Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The FBI's Use Of Religion To Demonize A TI

"When the FBI conspires with the NSA to use its audio/visual spy satellites to illegally target and torture American citizens, they are not conducting criminal investigations. They are instead going on protracted fishing expeditions and conspiring to deprive the aforesaid citizens of their Constitutional rights -- a very serious felony -- one which the FBI is supposed to be preventing ; not perpetrating!"

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner - Non Consensual Experimentee

In my research over the past several years I have found an interesting wild card that the FBI and its criminal underlings play when they cannot arrest those whom they have perpetrated a criminal conspiracy against; a conspiracy in which the FEDS have colluded to deny American citizens their civil rights.


When the FEDS look to incorporate religious indoctrination into their conspiracy, all at once they are able to demonize an individual whom they target, by placing them at the same level as a Satanist. In doing so, the TI's persona has now descended into the depths of the lowest creatures on this planet. And without ever having been arrested, tried, or convicted of any crimes.

The religious card is the one the FEDS' play when their numerous and illegal STING operations have repeatedly failed to snare those persons whose lives they have conspired to destroy.

Yet over time, this despicable tactic can also wear thin, as those who've been demonized fail to deliver on the demonic characterizations that the FBI's saddled them with.

And when the religious card finally fails the FEDS truly get ornery.

To say that they become petulant when they don't get their way has got be the understatement of the Century.

Remember when you were five or six and didn't get your way, only to storm off in a huff?

Well this is an apt description of how the FBI and its brethren in crime respond when they have piddled away millions of taxpayer dollars, attacking citizens who have not broken the law, yet in doing so failed to entrap them on trumped up charges.

However, unlike the young tyke who realizes that he must accept that he's not entitled to feel as he does, the FBI just keeps on attempting to destroy the lives of their targets; no matter how often they break the law or violate the US Bill Of Rights.

They never seem to learn.

The arrogance of the agents who are associated with this para-military Nazi organization is unparalleled, since they have simply grown so used to getting away with the crimes that they perpetrate against any American whom they target, that they truly believe they're entitled to take the law into their own hands.

However, there is nothing in the FBI's charter that gives them the right to operate as the common vigilante thugs that they have become; thugs who have for the better part of the past Century been the greatest threat to American civil liberties that has ever existed within the United States.

The FBI's use of the religious card when all else fails is not only a sign of desperation -- it's also indicative of an agency whose agents don't care how low they must sink in order to achieve their objectives.

The primary issue here is that the FBI does not write the laws in this country. Moreover, it is not the governing body of the USA. Nor is it the US Judicial system. However this modern day Gestapo would have all Americans believing that when it targets an American citizen, it is entitled to act as judge, jury and executioner; functioning without any judicial oversight, or accountability for its actions.

In operating in this way these federal agents have crossed the line from law enforcement agents to criminals. And in doing so they have lost the respect of the American people, who would now just like to find a way in which to abolish the FBI, and build a new law enforcement agency which operates within the frame work of our Bill Of Rights. An agency which protects American civil liberties, instead of trampling all over them as the FBI has done for nearly 100 years.

Of course the fact that this agency uses the NSA to illegally spy on American citizens for decades on end is only further evidence of its fascist ideology.

That these FBI agents would use NSA audio/visual satellites to illegally spy on myriad American citizens within the privacy of their own homes, truly defines what scoundrels these agents are. It also illustrates the complete Neanderthal mind set that is predominant within this agency as it follows a form of government far more akin to fascsim than that of a Constitutional republic.

Before this situation becomes any worse, what the American people need to ask themselves is: do we really want to have this Neanderthal Albatross hanging around our proverbial necks for the next century, or do we want a legitimate federal law enforcement agency that will protect our civil liberties and abide by the laws of this land?

**** All of the aforementioned criticisms can also be associated with the US Department Of Homeland Security, which is quickly gaining a similar reputation to that of the FBI; one in which fascism plays a major role.


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