Thursday, April 05, 2007

The FBI And NSA Have Some Serious Explaining To Do

The FBI agents who perpetrate these illegal STING operations and subsequent smear campaigns, are well aware that they cannot legally charge someone whom they are targeting with any legitmate crimes.

They are also aware that if they were to attempt to arrest someone on trumped up charges, they would be forced to leave out exculpatory evidence which would exonerate the person. This has been the common way in which the FBI has operated over the past century, and there is no longer any doubt that this agency has allowed many innocent Americans to be convicted of crimes that they did not commit, while its agents allowed their criminal informants to remain free. (The Boston FBI has a particularly notorious reputation for doing this).

The FBI's machinations include illegally spying on those they target -- even within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms -- in order to perpetrate protracted fishing expeditions used to dig up information that they can use to either blackmail or smear a TI. This despicable organization is not about truth or justice. It is instead about the criminal perversion of authority which enables these agents to commit crimes by violating the US Color Of Law Statutes; something which is routinely done to undermine the US Bill Of Rights and the inherent freedoms that the United States promises to all of its citizens.

Furthermore, the FBI's in the business of manufacturing criminals through the use of entrapment and psychological warfare, instead of apprehending those who are in the commission of legitimate crimes.

When the FBI has utilized the NSA and its audio visual satellites to illegally spy on a target for every second of their lives, tracking that person by way of the electromagnetic field that surrounds their body, to the point where the person has absolutely no physical privacy or privacy of thought, it is the FBI and the NSA who've become the criminals. Indeed a modern day Nazi 4th Reich.

* The FBI and NSA are using remote neural monitoring technology to illegally interrogate those people whom they target, in turn, denying them due process of law and their right to legal counsel.

This is truly a sign of the complete decay of a Constitutional republic within the United States; one which has been replaced with a shadow government operating as a fascist cabal.

And once this TRUTH is circulated on a wide basis, no COINTELPRO activity in the world is going to save the FBI nor the NSA from their own criminal past.

The demonization of those whom the FBI perpetrates these crimes against is only further evidence of its attempts to cover up its crimes against them.

There is no longer any doubt that the FBI and NSA are using satellites and remote neural monitoring technology to quite literally invade the privacy of millions of Americans, and in the most egregious ways possible. They will deny this, but I know for a fact that it is true, and so do numerous others who've had to learn about this the hard way.

With this advanced and complex technology the NSA and FBI have been reduced to predatory peeping times -- satellite stalkers -- who use high-tech equipment to outrageously violate the privacy of American citizens.

Given this information one must wonder how many Americans are being illegally spied on by these NSA satellites this very evening, while eating supper, watching TV, showering, or even making love?

There's absolutely no question that this ILLEGAL spying is going as I type this. The only variable is as to how many of you are being watched and videotaped without your knowledge?

I went for nearly 25 years without knowing that I was being illegally videotaped by the NSA and FBI for every second of my life, no matter where I was at the time -- at home, at work, driving in my car, sailing on my boat -- even in my own bathroom and bedroom.

And there are a myriad of other Americans who have now come forward with similar information.

Remember this.

If the FEDS can do this to us without our knowledge or consent:


And any person who attempts to conceal this information is guilty of perpetrating high crimes of treason against the American people!

I never mince words when I discuss the FBI or NSA, because they have routinely violated the TRUST of the American people and failed to act to protect them in the ways in which they should have.

The FBI and the rest of the US Intelligence community are going to find themselves under more aggressive scrutiny now than ever before in their history, given the existence of the Internet and the ability for Americans to learn first hand of the treasonous crimes that these agencies have committed against American citizens in the past.

As for that common characterization which all FBI agents use in their attempts to denigrate those whom they target, these agents themselves should take a good look in the mirror, because it is they whom through their illegal and outrageous behavior, have quite literally become the BAD GUYS!

Furthermore, with many of their former fellow agents having blown the whistle on them, and gone public to expose rampant criminality within the FBI and NSA, perhaps it's time that these agents considered another line of work.

Preferably one in which they are no longer allowed to deal with the public.

Preferably one in which they are no longer located within this country.


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