Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pinocchio Bush Is At It Again -- Lying About The Bogus Threat That Iran Poses This Time Around

A year ago many people involved in the 9-11 Truth Movement had stated that Bush was going to attempt to target Iran for attack within the year 2007, and now the great puppet Nazi wannabe dictator is doing just that. Pinocchio George now wants to bring his idea of democracy to Iran, just like he's done in Iraq (which is now involved in a civil war). Bush is nothing but a modern day Nazi miscreant who will never wash all of the bloodshed that he's caused from his grubby hands. How this government rat bastard traitor can sleep at all at night is beyond me.

It's not bad enough that he's already murdered more than 6000 Americans (including those who were murdered on 9-11) plus an additional 650,000 Iraqi's. Now people are being cut down by snipers (and at times friendly fire) everyday.

And for what?

So that this evil incarnated piece of refuse can make himself and his defense contractor friends even richer than they already are???

Perhaps this coward is aiming for a cool million murders, since he's well on his way to making it a horrific reality.

When Americans see the Bush Adminstration for the complete LIE that it has always been, perhaps then the American people will drop their timidity and force Congress to end this nightmarish slaughter that Bush, the PNAC, Pentagon, and hierarchy within the US Intelligence community have quietly sanctioned and supported behind all our backs.

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