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Two Women --- The FBI -- And Too Many Similarities To Ignore

I recently read of a woman by the name of Janet Phalen, who's been persecuted by the FBI for many years. Janet recently uploaded a press conference on Google (the link to which I have included at the end of today's post) in which she describes how the FBI targeted her and her late Mother for COINTELPRO tactics, and ultimately murdered her Mother, while having failed to murder Janet, herself.

Her story is indeed all too familiar to me, given my own research in regard to the FBI's COINTELPRO activities, and their vicious attacks on my Family and self -- something which began covertly more than two decades ago.

However Janet's story also reminded me of another woman's, in that they were both quite literally made into pariahs when they came forward with damaging information in regard to the FBI -- and in the latter's case President George W. Bush.

A few years back, I had begun researching the death of a woman by the name of Margie Schoedinger. In 2002, Schoedinger, a Texan, had filed a lawsuit against President George W. Bush and the FBI, claiming that Bush had routinely used her for aberrent sex, and that together with several FBI agents had repeatedly drugged and gangraped her.

What I found next would be equally as disturbing.

Once she filed her lawsuit, Schoedinger was quite literally made into an outcast -- forced to exist as a pariah within her own community. She claimed that George W. Bush had warned her to drop the lawsuit against him or that she would be sorry. She also found that several members of her family were also being targeted for harassment -- many of whom were beaten up as well as fired from their jobs.

From my own experience this is how the FBI operates.

If they cannot legally arrest someone whom they are looking to target, not only will they make that person's life a living hell, they will also find ways of harassing those people around a target (family members and friends), and then blame the person being targeted for this harassment in an effort to destroy their reputations and relationships.

Ms. Schoedinger would become so distraught over her harassment that she would drop her lawsuit and then plead with George W. Bush to stop torturing her. According to Schoedinger, Bush claimed that she had become too much of a risk for him to have around, given that she had remembered what he had done to her, and that he would see to it that she would never again be able to hold a job or make a life for herself.

He told her that her college degree had been revoked, that she would never be allowed to earn another one, and that she would be placed under the NSA's surveillance system 24 hours a day (the NSA's remote neural monitoring system?). Her bank accounts were also looted, and her husband was fired from his job.

Bush assured Ms. Schoedinger that since he had effectively destroyed her life as punishment for filing the lawsuit against him, that her only way out was to commit suicide.

According to Schoedinger, shortly after the phone call to Bush she was again attacked within her own home, drugged, gangraped, and then so badly beaten that she was hospitalized.

During her stay at the hospital she had a miscarriage. At the time she had stated that it was her belief that George W. Bush had been the father of her dead child. She also noted that she was never given the pathology report regarding the cause of her child's death, and wondered if a pathology study had even been conducted at all.

There's no question that Bush, the FBI and Sugarland PD had placed tremendous pressure on Margie to commit suicide.

And on September 22nd, 2003 they would get their wish.

On this day the police were called to the home of Margie Schoedinger to investigate what appeared to be a suicide. Margie Schoedinger, one of the few women in history to file rape charges against a US standing President, was dead from a single gunshot wound to the head.

A follow up report by investigative journalist Jackson Thoreau found that Margie had been blacklisted in her town. Thoreau reported that even the Sugarland, Texas Police Department was in on the cover up, which claimed that they had no record of the complaints that Schoedinger had filed against George W. Bush or the FBI.

( Schoedinger's case against Bush dates back to 2000, when just prior to his election run, she filed a complaint claiming that Bush had tried to have her kidnapped.)

However, Thoreau did not have to look far to find that the Sugarland police were lying to him, having found Schoedinger's lawsuit still listed at the local court. At the time it had shown that the suit against Bush had been dropped, but that the one against the FBI was still open.

LeaAnne Klentzman, a columnist for the Texas daily newspaper, The Fort Bend Star, was one of a handful of reporters who actually covered Schoedinger's story. In her article she also described how Schoedinger's complaints against Bush and certain FBI agents were ignored by both the Sugarland Police as well as the FBI. And moreover, that they both saw to it that her complaints were sent directly to Bush so that he could handle the matter himself -- in an effort to keep the situation out of the public eye.

What is even more concerning is why there was a virtual media blackout in regard to the Schoedinger story.

Why would the US media have ignored this story? A story in which the standing US President was accused of rape. One would have thought that the media would have been all over this story just to prove that Schoedinger was lying.

Yet that never happened. Why not?

Because in all likelyhood, George W. Bush is guilty of the charges that Margie Schoedinger filed against him.

Perhaps the most compelling article in regard to this travesty of injustice has been written by author Raymond Ponzini. His portrayal of George W. Bush as an American Caligula is quite compelling. It can be accessed at the end of this post.

Janet Phalen appears to be in a somewhat similar situation. Here we have an American citizen who has claimed that her Mother was murdered by the FBI, and that this agency has been attempting to murder her as well -- not for anything that these two women were involved in, but for what Janet's late father had been researching.

Janet has also reported that the police would not investigate her claims, and that while in Mexico, the FBI had her imprisoned, based on trumped up charges.

In her frustration at not being able to get justice from the authorities, Janet Phalen did what many others targeted for US Government persecution have done. She took her story to the American people, by holding a press conference regarding the FBI's murder of her Mother and attempted murder of herself. The video of Janet's press conference can be accessed below.

Janet also describes the FBI's COINTELPRO operations; those which have been used to systematically destroy her family's life. And in this author's eyes, her testimony is extremely compelling, and smacks of the pervasive corruption that many American citizens are now having to endure at the hands of the US Federal Government and its inherently corrupted Intelligence community.

Janet Phalen's Press Conference Regarding the FBI

LeaAnne Klentzman's Article On Margie Schoedinger

Jackson Thoreau's Article On Margie Schoedinger

Raymond Ponzini's Article "An American Caligula" -- Covers the Bush Attack On Margie Schoedinger And The Subsequent Cover Up


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