Saturday, April 14, 2007

FEDS Use Alias From Phonebook

The depraved garbage that spies on me within the privacy of my own home chose the following alias to attack me with today: Julio Luis Velazquez. They even snagged the poor guy's name and phone number right out of a Puerto Rican telephone directory. This should not reflect in anyway on Mr. Velazquez, who is probably a decent and upstanding person. And I only place his name here to document how the FEDS use innocent people to harass TI's whenever possible.

As for Mr. Velazquez, I wish him well. As for the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security, isn't it time you crawled back under the rocks that you slithered out from?

However, since you claim to be so interested in the truth, HANG around for a bit and read some of the posts on my Website, which represent the real US Intelligence community; not the masquerade that you cowardly miscreants put on for appearances sake.

I'm sure that amongst your -- bathroom peeping and sexual assaulting -- recreational activities, as well as the myriad other crimes which you must commit inside of a 24 hour period, that you have the time to kill, even if you haven't yet made your donut run.

Take it sleazy...


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