Saturday, March 31, 2007

Who To Believe?

There are so many people -- some better known through their media celebrity than others -- who are claiming to have key information in regard to every aspect of the complete subversion that is taking place around the world today, by those forces that are looking to enslave the human race.

As someone who's researched this phenomenon for nearly 4 years, all I can say to those who are attempting to make sense of this mass confusion, is to trust your own instincts above all else. Don't allow yourselves to be led by anyone or any single movement.

Don't let your ego's get in the way of your common sense, and don't promulgate information unless you have more than a reasonable indication that this information is valid.

Moreover, don't post your information anonymously, since that is the way in which all disinformation agents operate -- oftentimes making outlandish claims which they don't even have the courage to stand by, by failing to acknowledge who they really are.

If you want to be of help to others, have the courage to stand by the comments you make by not hiding under an alias.

And develop a thick skin if you are going to propagate your own ideas in regard to what is happening in this world, particularly if you are circulating information that goes against the mainstream's indoctrination, be it political, philosophical, or religious.

You are going to make a lot of enemies and you are going to find yourselves being both demonized and dehumanized in efforts to destroy your spirit and credibility. Especially in light of the catalysing events which are now taking place around the globe to both deceive and deny you your freedom.

Don't allow anyone to get away with this.

You are far more than your physical body and you have a wealth of resources that most of you have yet begun to tap into.

And the more adversity you are faced with, the better you will understand what I am referring to here.

While you may experience an intense isolation and believe that everyone whom you have ever known has abandoned you, know that you are never alone.

Nor have you been abandoned.


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