive in the future. The Salk polio vaccine administered to many children in the 1950's and '60's was tainted with contaminated tissue from rhesus monkeys which resulted in infecting them with undiagnosed stealth viruses. To this day these people (now grown to adulthood) still carry these viruses within their bodies. (See Dr. John Martin's study of stealth viruses to learn more.)

Martin's situation is yet another case of a government whistleblower being neutralized for his efforts to expose serious problems within the National Institutes Of Health, as he was stripped by the NIH of his license to complete any further research on these viruses because he was clearly documenting what has turned out to be a major problem with the NIH's ability to properly test these vaccines in advance or their introduction to the public -- an even more sinister side of this situation could implicate the NIH in doing so knowingly to determine how these viruses would affect these children over the course of their lives. Was the contamination of this vaccine done deliberately by way of the CIA? This organization has a history of conducting its covert experiments through legitmate organizations in efforts to mask its real intentions.

A more recent scandal concerned the Lyme Disease vaccines which were found to be ineffective in preventing the many different strains of Lyme Disease (Borelia Burgdorferi), and that instead caused many debilitating effects (Lyme arthritis in particular) in the people who'd received them.

This author personally knows of people who volunteered for the Smith Kline Beecham vaccine trials, and became severely debilitated by this vaccine when it was in its trial stages. These volunteers were not only refused help when they reported that they had been sickened by the vaccine, but also denied the money that they were promised for taking part in the trial. They were ultimately forced to sue Smith Kline in a class action suit.

As a result, the Lyme Disease community (myself included) lobbied to have the Lyme vaccines taken off the market, and eventually succeeded in doing so. In 1999 I even advised the then Town Clerk Of Oyster Bay, New York, to amend a bulletin that she was going to send out in the local town newsletter in which she recommended the vaccine. I explained to her about the adverse affects that it was having on volunteers and others who had taken ill after it had been introduced to the public.

While she did not mention that the vaccine was causing ill effects, she did agree to remove any suggestion of taking it, which undoubtably prevented many people who live within the Town Of Oyster Bay from becoming ill from the vaccine.

This brings us back to the issue of mandating that girls of a certain age be forced to take a vaccine that may do them more harm than good.

The mandate to force Texas school girls to receive this vaccine is unconstitutional and should be struck down. If it is allowed to take hold, it may proliferate into other states and create a situation in which an entire generation of girls is harmed. Moreover, it is indicative of the fascist police state that the United States Of America has become -- especially since the criminal Bush Adminstration's passage of the civil and human rights' destroying legislation contained within the Patriot Act.

A parental organization known as PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education) has formed as a result of this mandate, and is lobbying to allow female students to remain exempt from taking this so called cancer vaccine if they decide that they don't want to.

Read more about this organization here:


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