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The Following Video Is An Indictment Against The Federal Reserve Bank And The Bush Administration

I just finished viewing a video created by producer Aaron Russo, entitled "America Freedom To Fascism." For those who are unfamiliar with Russo, he's a well known Hollywood producer having to his credit several well received movies such as "The Rose" with singer/actress Bette Midler and "Trading Places" with actor Eddie Murphy.

In the early 1990's Aaron turned his production skills towards political activism, and has produced a few very noteworthy documentaries regarding some serious corruption within the United States Federal Government.

His latest, "America Freedom To Fascism" is an extremely powerful indictment of the corruption that has pervaded American government since the early part of the 20th Century.

While covering some very provocative issues, Mr. Russo focuses on the inherent corruption of the US Federal Reserve banking cartel, and the complete fraud which took place in 1913, to allow this private corporation to quite literally steal the American people's currency and economy right out from under them.

He refers to those involved with the "privately held" Federal Reserve Bank (it is NOT part of the US Federal Government as most Americans believe), as the largest counterfeiting organization in the world, and one of the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated against the American people.

And I can tell the readers from my own personal research, that the Federal Reserve Bank is indeed a complete fraud; one that has not only been operating illegally and unconstitutionally since passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, but one which is also directly responsible for the erosion of the US Dollar and the inflation which has gradually brought about the aforesaid.

The reader must also keep in mind here that the murder of President John F. Kennedy was in large part due to the passing of his Executive Order 11110, which restored to Congress the power to print US currency; a presidential decree to make Congress and Congress alone the sole entity which would control the manufacture and distribution of US currency.

In passing Executive Order 11110 in June of 1963, JFK would seal his fate, as a threatened Illuminati (those of its members who actually control the Federal Reserve Bank) immediately realized that Kennedy's EO was about to put their fradulent bank out of business, and in doing so destroy their grip on the American people and their economy -- something which they had first perpetrated against Americans with the creation of the Federal Reserve Act fifty years earlier.

If they were to regain their stronghold in this country something had to be done about Kennedy and done quickly. And that is exactly what would happen. JFK, America's Prince, would be brutally executed on November 22nd, 1963, roughly five months from the time that he signed EO 11110.

And for those who would doubt this the following is also fact. Immediately after the passage of EO 11110, the Federal Reserve's bank notes were gradually removed from circulation and replaced with US Treasury Notes. Of equal interest is that while the US Treasury Notes were based on the gold and silver coinage in the Treasury Department's vaults, the Federal Reserve Notes were based on nothing of intrinsic value -- essentially worth nothing more than thin air!

However, shortly after JFK's assassination, the US Treasury stopped circulating its currency and the Federal Reserve Bank once again began circulating Federal Reserve Notes -- the currency that you have in your wallets at this very moment.

The Federal Reserve had regained its illegal ability to print its own currency and to circulate it to the American people. However, Kennedy's Executive Order was never amended or rescinded, so it is still in effect in the present day. And the Federal Reserve Bank continues to operate ILLEGALLY!

In drafting the Federal Reserve Act, German financier Paul Warburg and the rest of the Jeckyl Island Seven, had quite literally used President Woodrow Wilson to hoodwink the American people out of their own currency and control of their own economy.

When reflecting on this near the time of his death Wilson was reported to have said " My God, I Have Destroyed My Country."

In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was passed and shortly afterwards, the 16th Amendent to the US Constitution, which called for a federal income tax to be levied on the American people -- something which the US Constitution had strictly prohibited.

And 94 years later, the US Federal Reserve banking cartel continues to break the law and violate the US Constitution through the use of counterfeiting and money laundering. The money it prints is based on nothing!

Ask yourselves the following question:

Why would the US Congress have given the Federal Reserve Bank the authorization to print currency that was essentially worthless, and then charge the US Treasury interest on the money that it lent to this country, when the US Treasury could be have been printing this money interest free?

There is no logical reason for doing so. And while a number of economists have attempted to use their disinformation to confuse this situation, they have failed miserably to make their case. It has just been to their benefit that most Americans have absolutely no clue that the US Federal Reserve is not part of the US Federal Government, but instead, a privately held international banking conglomerate; a criminal organization that has been illegally profitting off of every American taxpayer for the past century.

So why do we need the Federal Reserve Bank? Simply put, we don't! And we never have.

Mr Russo also attacks the US Federal Government's attempts at mandating a National Identification Card,
which he believes will be the penultimate step to destroying the American people's civil liberties -- the final step being the implantation of an injectible microchip which is to be inserted under the skin of every American citizen so that they can be tracked 24 hours a day wherever they are.

He is quite right to be concerned because that is exactly where the Illuminist New World Order, one world government agenda is heading. However, the NSA/CIA/DoD satellite/AI computer based remote neural monitoring technology placed all Americans into this satellite tracking system nearly three decades ago and has made the implantation of these injectible tracking devices redundant -- unless they have other plans for their use. And it has since invaded the privacy of the average American in ways in which they cannot even begin to comprehend, given the extreme complexity of the technology involved here.

One thing's an absolute certainty. As a whole, the American people have no idea that they can be tracked by way of satellite and AI computers which target the electromagnetic fields that surround their bodies while using it as a tracking device. This also subjects many Americans to nonconsensual forms of human experimentation -- experimentation which is in violation of the US Bill Of Rights, the Geneva Convention, the Nuremburg Code and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - created by the United Nations in 1948.

If Americans as a people do not stand up to this fascist government; a government which has already subverted our constitutional republic, we will ultimately find ourselves being faced with a mirror situation to that of the Nazi Holocaust.

And it is far closer to becoming a chilling reality than most of the American people might have ever imagined.

As Americans, we have a constitutional right to protect our freedoms. And we have a right to defend ourselves and our families from the type of Nazi subterfuge that the Bush Administration (the most criminal in US History) is now ushering in.

Our forefathers did not die fighting wars which were meant to preserve our freedoms, just so some corrupted and vile bureaucrats could take them away from us.

Boycott the National ID Card.
Get rid of your credit cards, and free yourselves from this fascist albatross of a Federal Government that is suffocating the life right out of its own people. This country belongs to the American people, not the fascist subversives that have attempted to steal it right out from under us.

And the Bush Admininstration and the PNAC are the prime instigators here.

America has now become a fascist police state. One where NSA audio/visual spy satellites can quite literally monitor all Americans within the privacy of their own homes, while electronically reading their subvocalized thoughts. The USA is now as over-regulated as any country in history. And so restrictive that it has become nearly impossible for the people in this country to have even the slightest chance of attaining the American Dream, a notion which has made the United States a beacon to all other countries for the past two centuries.

America Freedom To Fascism, Is Turning Out To Be As Startling A Video As Dylan Avery's "9-11 Loose Change" Documentary Has Been In Regard To The 9-11 Cover up. Please Share Both Of These Videos With Everyone You Know. They Are Historically Accurate And Now A Part Of American History.

America Freedom To Fascism Can Be Seen In Its Entirety At The Following Website:

Dylan Avery's Outstanding Documentary On The 9-11 Attacks Entitled 9-11 LooseChange Can Be Seen At The Following Website. If You Have Not Done So You Are Missing Out On Many Important Facts In Regard To What May Be The Greatest Conspiracy Ever Perpetrated Against The American People -- So Please See It Today.


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