Sunday, April 15, 2007

Coloradan Rick Stanley's Bond Revoked

The following is from Pam Stanley, wife of constitutional activist Rick Stanley. It's clear that the FBI's concerned about Rick's ability to rally support for his case, and wanted to shut him down so that he would not have a chance to defend himself. As you can see from the situation below, these FEDS are absolute cowards in the ways in which they attack those they target, having used a 12 man SWAT team and stun grenades to subdue an unarmed man and woman. This is indicative of the new AmeriKa -- a fascist police state which desecrates the US Bill Of Rights.

The judges who Rick had a constitutional right to challenge (without being setup on trumped up charges as revenge for doing so, as he has been) are looking to imprison him to send a message to others, that they too will be punished if they attempt to stand up for their civil liberties.

And the truth of the matter is that these judges want to imprison Rick so that they can humiliate him (in the typical ways that prisoners are humiliated) and crush his spirit. This is a primary agenda of the New World Order. Those Illuminists like George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, the Clintons, Rockefellers and so many other extremists whose goal is to destroy humankind as we know it, and subjugate all of the people on this planet to enslavement through the use of "mind control" weapons, so that they can be "utilized" for the New World Order's own agenda.

Given the remarkable evidence that such technologies do exist and are being deployed against myriad citizens, only fools would ever deny the existence of such weapons in the present day.

From Pam Stanley:

RELEASE: Rick's Bond Revoked!

At about 11:30am Denver time, as Rick and I were exiting our bank, a dozen or so swat team decended upon us. They fired stun grenades in order to disorient us and screamed at us to get down on the ground. They proceeded to tie our arms behind our backs, then handcuff us. As they were doing this we were asking "what is going on?" They merely told us that Rick's bond had been revoked by a judge. They took him away, impounded our vehicle then they released me, having a female detective give me a ride home since I had no vehicle.

I just got off the phone with the booking department of Denver County Jail. I was told Rick is there on a "fugitive hold" from Adams County for bribery, 2 counts. Neither I, nor our attorney have any clue what this is all about! I assume this is all steming from the original "Influencing Public Officials" charges that he was convicted of and the Colorado Court of Appeals just upheld the week before last.

When I called Denver County Jail they also told me that I can go down there at 7:00pm this evening to see Rick. I plan to do so. I have been in contact with our attorney, Jim Bull, but unfortunately he is up in the mountains and unable to get down here until Monday morning. He is going to request a hearing in front of a judge as soon as possible on Monday to determine what is going on and to see if we can get Rick out on a new bond.

I will keep everyone informed as to what is going on as I get more information.

Pam Stanley
Live Free or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
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