Wednesday, March 28, 2007

As A TI Are You Being Too Thin Skinned About The Harassment Perpetrated Against You?

I have noticed that the perp's (through their second and third party agents provocateur) often like to taunt their victims by responding in ways that in a normal situation might be understandable.

For instance, accusing someone of being too sensitive who has perhaps gotten a tad more defensive about something that was said. These types of situations happen from time to time and are part of human nature.


For those who are targeted for organized stalking crimes and government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, this frequent taunting becomes a common everyday occurrence. Yet, for the TI's who deal with this daily assault on their civil liberties, the taunting only adds to the already desperate situations which we are placed in.

Imagine having a group of people who make it their sole mission in life, to systematically destroy yours.

Nothing is off base with them, as they use their technology to violate your privacy in the most outrageous ways imaginable. You can't even shower in your own bathroom without being videotaped. Nothing that you say, do, or think is private, as you are spied on by way of audio/visual satellites that can track your every move and thought.

And this group of people (AKA US Federal Intelligence) who've taken part in these crimes against you deploy degenerates (referred to by the TI's they target as organized stalkers) to stalk you as though they were hunting big game.

Somehow, you now find yourself dealing with a parallel system of justice in which you are no longer protected by the very laws set forth in the US Constitution.

Made into a pariah, you are now surrounded by predators whom you have never met or had interactions with. Yet their mission is to make certain that you kill yourself. While these people have been brainwashed into believing that they are in the right for perpetrating what is most certainly a series of very serious felonies, what they have failed to grasp is that they too have become victims of those who utilize them in these criminal campaigns; campaigns waged to deny others their civil liberties.

The FEDS are notorious for working a number of angles against those whom they are attempting to entrap. And I have noticed that when their efforts fall by the wayside, they are quick to jump on a series of new angles as quickly as possible.

Ironically, in many instances if they become desperate enough, the early characterizations that they engender to a particular person to whom they are targeting, oftentimes end up being in complete contrast with the later ones.

There is one word to describe this situation -- DESPERATION.

When the FBI becomes desperate in regard to the attacks that it is perpetrating against someone it targets, its operations becomes sloppy and unprofessional. There is no longer any rule of law, and the FEDS are quite literally flying by the seat of their pants in an obvious and desperate attempt to promulgate information that is going to place the person whom they are targeting in the worst possible light.

Whatever happened to due process of law in which a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty? I guess since the Patriot Act was passed, Americans can now kiss that part of the Constitution goodbye as well.

*** Robert Mueller went before Congress earlier this week to claim full responsibility for the crimes that FBI agents committed by illegally spying on numerous American citizens since 2001. He pleaded with Congress not to take the broad reaching powers that the FBI was given after the Patriot Act was passed, because they were the "bread and butter" of the FBI's operations.

Well Mueller's statement pretty much says it all. The FBI can't do its spying effectively without the Patriot Act's section 215; legislation that is pure fascism.

Mueller also said that the FBI will not let this happen again.

Mueller is lying as usual, as his agency has been caught red handed breaking the law.

Yet no agent will serve any prison time at all, even though any American citizen who had been found guilty of taking part in the same type of crimes would have served time for them.

I hope that Congress will finally reign the FBI in by removing its sweeping powers for once and for all; something that this organization (given its history of civil rights abuses) had no right to in the first place.

I say hope because I seriously doubt that it will ever happen. Congress and the Department Of Justice have a history either looking the other way when the FBI commits serious violations of Civil Rights, or covering up for them when necessary. It is only when the American people have become so outraged by the FBI's criminal behavior, that Congress is forced to act. And as history has shown us, it has been ineffective at keeping the FBI reigned in for very long, even when it does.

The worst move that Congress could make at this time is to allow the FBI to keep its unreasonable and unconstitutional authority. That would be a HUGE MISTAKE!

Although when I consider the crimes that the FEDS have perpetrated against myself and a great many others; crimes which have been ongoing for decades, it's clear that the Patriot Act was not the catalyst behind them, but instead a reason for those in federal government who were already illegally orchestrating these crimes, to become more brazen about them.

The bottom line's that the FBI's never abides by the laws of this country to begin with, and taking authority away from this modern day KGB isn't going to prevent it from continuing to utilize its COINTELPRO's against any groups or persons whom it decides to attack.

Nothing ever has. The FBI can be seen in much the same way as the Department Of Defense, the Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency -- covert independent governments that consider themselves to be above the laws of the United States and its citizens. And there are other US Agencies which operate in the same fashion.

Based on the research that I have done over the past few years, the American people have been lied to in regard to everything from our economy to our space program. While these agencies continue to covertly perpetrate their lies against us, their technology grows more advanced each year, while we are given the "sub--basement" of such technology -- video games, MP3 players & GPS navigation systems are such examples -- to keep us blindly amused and from asking important questions which pertain to this government's actions and accountability for them.

A simple analogy in regard to how disparate this situation has become is like comparing someone who's just gone on to first grade, to someone who's graduated from their undergraduate work and gone on to advanced studies.

Only the disparity is even far greater than that in this situation. The Illuminati is moving further ahead of the citizenry of this planet on a daily basis, and controlling any technology that manages to trickle down to the level of society. Something else they don't want you to know is that they are concerned about the natural resources on this planet, and don't want you using them. And do you know what they have planned for most of us?

Extermination through several different means, all which have plausible deniability built into them.

Wars -- an effective way for the Illuminati to murder thousands of men, women and children.

Biological, chemical, and electronic warfare -- very effective ways of murdering millions of people with plausible deniability. Also offers the ability to commit genocide as the AIDS and Ebola viruses have done with the African population, and AIDS which was created to murder African Americans and the homosexual population.

Any persons or races whom the Illuminati deems to be inferior to themselves.

The Illuminati's use of the HAARP antenna farm in Alaska to beam an enormous amount of electricity into the earth's ionosphere to disrupt and even manipulate weather patterns.

This can lead to the creation of what on the surface appear to be natural disasters, but those which are deliberately manufactured to murder selected groups of people globally. The HAARP system can also manipulate the weather to create artificial famine's and cause the subsequent deaths by starvation which always follow them.

The Illuminati will continue in this vein until they have eliminated most of the earth's human populace. They will keep enough of the "common people" around to use as labor, and the rest of us will be exterminated in one way or another at the hands of these monsters.

A primary goal of the New World Order one world government that the Illuminati is now ushering in, is to keep the citizenry of this planet in a state of blissful ignorance. Those who ask too many questions end up neutralized or dead -- murdered by the Illuminati's watchdogs -- organizations like the CIA, NSA, FBI, MI5, MI6 etc.

As for the FEDS and their entrapment techniques the following applies: When the FEDS fail to entrap a Target, their "grab bag" of options becomes as varied as the characterizations that they were attempting to saddle the targeted person with. In other words, just about anything goes, as long as they believe that they can get away with what they are doing.

And Heaven forbid if these agents decide that the matter has become a personal one, because at that point nothing short of driving the person targeted to suicide, is going to satisfy them.

With the egos these agents have, it is truly a wonder how they can fit their inflated skulls through a door.

What I find even more disturbing is that they will quite literally use psychological warfare to drive someone into committing suicide, if they cannot arrest them legally.

The FBI and CIA are both notorious for using psychological warfare in efforts to force their targets to commit suicide. If this fails they will find a plausibly deniable way in which to murder them.

The US media never investigates these types of deaths, and rarely ever even reports them.

***** At this point the FEDS have chosen to freeze my computer keyboard -- something that they do constantly when I type this blog or my Angelfire journal. And it is now functioning erratically.

What the average American citizen must ask themselves is the following:

If the FBI (or for that matter Homeland Security) must illegally spy on an American citizen for years on end, and then fails to find just cause to arrest them, why is the spying allowed to continue?

When the FBI becomes so desperate that it utilizes its coercive tactics to force those around the person(s) they are targeting to take part in these attacks, threatening to arrest or in someway blackmail these people if they do not, exactly how does this classify as legitimate law enforcement?

Doesn't it occur to these agents that if they can't find something to arrest the person(s) whom they are targeting for decades (taking into account that these targets cannot even relieve themselves within the so called privacy of their own bathrooms without being videotaped by these FEDS), that perhaps they should best move on to someone who is committing legitimate crimes?

I guess not, because they've been violating my civil rights in this way since 1980 and are still at it with their Nazi protocols.

Maybe the FEDS should grow the thick skin that they're always intimating that those of us whom they regularly torture through the use of psychological operations and directed energy weapons, should develop.

As for stereotyping us, the FEDS are wasting their time. When you've attacked someone to such a degree that they take to the Internet to uncover your myriad of skeletons, perhaps it's time that you find another business to get into -- I will not call what the FEDS do a profession.

As for the FEDS' attacks on my Family and me, I will continue to report every aspect of them as I have for the past three years, and the covert technologies that they have utilized against me; as well as the demonization campaign that they orchestrated to destroy my reputation, when it was clear that I had committed no crimes that they could arrest me for.

I know that Homeland Security is taking part in these attacks as well. However, when the attacks on me began in 1980, it did not exist. Yet the FBI and NSA did. And unless my neighbors could read and manipulate my subvocalized thoughts back then, I seriously doubt that they were taking part in this.

Although because of the FEDS' demonization campaign, they are now active in the organized stalking harassment against me, and gradually becoming as sadistic and sick minded as the FEDS are.

I have recorded every attempt that the FBI and NSA have used to entrap me over the past 27 years; numerous attempts in which they could not get me to commit crimes -- even when their goons crashed their vehicles into mine (4 times), attempted to run me off the road, yet failed to arrest me for the myriad STING operations that they have perpetrated against me in all this time.

Based on what I have seen first hand, and the research that I have done in the past several years in regard to the criminal ways in which they operate, here is how I see the FBI's information gathering system:

A. Utilization of the NSA and its audio/visual spy satellites to track each person in this country while videotaping and archiving their every move. The most outrageous violation of the 4th Amendment ever documented.

B. Once this has been accomplished the FBI and NSA now have the most extensive dossiers on the entire US population. And they can readily review the entire life of any American of their choosing simply by having the NSA access that person's file. I know that is what the FEDS have done with me. I am estimating that they have a minimum of 250,000 hours of videotape which documents every second of my life for the past 27 years.

If there is a more outrageous violation of civil rights in this country than this one, I am not aware of it.

Given this fascist technology, is it any wonder why NSA whistle blowers John St. Clair Akwei and Russell Tice have all but fallen off the radar? And moreover, why the American media never bothered to circulate their information?

The bottom line in the FEDS' attacks on us is that what the FBI and NSA have done to my Family and me has nothing to do with a legitimate investigation, and everything to do with collusion between these two agencies, in order to perpetrate a criminal conspiracy to deny us our constitutional rights.

This has also come in quite handy for the NSA and FBI, given that for the past 27 years they've been able to monitor the mind control research that they have subjugated me to in all this time.

How convenient for them.

At least they have not wiped out my computer yet -- although they are constantly screwing with it -- they have been interfering with my keyboard since I began blogging this post.

Numerous TI's have described experiencing their electronic equipment being remotely tampered with. The NSA in particular is capable of perpetrating this crime by way of satellites and its Signals Intelligence program.

Just a few of numerous tamperings I have experienced

I gave up on TV in November of 2005 because the NSA began intercepting our cable signal and inserted its own in place of it. As a result I have made an investment in audio equipment to compensate for this loss of entertainment. And the FEDS are just looking for another piece of equipment to damage, since they zapped a piece of audio gear that I purchased a few years back. The main circuit board caught fire while the unit was turned off!! An anomaly that not even the manufacturer could explain, and one that I have never seen in more than 25 years as a hi-fi enthusiast.

There have been myriad situations in which the FEDS set out to attack some aspect of my life. They interfered with my credit cards so often that I could not rely on them any longer. Weeks after having paid off the debt on my cards (I had never carried much debt on them and usually paid them off quickly -- that was until the FEDS began to use their technology to cause me a chronic depression - suddenly I let the payments lapse -- something I had never done in 20 years of having credit cards.) I was having lunch with my Family and a few friends. I decided to pick up the tab only to find that for some reason my card had been denied.

When I arrived home I called the credit card company only to be told that my cards had been cancelled -- no reason given -- no formal notice ever sent -- which by the way is illegal. A call to my other credit card carrier, and I was quickly told that this card was also cancelled - once again no reason given. At this time the balance on the cards had been paid so there was no reason for this to have occurred. So this time I pressed for an answer. The representative was obviously flustered, knowing full well that the FEDS had told her to deny my card. She finally blurted out, you have to pay the minimum balance on time, and hung up.

Meanwhile, a few days later another replacement for one of the Citibank Mastercards that had been cancelled showed up in the mail.

But I thought that all my cards had been cancelled?

Knowing full well that the one credit card had been kept valid so that the FEDS could continue using it to interfere with my purchases, I immediately cut the card up!

They even interfered when I used my debit card to make a donation to the Mind Control Forum's Website. They froze the screen as I was attempting to finalize the transaction.

Sound familiar? All of the TI's who access my blog have had many experiences like these, as their lives were systematically destroyed by this low life scum. Ironically enough, I had always been an excellent credit risk and oftentimes I was the one who'd turn down offers for new credit cards.

But all that changed the day that the FBI and DHS decided that their covert spying of my person was to become overt.

I should also note that I had not had a speeding ticket in 12 years. Yet back in 2005, I received two inside of two weeks, having been set up by the FEDS, their organized stalkers, and the local cops; the latter of whom laid in wait for me to show up after attempting to outrun the gauntlet of stalkers who were blocking my vehicle.

Their entire scam cost me $600 including a $300 surcharge over the next three years, the result of having 6 or more points on my driver's license at one time.

Like I said -- scum of the earth.

The FEDS continue to interfere with my keyboard as one of myriad aspects of their psywarfare campaign waged against me daily. As for this sadism, I learned long ago how to cope with a nightmarish situation 24 hours a day, when I contracted one of this government's biological weapons -- Lyme Disease -- back in 1993.

Our fine government believes that it is within its preogative to expose its unwitting citizens to these bioweapons (chemical weapons and electronic weapons as well) in order to determine their efficacy.

Well, as one of your victims I can tell you government rat bastards that Lyme Disease has been quite effective at destroying the health and the lives of a great number of American citizens, including myself. The numbers of men, women and children whose lives you've destroyed through the use of this biological agent and many others are considerable.

And I hope that at some point you find yourselves infected with the same God damned diseases that you saw fit to destroy our lives with!

And like many of your other victims I will continue to cope as I expose what are most certainly some of the worst violations of both civil and human rights in US history.

As for the initial question that I posed to other TI's about being too thin skinned:

The answer is a resounding NO! What truly amazes me is that given the viciousness that TI's are regularly subjected to, more of us don't physically attack these stalkers and punish them in the ways in which they deserve to be punished.

Note** It's taken me nearly an hour and a half to type a post that should have taken all of 20 minutes, because of the FEDS' electronic tampering of my keyboard.

*** This article is now roughly twice as long as it was when I began it yesterday, due to several additional ideas which I believed needed to be included.


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