Sunday, March 18, 2007

When The ACLU Is Concerned About The Erosion Of American Civil Liberties The American People Should Also Be

The following is a letter which was sent out to all ACLU members regarding the FBI's blatant abuse of the Patriot Act. This organization is now completely out of control -- a criminal juggernaut with a history of abusing its authority and absolutely no accountability for its actions. The FBI is now significantly more dangerous than it has been in the past, given its criminal use of the Patriot Act to completely violate any American's civil rights at anytime of its choosing.

Consequently, the FBI has become one the greatest dangers to the American people that we have ever faced or will ever face. And the same can be said of the Bush Administration -- the most criminal in US history. Both are in most respects far more dangerous to us than any notion of international terrorism.

They have both become the enemy of the American people.

Americans have patiently waited for the FBI to grow up and start acting responsibly only to be disappointed time and time again.

The time for waiting is now over. The FBI is not going to abide by the US Constitution and will continue to violate our civil liberties as long as we allow it to.

Americans are disgusted with this power hungry government machine that has caused far more trouble than it was ever worth. And the FBI ( along with the Bush Administration) has clearly become a threat to all of us.

If Congress cannot clean up this mess, one which I might add is of their own making, then it is up to the American people to do so.

The FBI and the Bush Administration, have by their outrageous actions and high crimes of treason, let the American people know that they are going to take our freedoms away if we allow them to. They have LIED to us over and over again. They have LIED about the facts behind 9-11. They have LIED about their reasons for going to war. They have LIED about the weapons of mass destruction. They have LIED about their part in the New World Order. And they have LIED about their true intentions towards the American people.

Enough is enough!

Now the ball's in our court!

Our forefathers and the myriad of soldiers who've lost their lives in defense of our country over the past two centuries, have not done so just so the Bush Administration, the PNAC, and the US Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex can take it away from us through the use of deception and cruelty.

Moreover, since this administration and the FBI are supposed to be serving us and are clearly failing to do so, it is up to us as Americans and defenders of the US Constitution, to make them accountable for their crimes.

The Bush Administration is universally despised for its covert attempts to invade the entire globe, under the guise of making the world safe for democracy. George W. Bush and his cabinet are the absolute worst of scoundrels, having betrayed an entire nation; and responsible for the murders of nearly 700,000 human beings. And that number will continue to grow over time unless their war for oil and propagation of fascism is brought to an abrupt end.

The truth is that the Bush Administration's idea of democratic rule borders on sheer fascism.

The following is a recent letter sent out to all ACLU members by Anthony D. Romero, the Executive Director Of The American Civil Liberties Union.

It’s time to fix the Patriot Act, stop illegal and unconstitutional government snooping into our private information and restore the rule of law.Join us in our work. Make a gift to the ACLU today.

Dear Friend,

As you’ve probably seen in today’s headlines, the government is now reporting rampant FBI abuses of the Patriot Act’s National Security Letter (NSL) provision that gives agents sweeping powers to demand sensitive personal records without court approval.

The report reveals that from 2003 to 2005, the government issued a staggering 143,000 National Security Letters, in some cases barring recipients from even reporting they’ve received a letter. How much more proof does Congress need that this dangerous provision defies democratic values? How many more of us will be investigated and gagged before the FBI is reined in?

There’s only one course of action. It is time for Congress to repeal the expanded Patriot Act powers that opened the door to these abuses.

Your support today means we can continue our fight to restore the rule of law and a government that's accountable to the Constitution.The ACLU has been working to fix the Patriot Act since the day it passed. We haven’t stopped working on it since and we won’t stop now.

In response to ACLU legal challenges, Congress made minor changes to the NSL rules when it reauthorized the Patriot Act. But today’s news shows the weak impact of those changes on the reckless behavior of the Attorney General and the FBI.

The bottom line is: The FBI never needed and never should have been given these powers in the first place.

With your continued help, the ACLU will launch a full-court-press to convince Congress to immediately repeal the Patriot Act’s NSL provision. Please make a gift today to help us continue this battle.You can rest assured that we’ll continue to press the government to immediately stop these unauthorized and illegal fishing expeditions. This is the kind of battle you count on the ACLU to wage with relentless energy. With you by our side, we’ll keep fighting in the court of law and the court of public opinion until we take away these far-reaching powers that the Attorney General and the FBI shouldn’t have and don’t need.

We need your continued help to ensure this never happens again.

Thank you for standing with us in this and other crucial efforts to restore our fundamental freedoms.

Anthony D. Romero Executive Director ACLU

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