Sunday, March 25, 2007

T -- The Universal Symbol Representing All Individuals Targeted For Government Sanctioned Nonconsensual Experimentation & Organized Stalking Crimes


Blogger Gerry Duffett said...

Saturday October 14 2006

Poisoned / Four Times

Lethal Bullying.


This will be 4 times now that I'm pretty sure someone either :
Poisoned my food or drinks.
Drugged my food or drinks.

Keep in mind when some one poisons or drugs you it's an extreme state of confusion.
Your system goes into toxic shock.
It's border line insanity.

First time :

The last few month's of 1997 when I was employed at Harper Detroit Diesel in Toronto.
I got really, really sick working at this employer.
I almost died a couple of times and was in the health care system for almost a year.

Bob Wilford
Frank Hipkins

Second time :

At Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I was returning to Toronto after finishing a job interview at :

Glen Drayson
Rick Martin

It took me two day's to come around and get out of the airport.
Slept in departures, I think, still not sure.
Missed my flight, no money, a friend paid for my flight back home.

Third time :

When I was working for Hydro One in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada at a transformer station switch yard called the "Scott Road Transformer Station".

Someone either poisoned me or drugged me when I had dinner at a local restaurant with the Hydro One crew I was working with after work.

Jim Moran
John Wabb

Fourth time :

Someone either poisoned me or drugged me when I had breakfast at a truck stop at Dixie Rd. and Hyway 401 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Husky Car/Truck Stop #1
1553 Shawson Drive
at Dixie Rd.
1 block North of # 401 Hwy.
401 & exit 346


Wound up in "emergency" at Trillium Health Care Center" in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

These are times that come to mind.

There may be other times that I'm not aware of.

My health started to fail during the last few month's of 1997 while I was still employed at Harper Detroit Diesel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

There was a "constructive dismissal" issue in progress aimed at me that I was not aware of at that time.

Extreme confusion.
Toxic shock.
Border line insanity.

Thing's sure can get "twisted" in the workplace sometime's


Gerry Duffett

14-4218 Lawrence Ave E Box 218
Scarborough Ontario
Canada M1E4X9

Pager # 416-612-5689

7:49 AM  
Blogger James F. Marino said...

James F. Marino said...
Gerry, I am familiar with your accounts and wish that there was something that I could do to help you.

As a whistleblower you are well aware of the viciousness that TI's are subjected to.

I have posted your comment on my blog so that others can learn of the torture that you are being subjected to.

You have done an excellent job of documenting your own torture as well as that of many others, including myself, and I am truly grateful to you for doing so.

Keep up the good work in exposing those miscreants within US Intelligence and the organized stalking networks that they quietly sanction, to do much of their dirty work for them.

We will win this war!

Jim Marino

9:14 AM

9:16 AM  

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