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Blogger James F. Marino said...

While many people associate COINTELPRO operations with the FBI, these operations are conducted throughout the US Intelligence community when they decide that some citizen or group
is threatening the US Status Quo in some way.

The FBI claims that its COINTELPRO operations existed from 1956 until 1971 when a group of activists broke into an FBI office in Media Pennsylvania and liberated files which documented the FBI's illegal COINTELPRO operations, which they then shared with the US Media.

In reality, the FBI's COINTELPRO's have continued since its 1908 inception as the Bureau Of Investigation. In the 1920's the Bureau was notorious for conducting its Palmer Raids, to deport those in this country who were tempting to defend their rights.

Since that time the FBI has been involved in one situation after another in which it has violated the Civil Rights of the citizens of this country,and in the process destroyed countless lives.

This fascist organization is a threat to the well being of every person in this country, and exists only to support the corporatist elite, who control this government.

See the article written by Mae Brussell entitled "Who Kidnapped Patricia Hearst?" to learn more about how the Intelligence community in this country has evolved (in the particular the CIA) into a tool of the wealthy
to oppress the masses.

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