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A Post I Wrote About A Year Back

What An Ex Federal Agent Riddled With Guilt Might Confess
by James F. Marino

I used to work for the CIA , spying by night and day. I used covert weaponry to spy on the unwitting while I violated their Civil Rights over and over again. Of course I could never admit this at the time because it would have meant being made an outcast by the rest of this federal slime.

But I know the terrible things that we have done; I know about the illegal spying tactics that we've used over and over again. The NSA's remote neural monitoring system. Audio/Visual Spy satellites looking in on the American public within their homes - even their own bathrooms and bedrooms where they thought they were alone.

How could we have done this to them?

What were we thinking? America is supposed to be free.

But it's not. At least not anymore.

The National Security Act saw to that.

How many things we have kept secret from the American people.

And not for their own good, either.

If they knew the truth they would lynch us.

The covert technologies which we've used that Americans had no idea existed.

Remote Neural Monitoring technology -- our spying ace in the hole.

The ability to electronically invade the privacy of anyone's mind -- every second of the day and for years on end.

Oh, the absolute power that I felt the first time that I learned about this technology.

The adulation.

Something that gave us the ability to play God with other people's lives.

However, if there really is a God he is certainly not pleased with us for attempting to usurp his authority.

And for this we must answer.

We got drawn into such ultimate power that we became irrevocably corrupted by it.

So drunk with our own arrogance.

We forgot that we were human, and allowed access to a technology that was quite literally dropped in our laps, only to pervert its use.

I'll admit to it now -- not just for myself, but for all of my former federal brethren.

Unindicted felons one and all.

Remote Neural Monitoring.

Yes America, the technology really does exist to electronically read and influence people's minds. And the National Security Agency has been doing it to millions of you for years, yet none of you even have a clue. I knew it was diabolical even when we began to deploy it on a large scale during the early 1980's.

But what could I do?

If I turned against the CIA or its brethren in crime -- the NSA and the FBI, I would have been made an outcast.

They would have assassinated my character.

They would have destroyed my finances.

They would have ruined my family.

This is how they operate -- I know because I have done so in the past myself.

It was not my fault that I did not blow the whistle on them.

I know I should have, but I had far too much to lose.

This fear bought my silence.

How many other agents have thought to do the same but did not for these very reasons?

And I saw how the lives of other agents were destroyed when they attempted to expose these agencies and their crimes.

As I saw this unfolding I thought to myself, this is what I am?

This is what the intelligence community is?

I thought I got into this business to help people?

But I am not helping them. None of us are.

We are spying on Americans.

We are routinely violating their civil rights.

We are subjecting them to some of the most heinous crimes that exist.

Biological warfare; electronic warfare; psychological warfare --mind control.

This is to help them?

It can't be. It just can't be.

Everything's all turned around now. Nothing makes sense anymore.

The US Government makes the policies for this country, but its policies are all wrong -- dead wrong.

They exist to further the interests of the elite and corporatism in this country, rather than to protect the civil rights that it was founded on. And this has become an albatross around the proverbial necks of all Americans.

These agencies have not only betrayed the American people; they have betrayed us too. They have lied to us about their true purposes and now we are stuck because we know the truth -- an awful truth.

That these agencies exist to control the American people, not to look out for their interests.

When was the last time that I did something that had to do with the interests or the safety of America?

I cannot remember anymore.

Or did I ever?

This President Bush scares the hell out of me. He believes that he is a man of destiny.

But in reality he is a fascist.

A raving lunatic.

A Hitler wannabe, but with a fraction of the talent -- yet possessing equal cruelty.

A tyrant using the American people and their military for the interests of himself and those within the US shadow government.

Most Americans are wise to Bush's lies though.

They understand that there were never any weapons of mass destruction in Afghanistan or Iraq. They know that the invasion of Iraq was to steal with plausible deniabilty, the Iraqi's oil reserves, while undermining the US Constitution.

And now Bush is already using the threat of more terrorism on US soil to attack Iran next. If he does not wage an actual war, he'll wage a virtual one on Iran, making certain that the Iranians are demonized to the American people, through the US Media. We'll never hear anything that has to do with objectivity when it comes to the Iranian people -- that's for certain.

They will be demonized and neutralized just as the FEDS have done myriad times before. And the US media will follow the US Government's lead. Any Americans who speak out against this injustice will be labled as being unpatriot, and quite possibly even as domestic terrorists -- a convenient category that the Bush Adminstration now uses to attack any Americans who do not see things the same way that he does.

As for Osama Bin Ladin and the tapes of him that we show the American people: The Americans have become so indoctrinated by the US media that they still believe that Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda are the enemy and axis of evil. However, it's the Bush Adminstration, the PNAC and the hierarchy within the US Intelligence community that are the real axis of evil, along with their Illuminati masters.

If only the American people knew that Bin Laden was working for our side, and being used in name only to give the US an excuse to attack other countries the entire time. If only they knew that Bin Laden's been one of us for decades, recruited by the CIA back in the '70's during the Soviet Afghan War. 9-11 is just one of so many lies that we've told the American people that I have lost count of them.

Afterall, we've told so many lies to so many people. We've destroyed so many innocent lives.

The only truth for us is our truth -- even if it has nothing to do with reality.

Do we even know the truth anymore? Are we even capable of recognizing it?

There is no better organization at telling lies and getting away with them than the CIA.

We are masters at it. And we pride ourselves on it.

But is this truly something to be proud of?

We don't tell our kids to lie, yet it's the first thing we do when we get to work in the morning.

So this is hypocrisy isn't it?

However, we were always told that it's part of working for US Intelligence.

And that means that we have to lie in order to do our jobs effectively. At least that's what I have convinced myself of over the past 38 years.

However, even I don't belief this rubbish anymore.

I think few agents either retired or active still do.

While most Americans loathe George W. Bush, they are unaware that he is only part of the problem; in actuality a much larger one. The spread of fascism throughout America and the rest of the globe. And the intelligence community in this country supports Bush because he gives them what they want: unchecked authority.

The ability to toss out the US Bill Of Rights anytime we decide to, while decimating someone's civil rights in the process. We can wage our own personal vendettas on anyone we want to -- at anytime we want. Yes, it's illegal to do so under the US Color Of Law Statutes, yet we have always gotten away with it.

Like I said -- no checks and balances; no accountability for our actions.

Is it any wonder that we've grown so arrogant?

The ability to operate without Constitutional checks and balances. The ability to wantonly attack any American citizen at any time, and under the pretense of domestic terrorism.

What a complete fraud we are.

Yet we are getting away with it; at least for now.

I wish I had told the American people the truth when I could have.

I wish I had let them know that their government was betraying them.

That it was not even their government anymore.

But it's too late for that now.

Bush has taken over and even the Democrats in Congress are powerless to stop him.

I wish I had told the truth to the American people when I had the chance.

I wish I had told them that their government and its intelligence community are a complete fraud, and that the democracy they thought they had long ago became just a shell; a mask used to hide a shadow government whose ideologies fall far more in line with fascism than they do a constitutional republic.

Why didn't I do it when I had the chance?

But it's too late for that now.

Bush is working to destroy what remnants of the US Constitution we have left. This was in part a major reason for him running for office. He wants the office of President to become a dictatorship. And he is secretly doing all that he can to make this a reality, as he finds loopholes within the laws in which to do so.

Signing statements. Do the American people even know what these are?

And do they realize that they can allow any president to quietly amend laws already in existence, to serve their own interests?

Bush wants to impose his will on the American people and the rest of the world.

He is a dictator.

His statement "The Constitution is only a goddamned piece of paper" is more then enough proof of this.

Only those who are better informed understand the dangers that Bush poses to America and the rest of the world. They know that he and those he represents are evil. They know about his father and his ties to the CIA, and the crimes that he committed while working for it.

He still works for the CIA -- indirectly. But they have his ear. And that means that he can count on them when he needs to. A brotherhood of sorts, like Bush's membership in Yale's Skull and Bones.

Few Americans know of the Oil Company that Bush senior co-founded -- Zapata Oil -- or its offshore oil rigs. Nor do they know how George Herber Walker Bush used them to help the CIA smuggle illegal drugs into the United States back in the 1950's, beginning the drug culture that would pervade America's youth through its universities and educational system.

And this drug culture would bring about a complete subversion of American youth back in the 1960's and to this very day. The innocence of American youth was destroyed by the CIA, as Bush senior played a major role here.

Bush's father's crimes are chilling.

The work of a truly evil personality.

And Bush jr. is well on his way to reaching the same nefarious status, as he elevates himself up the criminal ladder in much the same way as La Cosa Nostra members do.

What's worse is that he does so under a false sense of patriotism; shamelessly wrapping himself in the American flag as he desecrates its very meaning.

Oh how I wish I had told the American people the truth when I could. When they could have done something about it.

Sadly I must now live with this serious omission; this terrible breach of faith against them.

And I must also allow the proverbial chips to fall where they may.

James F. Marino Copyright 2006


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