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Where Is Janet Parker -- A Long Time Informant Of The Late FBI Agent John O'Neill

Veterinarian Janet Parker was a long time informant for FBI Special Agent John O'Neill, who was murdered in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on 9-11 (it was his first day on the job working for Kroll Security as head of security for the World Trade Center).

Parker knew that O'Neill had been very close to uncovering the money trail behind the attacks on 9-11, and that his investigation was leading right to the Saudi Royal Family - a long time business associate of George H.W Bush and the Bush Crime Family. It would only be a matter of time before O'Neill would connect the Saudi Royal Family and the Bush's to the financing which would later be used in the attacks on 9-11.

As a result, the hierarchy within the FBI was quietly told to stop several investigations which were being conducted at that time (all of which would have been able to prevent 9-11 from happening), under a direct threat from the Bush Administration. The FBI and its agents were told that if they did not comply, they would be arrested for reasons of National Security.

O'Neill was told in short order to end his investigation or suffer the consequences.

A few weeks later, a depressed and demoralized John O'Neill would be offered the sweetheart job of a lifetime, as head of World Trade Center security, making more than triple his salary with the FBI.

Of course, this would turn out to be nothing more than a clever ruse by the FBI and Kroll Security, to misdirect O'Neill's investigation. However, in this author's eyes as well as those of myriad others, O'Neill's being at the WTC on the day of the attacks -- the first day of his new job -- was hardly a coincidence.

Especially since it was President Bush's brother, Marvin, whom O'Neill had replaced as head of WTC security, just before the Towers were taken down. O'Neill never lived to see a dime of his new salary. And conveniently enough, was no longer alive to testify against the FBI hierachy once the attacks on 9-11 had taken place; something they were extremely concerned about.

However, right after the attacks on 9-11, O'Neill's long-term informant, confidant, and friend, Janet Parker, would take to the airwaves to raise her suspicions that the FBI had murdered O'Neill, in efforts to keep what he knew about the conspiracy to end all key investigations into the Saudi's, secret from the American people.

The FBI quickly moved to discredit Parker, stating that she was mentally disturbed - a common tactic that the FEDS use when they are looking to obfuscate a situation in which they are complicit in criminal activity. They soon used their COINTELPRO tactics to neutralize Parker for the threat that she represented to the FBI's conspiracy; one in which this agency not only allowed the 9-11 attacks to occur, but then obstructed justice by systematically circulating disinformation and seizing evidence which could prove to unravel the treasonous LIES that the Bush Administration has been using the US media to perpetuate ever since.

Common sense raises the following question:

Why has the American public never been shown any of the videos from the many cameras surrounding the Pentagon on 9-11? Only one insignificant video was released by the FBI (an under protest) which did not show a jet of any kind hitting the Pentagon.

Yet the FBI refuses to show us any further footage.

Why is it that the FBI continues to deny that 3 out of the 4 black boxes of the jets which hit the WTC Towers were never found? Even though workers at the site have publicly stated that they personally saw these boxes loaded into the back of an all terrain vehicle, and were told by the FBI never to mention it to anyone.

Why won't the FBI do something as simple as showing us the tapes from the Pentagon just to bolster it's sagging credibility?

It doesn't make any sense at all does it?

Unless the FBI knows that the tapes at the Pentagon don't contain any footage of a 757, because a 757 never hit the Pentagon.

And if this is the case, then the official story unravels like a cheap piece of twine, and the American people collectively and abruptly learn the painful truth -- that they have been the subject of the most elaborate and treasonous black operation in United States history.

And still worse, that the nation's premier law enforcement agency has aided and abetted the criminals in a vast conspiracy to defraud the American people, and to destroy their civil liberties under the pretense of fighting a war on terrorism; instead of apprehending these terrorists (Bush Administration and PNAC) and bringing them to justice as it was supposed to do.

As for Janet Parker, it appears that as of 2003, she is no longer working in the field of veterinary medicine. The following post that I found on a Website earlier today indicates that she has not left any forwarding information whatsoever. Was this the FBI's way of getting even with Janet for exposing their setting up of John O'Neill to be murdered on 9-11?

Furthermore, she has reported having not seen her foster daughter since 2001, and at that time was concerned that she may have met with foul play.

Moffat-Minnick Kent Veterinary Hospital
10834 Kent-Kangley Rd.
Kent, WA 98031
Tel: (253) 852-8460
Fax: (253) 854-5627


S: Janet is a very knowledgable lady on reptiles and birds, for she worked in a zoo for many years and then became a vet. I took my Chinese Water Dragons to her and she seemed very knowledgable and gentle with my animals. I would recommened her to anyone with exotic animals. (05/08/01)

G - Please note that Janet L. Parker is no longer with Moffat-Minnick or any clinic associated with them and has not left any contact information with them. (09/20/03)

The last that I have seen in regard to Janet Parker is the following post as of 2005, which is listed on the Jeff Rense Website. It can be read by accessing the following link:

So what's happened to Janet in the past two years? Has anyone heard from her? Is she still even alive? And if so, is she OK? Or is she still living a life of torment like so many of us, who've been setup by the FBI and its criminal bretheren, to have our lives systematically destroyed by these modern day Nazi's, and their vicious COINTELPRO tactics?


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