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Another Book Regarding The Global Organized Stalking Phenomenon

While there are an ever increasing number of individuals who've been targeted for organized stalking crimes, few have actually had the finances to be able to publish their accounts in a book. Novelist Gloria Naylor is one of the few TI's who's actually been able to do so, and more recently, another TI by the name (pseudonym) of Anthony Brina published his accounts of being an organized stalking victim in the book Suburban Spies.

While Websites are extremely important in documenting these crimes against humanity (and certainly an ever increasing number of them or surfacing over the Internet), published books tend to be even more so, since they are likelier to be seen by people shopping for books in major bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, and Internet venues which include and still other stores which sell books as a significant part of their revenue stream.

Because of the nature of organized stalking crimes, TI's have historically had an extremely difficult time in convincing others of their plight, simply because these crimes depend on psychological warfare tactics such as gaslighting, which are specificially designed to discredit the person(s) reporting them, while giving perpetrators of these crimes the plausible deniability necessary to deny that they have taken part in them.

I have dealt with a myriad of stalkers in the past three and a half years who've played their roles to the hilt. They will stalk me whereever I travel to, regardless of the time of day or night. And if I confront them, as obvious as they are, they will quickly feign total ignorance in regard to the crimes that they are perpetrating against me. If they feel threatened by me (as they most certainly have in the past -- the result of their endless stalking and sabotaging of my relationships), they quickly phone the local police who show up posthaste as a reminder that these perp's are being protected by the local cops, even though they are clearly violating my civil rights and perpetrating significant crimes against me. It's the equivalent of being struck by a criminal and being unable to defend yourself in any reasonable way.

Denial is a huge part of the organized stalking lexicon.

A pathological betrayal of those whom they target, as well as themselves, since they truly believe that they have a right to deny another person their civil liberties.

Look at the situation this way: if you don't want it being done to you, you shouldn't be doing it to anyone else. This statement seems common sensical enough, but it's completely lost on those who stalk for a hobby or vocation (yes some stalkers actually get paid to commit this felony). How can they be so obtuse in participating in such unconscienable crimes?

The short answer is that they are brainwashed into doing so, just as soldiers are brainwashed into believing that killing is acceptable; just as FBI agents are brainwashed into believing that it is acceptable to drive someone whom they are targeting into such a state of despair that they are forced to take their own lives; just as the Bush Administration has justified its treasonous murder of nearly 3000 Americans on 9-11-2001, and the subsequent murders of nearly 700,000 people and climbing in the past four years.

Perhaps what's most important about Mr. Brina's book is that it documents for its readers, those in the commission of the brainwashed crime of organized stalking who've become a global phenomenon, in which the most uncharacteristic of people and organizations are now taking part in these despicable acts -- organizations which include the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, and the state and local police, as well as myriad community groups, which have all conspired to violate the US Bill Of Rights in calculated crimes, which deny those being targeted their civil rights.

Anyone who truly believes that the FBI or NSA have any business spying on American citizens within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms (which has been commonly reported by numerous stalking victims), and using satellites to videotape them while on their toilets, showering or having sex, falls into the same category as those agents who perpetrate these sick crimes -- deviants and sexual predators.

Equally as outrageous is the NSA's long-term monitoring of those TI's whom it has subjected to nonconsensual human experimentation. Citizens who are not only surveilled by way of the NSA's Echelon spy satellites, but also targeted for an electronic form of mind control (known as synthetic telepathy), which is done by way of technology known within the US Intelligence community as SQUIDS (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices); hi-tech devices which are attached to the audio/visual satellites that the NSA utilizes in its ILLEGAL spying of American citizens ( and apparently those of other countries around the world as well).

The Bush Administration's illegal and immoral war on terrorism is a clever ruse to destroy our Bill Of Rights, as it covertly enables this administration to label all American citizens as domestic terrorists, if we even dare to question its actions or ethics. So much for our democratic republic which has been raped by the fascist Patriot Act and those modern day Nazi's who've played an integral part in its drafting.

Mr. Brina also documents (as have many TI's myself included) that his own support system including that of his family and friends, has been for one reason or another coopted into the organized stalking crimes being perpetrated against him. The motivations behind such complicity vary widely, but in cases where TI's families are involved, intense coercive tactics are usually employed to force them into complying with the perpetrators. The most notorious of these perp's are FBI agents, who routinely use coercion either by threatening arrest, or blackmail to induce those persons close to a target into taking part in the psychological warfare being waged against them.

The FEDS' worst enemies are those with the fortitude to stand up against these criminal acts; those of us who can document in the greatest detail, every aspect of the organized stalking and mind control control crimes that the FBI and its criminal bretheren are guilty of perpetrating against us.

Perhaps the greatest of all ironies is that during its history, there has never been an organization more concerned about its public perception than the Federal Bureau Of Investigation - once considered to be the crown jewel of American law enforcement. If the FBI had even once considered the far reaching implications of its criminal COINTELPRO operations, and taken the appropriate measures to ensure that they were never again repeated, it's quite likely that it might still be be considered such a crown a jewel.

However, the FBI did not heed such warnings and would become increasingly prone to criminality in the following decades, while developing an unwarranted arrogance towards those who've challenged its autonomy. Today, former FBI agents are a testament to this organization's criminality -- agents who became whistleblowers in attempts to report serious criminal practices within the Bureau, who were then ostracized for doing so, and subjected to the systematic destruction of their reputations, relationships and livelyhoods. It would appear that if Americans want to clean up the FBI they need to begin with its criminal hierachy, rather than attempting to prosecute the underlings who are just following the Bureau's outdated and Gestapo - like protocols. That is assuming that the FBI is at all worthy of saving. A question that given this agency's long-term history of crimes must seriously be taken into consideration.

**** There's little question that the United States Congress is not without blame here as it has become blind to such abuses of power. Furthermore, when the head of the US General Accounting Office (GAO -- Congresses' chief investigative arm) shows up out of desperation on "60 Minutes" as he did this past Sunday evening, claiming that the US economy is in serious trouble, and that Congress has refused to listen to his reports documenting that the healthcare problem in this country is going to bankrupt it in less than two decades, it's clear that America and her people are in some very serious trouble.

Moreover, for the past three years government whistleblowers have been coming out of the woodwork in droves alerting the American people to precedent setting corruption within this government's intelligence community. Yet both Congress and the US Media have uniformly ignored their allegations. What is this telling us about Congress and its ability to address the issues that threaten our civil liberties and economic well being?

In light of this collective mutiny, what is it going to take for the American people to finally understand that they are on a ship which not only has no Captain, but is also rapidly approaching the falls?

Anthony Brina's Suburban Spies:

About the Book

"When he realizes he is surrounded by a collusion of people trying to ruin his reputation and destroy him emotionally, he returns to his family and friends for help. To his astonishment, they too had become part of the false life which had been shrouded over him. Anthony flees Canada to begin four years of travel in search of safety and a normal life once again. He battles the secret collusion which follows him to Japan, Italy and China where they riddle his life with difficulty, while he tries to piece together clues to the mystery. In a search for justice he appeals to the Canadian Embassy, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and The United Nations in China where he finds corruption and cover-ups."

"The collusion of covert espionage makes an attempt to frame him for illegal activity and threaten him with deportation from China. With the assistance of a reporter and foreign governments he manages to escape communist control to safely return to Canada. In Canada, Anthony speaks with authorities including Canadian Intelligence to see that the iniquity continues, and discovers a Global Surveillance Network which has been secret to the world. This true story is an account of Anthony Brina`s incredible events since 1995, which include a threat on his life, a planted suicide note in his residence, and false accusations of a Police search for him. Who is behind this collusion of espionage activity? Is it family or friends, a government, or perhaps corporations are behind this international mystery? Can you determine who is behind it and why they have chosen Anthony as their victim? As you read his story you realize this could happen to you."

Suburban Spies can be purchased at the following Website for about $15 plus shipping:


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