Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Wall Of Denial Regarding The US Government's Deployment Of Mind Control Technology On An Unwitting Public

I am finding that the US Government's conspiracy to deny the existence of its "mind control" weapons is so pervasive, that were it not for those targeted individuals who've come forward to document them as well as the handful of former government employees who were in some way responsible for their development, there'd be no information available on them at all.

As a long-term target for these weapons, I find that the adversity that all TI's face in regard to exposing them is extreme. The US Government (and for that matter any governments that are illegally using such technology) doesn't want the public to learn that these weapons exist.

Moreover, coming forward to state that you are being subjected to having your thoughts electronically read and manipulated only adds to this adversity, since it's a sure way to end up being labelled as someone who's paranoid, or worse, mentally unstable.

Except that these weapons do exist, and we are being targeted and tortured by them.

As we attempt to expose this technology, many of us have also become demonized by those who perpertrate these Nazi crimes against us, as they look to discredit us; in numerous cases attacking those around us as well.

The situation has gotten so bad that TI's are committing suicide just to end their torture.

What we have here is a segment within the US Intelligence community that is utilizing weaponry which is classified as being above TOP SECRET.

What this means, is that "technically" these weapons don't even exist. As such, it becomes impossible to prosecute those who are using them illegally. This convenient loophole continues to allow those government criminals who target us with the aforesaid weapons, the ability to act above the laws of this land, as Congress is helpless to end our torture.

Consequently, even though there are efforts being made in regard to human rights activism, it is doubtful that given the pervasivness of this coverup, Congress will ever have any success in interceding on our behalf.

The only logical venue in which to create a forum regarding these weapons, is within the public domain. Here TI's can introduce information pertaining to the various types of "space weapons" which are being deployed against us. Their history, patent numbers, and the effects that they can cause to the human mind and body, are all significant in educating the American people.

I have already found that when I furnish this information to those who have never heard of such advanced technology, they are at first skeptical that these weapons can exist. It is as though they don't want to acknowledge them, for it they do, they must also consider the implications involved in regard to their own privacy; they must also accept that they have been lied to by their own government, and that the privacy that they thought they had, really does not exist.

Tell someone that they can be illegally tracked by way of NSA satellites and super computers that home in on the electromagnetic field that surrounds their body -- computers which utilize specialized technology that can also electronically read and manipulate their thoughts -- and you have opened a "Pandora's Box" in which they can no longer remain in denial.

It is taking time to circulate this information on a wide scale. However, the responses that I have witnessed have been uniform. People become very curious to know if this technology is truly possible.

When offered a myriad of information which documents that not only is it possible, but being deployed against a great number of people around the globe, they can no longer ignore the fact that this technology exists, and is a direct threat to their civil liberties.

While the US Federal Government continues to perpetrate the LIE that such technology does not exist, those of us who know for certain that it does, must continue to promulgate this information within the public domain.

In doing so, there will come a time where the FEDS will no longer be able to deny the existence of these weapons, or that they are being used to torture many of us into suicidal states.

People cringe when they revisit the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust, as well they should. However, there is a Silent Holocaust taking place around the planet in this day and age which is turning out to be just as nefarious -- torture by way of satellite as well as portable weapons which can inflict the same types of damage.

Furthermore, not only is this torture taking place within the privacy of their own homes -- but within their own minds as well -- a torture which quite literally allows for the rape of the human mind, in which a person's thoughts are stolen or manipulated in the most macabre of acts ever documented.

This is why it is so important that all TI's speak out against the US Government and the covert Nazi weaponry that it's deploying against us. Failure to do so will only allow these criminals to continue to get away with these crimes against humanity. So it's up to all of us to expose them -- those who are being targeted and those who have been made aware of it.

If we fail to do so, it will only be a matter of time before all citizens are subjugated to this psychotic and inhumane mind controlled enslavement.

For this reason, we cannot fail to expose this technology or the pernicious ways in which it is being utilized, nor will we.


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