Thursday, February 08, 2007

First Her 20 Year Old Son & Now Anna Nicole Smith Is Dead -- Murder Conspiracy

Unless you've been living on another planet, you're aware of the debacle which has surrounded the Anna Nicole Smith lawsuit against the family of the late J. Howard Marshall. A nasty litigation from the get-go, Smith found herself even more fodder for the tabloid business than earlier on in her life, as a Playboy centerfold and exotic dancer.

However, in 2006 a parallel justice system would appear to have surfaced for Anna, when her 20 year old son, Daniel, collapsed and died, while visiting her shortly after she gave birth to his half sister. While the coroner ruled that the cause of death was a drug overdose, Smith, skeptical and determined to find out if foul play had taken place, hired her own forensic expert.

Now at the age of 39, Anna herself, a larger than life figure, is dead of an apparent heart attack, just months after the death of her only son. She was found in her hotel room unresponsive -- her son Danny was found sitting in a chair in her hospital room -- also unresponsive.

Given her refusal to capitulate regarding her lawsuit to claim what she believed was her rightful share of her late husband's estate, common sense would force us to pose the question -- was she murdered? For that matter, was her son also murdered, perhaps as a warning to her of what might might happen if she did not drop her suit?

This author believes that it's quite likely that both Smith and her son were murdered for her refusal to give up her lawsuit against the Marshall family. And this situation was not just about the money -- it was about getting revenge for the death of the late Marshall's son, E. Pierce Marshall, who also died in 2006.

As for those who would disagree, there are myriad ways in which to murder someone and make it appear to be either a suicide or death by natural causes.

All you need is a coroner who will help to obfuscate the situation by falsifing the cause of death on a death certificate. Once this is done the entire situation gets buttoned up nice and neatly, and rarely are any further questions asked.

However in this situation, there are so many unanswered questions, that even the general public will likely find it impossible to rule out foul play in the case of Smith and her son.

As someone who's been targeted by satellite based directed energy weapons for years, I am well aware of the damage that this technology can cause -- including strokes and heart attacks. And anyone who has enough money can gain access to electronic equipment by way of satellite or other portable devices, that when directed at a target can cause their death.

Whether or not Smith's heart attack was brought on by such weapons, or induced in someother way is open to question. We'll probably never know for sure. However, one thing's for certain -- it was no accident. See the following article by Dr. Nick Begich, a researcher who has studied the effects of directed energy weapons on humans and how they can be used to disable and even kill them.

I posted on this blog at the time of Anna's son's death, that I believed it was a warning to her to either end her lawsuit against the Marshall family, or suffer the same fate as Danny did. And now less than 6 months later she's dead.

Don't be surprised to see a coroner's report stating that her death was caused by a drug overdose or an undiagnosed heart condition. Coroner's can be easily coerced into reversing their findings if given the right motivation (read bribery or fear of their own death). There's just too much money involved here to leave this situation alone. And the Marshall family has everything to gain and nothing to lose in seeing Smith dead.

Did she scam Marshall senior out of a lot of money and through her lawsuit look to scam a lot more? Definitely. But she did not deserve to be murdered; nor did her son.

More on this story as it unfolds at the following Website:


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