Monday, February 12, 2007

If Only Gandhi's Teachings Had Proliferated

Mohandas Gandhi's Final Resting Place

At a time in our lives where human bloodshed is all too pervasive, one can only ponder what life might have been like if humankind had taken the way out that Mohandas K. Gandhi offered us before he was assassinated.

Sixty Seven years after his death the cruelest of ironies still hangs over the heads of all humanity, as one of its most exceptional creations, would die by the very violence that he had always detested and preached against. Gandhi was a true leader in that the only real doctrine he ever taught was to treat others humanely and to avoid the pitfalls of human nature. Gandhi would never have sacrified any person for a cause that he believed in unless he was also willing to die for that cause. He proved that time and time again.

Can we say the same about any of our of so called leaders today?

George W. Bush is free with the American taxpayers' money and even freer with their childrens' lives, many of whom Bush has sacrificed while he engineers wars that are fought to profit his Illuminati cronies; immoral, unethical and criminal wars that are designed for profit, and based on LIES.

This draft dodging murder does not have the courage to stand by his convictions and never has. Bush is a coward who's only missives have been to destroy our Bill Of Rights and make his war profiteer allies even richer than they already are.

He is a complete failure as a human being and the enemy of the American people and our civil liberties.

He is a war criminal who should be tried and when convicted hung for his treasonous crimes against the American people, the Iraqi's, the Afghani's and all humanity.

And now on top of all this, he and his criminal underlings are engineering what will undoubtably be an attack on Iran, having propagated yet another LIE in stating that the Iranians are aiding insurgents in Iraq.

A year and a half ago, many people who had researched this situation for themselves determined that it would only be a matter of time before George W. Bush -- traitor of the American people -- would devise an attack on Iran, fabricating a plausible reason in which to do so. Now that Bush has done so, look for this unindicted Nazi war criminal to attack Iran next, as he creates complete instablity in the Middle East and stands by as these people die needlessly.

And the US Intelligence community will take part in this mainstream conspiracy, while the FBI as it has routinely done throughout its criminal history, aids and abets yet another President's crimes -- utilizing the American media to obfuscate the entire situation.


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