Monday, March 19, 2007

A Diagram Which Illustrates The Basics Of Satellite Based Remote Neural Monitoring

Former NSA Employee John St. Clair Akwei, blew the whistle on the NSA when he learned of its use of satellites and Remote Neural Monitoring technology to illegally spy on American citizens, while subjecting them to advanced forms of mind control technology. This technology utilizes specialized satellites which contain audio/visual capabilities, that can not only track each American by targeting the unique electromagnetic field that surrounds each of our bodies, but also be used to electronically access our subvocalized thoughts.

You did not misunderstand the last sentence. The NSA uses incredibly powerful artificial intelligence computers and spy satellites to electronically read and manipulate the thoughts of many Americans, most of whom have no idea that it is being done to them.

This technology allows the NSA (the FBI also uses the NSA to illegally spy on Americans whom it is curious about) to spy on targeted Americans anywhere they are located and at anytime. Given their intense invasive abilities, the targeted person has virtually no privacy whatsoever -- even their private thoughts are taken right from their own heads without their knowledge or consent. This is what America has become.

As bizarre and science fictional as this may sound, the NSA has itself an electronic mind reading machine. And the American people are a key target for it. This is proof that the US Federal Intelligence community does not trust us. Moreover, it's extremely hypocritical of these agencies to attempt to convince Americans that we must trust them, when they are using their technology to ILLEGALLY spy on us within the privacy of our own homes, and invading the privacy of our own thoughts -- without our knowledge or consent.

To illegally search someone's own home is a tremendous violation of the 4th Amendment. So what is it to invade the privacy of their own minds? In perpetrating this violation the NSA has crossed the line from violating civil rights into that of human rights.

Furthermore, Remote Neural Monitoring allows the NSA to sift through our private thoughts as if it were sifting through our phone conversations or E-mails! Nothing that you think is even private any longer! And what's worse is that your thoughts can be manipulated without your even realizing that it's being done to you!

This is the US Federal Government's idea of Democracy???

And as far as I am concerned, these violations are so completely outrageous that neither Congress nor the Supreme Court will ever even acknowledge them for fear of a complete government collapse.

However, that does not mean that the American people can ignore this.

John St. Clair Awkei put his reputation and career on the line the day that he went public to expose this technology. And for his candor, the NSA saw to it that he lost his job with the agency, and then set about to destroy his reputation and credibility.

All Americans owe John a tremendous debt of gratitude for doing so; especially those of us who've been illegally targeted by this technology for years without our knowledge or consent.

In exposing the NSA for its criminal use of remote neural monitoring, John Akwei has given us the "smoking gun" behind this technology, and in doing so shown us that we are not crazy (something the NSA was attempting to perpetrate by using this technology to drive us insane), but instead, unlucky enough to be targeted by those Nazi's who work for the US Intelligence community.

So please print out the following diagram and circulate it wherever you can. Your schools, neighborhoods, places of business, churches, synagogues (and anyother places of worship), supermarkets, malls etc.

Post it wherever you can, because it is your freedom that the NSA has now placed in jeopardy.

And no one has the right to illegally spy on you -- including and especially the United States Federal Government.

The Following Diagram Can Be Saved On Your Computer By Using The Right Hand Button On Your Computer's Mouse And Clicking The Save Picture As Feature. You Can Then Print Out Copies Of It To Distribute To Your Families, Friends & Neighbors So That They Too Can Learn Of The Crimes That The NSA Is Perpetrating Against The American People.

Please Circulate This Diagram To Everyone You Know, And Make Sure That They Access John St. Clair Akwei's Website, Which Covers The First Six Pages Of His Lawsuit Against The NSA And Its Satellite Based Remote Neural Monitoring (Mind Control) Technology.

The Future Of How The Human Race Evolves Depends On All People Learning Of This Mind Control Enslavement Technology; Technology That The US Government And Other NATO Countries Have Access To (And Are ILLEGALLY Subjecting Many Of Us To). LET'S PUT AN END TO IT!


To learn more about John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA click on the following URL:


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