Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Government Mind Control/Directed Energy Weapons' Target Creates A Compelling Video To Document Her Torture

"When a United States Federal Court Judge can order that lawsuits which are filed on behalf of Americans who are documenting being tortured by way of classified military weaponry, be tossed out (or see to it that they are indefinitely shuffled around within the United States Court System until the plaintiff either withdraws the suit or dies) under the pretense of National Security, Americans need to redefine exactly what National Security means. Especially when the criminals within the US Military Industrial Complex are allowed to perpetrate these insideous crimes against humanity under the cover of National Security, while never being held accountable for them."

James F. Marino -- NSA Satellite Prisoner/Nonconsensual Experimentee

Another person targeted for directed energy harassment at the hands of the FEDS, by the name of Janis, has become so completely distraught with the torture being meted out to her, that she has put together a brief slide presentation on Google which describes what she is being subjected to. These photos actually show the highly classified directed energy technology that the FEDS are illegally deploying against Janis and numerous others who've reported these crimes to their local police as well as the FBI.

In the instances of those who've reported these crimes the following have been common responses:

None of our complaints have ever been taken seriously, even though it's clear that many of those organizations that we report them to know that there's validity to what we are saying, yet deliberately dismiss us in the face of such evidence.

We have been uniformly ignored by the police, the FBI and our own state senators, even though we've furnished them with compelling evidence that crimes are being routinely committed against us.

Moreover, we've also been accused of being mentally unstable and paranoid when alleging US Government complicity in these attacks against us (this has also been commonly reported by citizens of other countries who are also being targeted for this insideous weaponry).

Furthermore, the psychiatry profession has been trained to treat any patients who report being targeted in some way by the US Federal Government, as those suffering with schizophrenia - a psychiatric disorder. In fact, this diagnosis which is contained within the DSM reference guide (quite literally the "Bible" that psychiatrists refer to in diagnosing mental disorders) was formulated by the CIA to discredit any persons who had been illegally targeted for its MKULTRA mind control research program, in the event that they attempted to expose the experimentation that the CIA had subjected them to.

So is it any wonder why those who come forward in this day and age to report these crimes are dealing with such tremendous adversity?

This is what America has become in the present day and age! There is no longer any accountability for the actions of the US Federal Intelligence community or the Military Industrial complex, who covertly utilize their highly classified weapons to experiment on unwitting and non consenting American citizens, and then neutralize these people with extreme prejudice when they come forward with the truth.

A primary goal of the CIA's MKULTRA program was to find plausible ways in which to discredit its victims.

It is clear that there are now far too many victims of this technology who are documenting the torture that they are being put through -- men, women and children who can longer be dismissed. Pe0ple who describe the various forms of torture which are being perpetrated against them by those Nazis within the US Military Industrial complex who create these horrific electronic weapons and then wantonly deploy them against any persons of their choosing.

Please watch this presentation at the following Website and share it with others. If you don't speak out you could eventually find yourselves being targeted like Janis and th0se of us whom this government has chosen to torture.

Take a good look at the photos of her skin and see the damage that these monsters who work for the US Intelligence community are capable of. As in my case and several others, the FBI is directly responsible for what Janis is being put through.



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