Sunday, March 18, 2007

The FEDS Remove Another Post From My Angelfire Website

The following is a post that I left on my Angelfire Website which journals the daily psychological warfare campaign that the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security wage against me.

As in the case of a myriad of Americans who've been ILLEGALLY targeted for organized stalking and mind control crimes, these tamperings with the Target's Websites are quite common. Included here are gaslighting tactics to remove certain words in efforts to change the meaning of what is being said, or to in some way create a situation which will be noticeable to the TI, but appear to be a common occurence which can be easily explained -- except that with TI's these occurences happen constantly, and are done so with criminal intent, in efforts to force us into doubting our own sanity.

In certain instances entire posts will be removed, or in worst cases entire Websites deleted without any legitimate reasons for doing so. Even my Blogger Website has been tampered with from time to time as the FEDS double my posts so that I am forced to delete one of them. And the passwords to my AOL account have been tampered with as well, as there are times where I am given the message that I am using the wrong password to access my account, even though I was using the correct one. These types of tamperings have also been common when I have attempted to post my accounts on Independent Media Center Websites.

These posts were quickly removed from the IMC's main Websites and in every instance either a fradulent excuse was given for their removal, or no excuse at all. However, the motives for doing so were always clear. The FEDS did not want me getting my side of the story out, and exploited every opportunity to deny me my First Amendment right to free speech.

The only difference between now and a few years back is that far more people know about the crimes that the FEDS have perpetrated against my Family and me, and in that time I have learned far more about the criminal histories of the FBI, CIA and NSA. Homeland Security's not been around long enough to have established such a criminal history. However, they are rapidly becoming as despised by the American people and the rest of the world, as the US Intelligence community now is. Quite an achievement since they have only been in existence for less than a decade.

Just think what people will be saying about Homeland Security 5 years from now, if the American people haven't figured out a way in which to abolish it by then.

It has become abundantly clear that these FEDS are completely out of control and that if not reigned in, going to destroy any remaining credibility that US law enforcement has left -- something that the Patriot Act is eroding by the day.

Furthermore, those who perpetrate these crimes against us, which include the FEDS as well as those organized stalking networks whom they quietly sanction (* and have become pervasive throughout the United States States), are extremely sick minded individuals who do not belong in society.

They are a threat to the well being of all Americans.

Moreover, the fact that US Federal law enforcement sanctions these crimes against humanity should give all Americans additional cause for concern.

* These networks of organized stalkers have become a global problem, now reported by the citizens of many countries around the world -- most if not all of whom are members of NATO - the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

March 19th, 2007 -- The FEDS Delete Another Post

I had left a post here yesterday, only to find that it is gone today. This is typical of the constant barrage of assaults that I am subjected to under the FBI/NSA/DHS psychological operations that are conducted in efforts to drive me insane.

It is also further evidence of how these agencies hack into the Internet accounts of anyone of their choosing to utilize psychological warfare on those they target -- a federal crime.

This is an extremely disturbed group of people to whom I am referring. Those who are easily manipulated into taking part in criminal activities and who see themselves as belonging to a "brotherhood" that they are beholden to; one which they will not ever betray for fear that they will then be subjected to the same despicable tactics that those whom they regularly target are.

The FEDS are truly a cancer on American society, and have grown only worse since the Bush Administration (the most criminal in US History) snuck the Patriot Act in under the noses of the American people, under the pretense of protecting us from terrorism.

The Patriot Act is nothing but fascism in the written form, created to allow those fascists in this country to destroy our Constitution, while the rest of America is unwittingly duped into believing that they should surrender their freedoms for more government protection -- Hitler pulled the same scam on the Germans prior to World War II.

But George W. Bush and the rest of the evil that he represents have sold the American people short, and underestimated our resolve to see this government rat bastard and his minions for exactly what they are.

Consequently, we will continue to expose this Nazi war criminal as well as the rest of his criminal underlings until they are arrested, tried and convicted of their crimes against the American, Iraqi, and Afghani people.

Once we have accomplished this we can then focus on the dissolution of the US Intelligence community as it presently stands, and work to build a new one in which is accountable directly to the American people.

Unless this takes place, US Intelligence will only serve to undermine the American way of life and thus offers nothing productive in its present form.

For those agents who have routinely taken part in the destruction of my reputation and relationships, I can promise you this.

I will not go quietly. And you will reap what you have sown before this situation is over.

You cannot take the laws of this land into your own hands like some criminal pack of vigilantes, while completely disregarding the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights, and expect to be taken seriously as law enforcement.

Nor can you abuse your positions to wage your own personal vendettas against those whom you disapprove of; something that is far more common in the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS than most Americans would believe is possible.

The fact of the matter is that you are frauds and in the commission of crimes that should put you in prison for the rest of your natural lives.

Your aggression towards my own Family is duly noted in the ways in which they routinely act out against me. And I am certain that these words will now be used by them over and over again in the psychological warfare attacks that you have perpetrated against me. You have subjected these wonderful people to enormous torment through your coercive tactics. And I hold each and everyone of you personally responsible for the psychological damage that you have caused them.




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